Thoughts While Watching GoT’s 6×03 ‘Oathbreaker’

GoT 6x03 Ned Stark Tower of Joy

The one where lots of people break oaths.


-Davos’s face is everyone’s face. Also, I quite like Jon’s new haircut. Good job, Mel.

-Of course he’s freaking out. I would probably just die again.

-Melisandre’s face is also everyone’s face.

-I love how Davos is always the voice of reason.

GoT 6x03 jon reappears

-That scene where Jon appears before the others. Love it.

-Come to think of it, with that new haircut, Jon reminds me even more of Robb.

-Aww Sam. He doesn’t even know that Jon died in the first place, right?

-How did little Sam get so big so soon? Hasn’t it been only a few days since they left Castle Black?

-Young Ned! Wait, what?

-Six seasons waiting for this scene.

-That Kingsguard is pretty hot. There. I said it.

GoT 6x03 Young Ned Stark

-Young Ned reminds me of Neil Patrick Harris. Now I can’t unthink it.

-I’m so stressed, even though I know Ned doesn’t die here.

-Wait, he heard Bran calling him? Don’t cut this scene, I need to know what happens next! (like we don’t already).

-So Bran is basically going to learn everything that happened pre-GoT.

-Again, not sure if I care much about Daenerys’s storyline. Why do they keep doing this to her?

-Her life is fricking depressing, I must add.

-So this girl here with Varys is a terrorist? Right now it’s all a bit zzzzzzzz.

-I do love Varys whenever he gives a speech, though.

GoT 6x03 Missandei Grey Worm

-You can never have enough Tyrion. Only he would start that conversation, and only he would suggest playing I Have Never.

-Oh, so the little birds are actually little children. I should have guessed.

-Council! I don’t like the Lannister uncle, so smug -even for a Lannister. He doesn’t care about Myrcella’s death? Or the Dorne situation, considering that Dorne is quite close to them geographically?

-Oh, the High Sparrow is still there.

GoT 6x03 Arya Jaquen

-This Karate Kid thing with Arya is killing me. It’s so cool and I love it. Not like her season 1 lessons, but she’s getting there!

-I think Ramsay is officially a bigger villain than Joffrey ever was, more despicable. Ramsay makes Joffrey look like a Disney prince.

-OMG Osha!!! Rickon!!! I had no idea they were coming back! They won’t die, will they? To have them back just to kill them off seems odd. But also: WHY DID YOU HAVE TO KILL ANOTHER DIREWOLF!!!??? Now we only have Jon’s, Bran’s and Arya’s.

GoT 6x03 Osha and Rickon

-But seriously, they killed the direwolf. Jon, or whoever, kill them all!!!

-And back to Castle Black: yessss, kill the bastards!!!

-I hate that little brat. Olly, I can’t wait to see you die.

-There you go, wish come true (excellent make up, by the way).

GoT 6x03 Jon executes his killers

-Does this mean that now Jon is going to go to Winterfell and start killing everyone? Because YES.


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One thought on “Thoughts While Watching GoT’s 6×03 ‘Oathbreaker’

  1. OMG, if that psycho touches the Stark boy…

    Jon needs to kill Ramsay Bolton. That is all.

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