Thoughts While Watching GoT’s 6×01 ‘The Red Woman’

GoT 6x01 melisandre mirror

Jon Snow didn’t come back to life, but we’re almost there.



-Kit Harington is in the opening credits. You can’t fool us, Kit!

-Poor Jon. But I still don’t buy it.

-That’s A LOT of blood loss, though.

GoT 6x01 castle black jon

-I knew that Davos would save the day. Or at least, take away the body.

-Ugh, Thooooorne!!!! So, he’s never disobeyed an order from Jon, but to me, killing him seems like disobeying him big time!

-Awwww, Ramsay has feelings.

-Ouch, nope! Ugh! He doesn’t! He’s still batshit crazy. I would NOT want to be his girlfriend.

-Not gonna lie, I’d rather let the hounds catch me than get inside that river. Leo DiCaprio can endure it, but I certainly can’t.

GoT 6x01 Theon Sansa at the river

-Oh, that was fast. Theon and Sansa didn’t even get to run for five minutes before Ramsay’s men caught them.

-YASSSSS!! BRIENNE!!!! GO GIRL!!! I’m loving this.

-After three fricking seasons, Brienne finally gets to honour Catelyn’s wishes. Now is obviously when she gets killed off.

-Am I…feeling sympathetic towards Cersei? Probably because Lena Headey is the BEST. Cersei can’t catch a break.

GoT 6x01 Cersei and Jaime

-But seriously, if Cersei has one redeeming quality (as Tyrion once said), that would be being a mother. That’s what makes her human. That scene was heartbreaking.

-Gosh, isn’t Dorne beautiful.

-Oh my God. OH MY GOD! What the hell is this carnage??? Ellaria, you skunk!! Oberyn was one of my favourite characters, but woman, he VOLUNTEERED to fight, knowing there was a 50/50 chance of dying. It wasn’t murder.

GoT 6x01 Doran gets killed

-Please, Trystane, kill at least one of them.

-I fucking hate the sand snakes. I’m ashamed of sharing an accent with them.

-Oh, Tyrion, so cute lost in translation. Please leave boring Mereen, go to Dorne and kill those bitches with your intellect.

-OF COURSE something had to happen to delay Daenerys’s trip to Westeros. Like that’s ever going to happen.

-Mmmmm so Jorah happens to be at the exact same spot where Dany lost her ring?

-I’m so confused. Do these Dothraki know who Dany is?

-Hahahah, that bit about “what’s better than seeing a woman naked” reminded me of the scene from Monty Python’s Life of Brian about “what have the Romans ever done for us.” Brilliant.

GoT 6x01 dothraki life of brian

-Seriously, Dany. Days of wandering around the desert and you didn’t think of mentioning earlier the fact that you were Khal Drogo’s wife?

-Dany’s bit is slightly boring, and I do love Dany. Also, this reminds me of Khal Drogo and it makes me so sad.

-Now I’m reminiscing about that dream/vision Dany had in which she spoke to Khal Drogo and met their baby.

-Oh, I just realised that the Waif is Anne Neville from The White Queen (I watched it for the first time a few months ago. Totally recommend it –not very historically accurate, though, but it’s super pretty).

-Arya has probably had the shittiest life so far since season 1.

-Melisandre, do something! Bring Jon back! Help Davos! No, don’t take your clothes off!!!

-Holy crap! What? How old is Melisandre? What the hell! So Stannis was hitting THAT??

GoT 6x01 old Melisandre

-Excellent make-up, by the way.

-So this totally means that she has the power to bring Jon back.

-No, no no, do NOT end the episode like this.


-Well, I must say that was a powerful scene. Melisandre had always been quite mysterious, and that was enlightening.

-I guess we’ll just have to wait for next week’s episode to see Jon’s resuscitation. In the meantime, we get to enjoy one more week of Kit Harington being the worst at lying.

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3 thoughts on “Thoughts While Watching GoT’s 6×01 ‘The Red Woman’

  1. Ramsey is a sweetheart

  2. I guess Stannis never saw Mel without her makeup, ah, I mean magic necklace. 🙂

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