Thoughts While Watching GoT’s 6×02 ‘Home’

GoT 2x06 Davos Longclaw

-Opening credits again with Kit, ahem.

-Oh my God, Bran is now older than me.

-I had forgotten that Max Von Sydow was now part of GoT. Love him.

GoT 2x06 Bran and MVS

-Awww, little Ned and little Benjen!

-Which reminds me, will Benjen still be alive? We’ll never know.

-Baby Hodor! He speaks! His name is not Hodor!

-Bran’s storyline might become one of my favourites if it’s all about pre-GoT flashbacks. I want to see Sean Bean again.

-Who the hell is that weird tree lady in the snow?

-Davos just took Longclaw. Please don’t kill Davos, show.

-YAYYY!!! WUN WUN!! I knew he’d save the day (night).

GoT 2x06 Wun Wun kills

-That was such a cool killing –not including that time during the Battle of Castle Black when a guy got arrowed and basically jumped 100 metres due to the power of the shot.

-I’m so scared of the Mountain. I’ll never forget what you did to Oberyn, moron.

-Myrcella’s dress is gorgeous, by the way.

-Ugh, please tell me they are not arresting Jaime now.

-I love Pryce, but I seriously cannot stand the High Sparrow. No one can be so sanctimonious.

GoT 2x06 Tommen Cersei

-With those haircuts, Cersei and Tommen look more than ever like mother and son.

-I WOULD like to see a cat-sized dragon –like season 2 dragons, which are my favourite dragons so far on the show.

-“I’m friends with your mother.” Of course they would like Tyrion. He is now the Breaker of Chains!

GoT 2x06 Tyrion breaks chains

-Argh, stop punching the blind girl like you expect her to be Daredevil! That’s just mean.

-Even Lord Bolton sees killing the Lord Commander as something insane.

-Uhh, things are not coming up Ramsay anymore, uhuhuhuhu!

-OMG Ramsay, what is wrong with you??!! I knew the moment Lord Bolton looked sensible, he would be a goner.

GoT 2x06 Ramsay and brother

-I don’t want to see what I guess is coming next.

-Why, why are we having to witness this?? I already knew Ramsay was nuts!!!

-Walder Frey is SO not going to like this. And we all remember what happened last time he was pissed off, and that time it was only because of a rebuff –RIP half the Stark clan.

-Theon is leaving? Where will he go?

-Oh, to the Iron Islands? Like they’d want you there. It’s not even pretty, who’d want to go there?

-Who the F is that guy on the bridge? Has he been on the show before? What is his reason to kill Balon? Should I even care? I really don’t give a toss about the Greyjoys beyond Theon.

-But seriously, why are so many Lords getting killed off on this episode?

-Well, Melisandre has realised that looking old is not so cool for her.

GoT 2x06 Melisandre bringing back Jon

-Finally this conversation is happening.

-Couldn’t they cover Jon’s body with some clothes? Not that I’m complaining.

-Oh, Kit, you are such a TERRIBLE liar.



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One thought on “Thoughts While Watching GoT’s 6×02 ‘Home’

  1. This is hilarious… Baby Hodor 🙂

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