Thoughts While Watching GoT’s 6×05 ‘The Door’

GoT 6x05 Jon's new coat

I knew it had been too long since a likeable character last died…


-Go, Sansa! She is such a badass now.

-Say what you will about Littlefinger, but whatever his intentions are, he is always loyal to Cat’s memory, so I know I can count on him to help Sansa out.

GoT 6x05 Littlefinger and Sansa

-Sansa’s grandfather? Didn’t he die?

-Sorryyy I misheard that. They’re talking about the Black Fish. Okay, send them in. It’s going to bring back memories from the Red Wedding and I’m still not psychologically ready for that, but let’s have them and kill Ramsay anyway.

-Uuhhhh, half-brother!! Petyr knows when to say just the right word to stir things up.

-Fist fight!

-Not exactly fair for Arya, though. That other girl has probably had years of training.

-We can now officially say that Arya is a full-time hitman.

-Oh my God, that performance is both the best and the worst. And I fear Arya is going to kill them all.

GoT 6x05 Braavos performance 2

-I would. I mean, do people from Essos actually think Ned was a moron?

-This whole thing must be awful for her.

-Did we NEED to see that boy’s penis??? Cover it!! Right now!!! I will never be able to unsee that.

-Yay!! Flashback time!!!

-I’m so confused about the tree ladies. Who’s the guy tied to a tree? Is he a Stark?

-AHHHH what the hell??? They created the White Walkers? Thanks for nothing.

-So it’s basically an ecology cautionary tale. DiCaprio would approve.

-I. So. Don’t. Caaaaaare about the Iron Islands.

GoT 6x05 Theon and Yara

-Well, at least Theon looks like Theon again!

-I don’t like this Euron guy. Also, zzzzzzzzzzz.

-Hahahaha, he thinks he’d get to marry Daenerys. I now hate him even more.

-Okay, so this whole plot was for nothing? Euron just gets to rule the Iron Islands. Whatever.

-Where are they going? At least they are leaving that god-forsaken land.

-Wait, are they going to visit Dany? Is that it? I don’t know how I feel about that.

-I’m sorry, have they just killed Euron?

-Nope, that bastard is still alive. How many people live in the Iron Islands anyway? Just those twenty?

-Ohhh, okay, pretty much everyone else has left with Yara in those bazillion ships.

-This scene with Dany and Daario and Jorah reminds me of those bachelor shows that hand in roses. I can’t remember the name, I’ve never watched them, but you know what I’m talking about.

GoT 6x05 Danerys Jorah

-Uhhhh Jorah’s confession time (since he’s going to die…)

-Of course Jorah is going to find a cure and not going to die –except he totally will.

-“Mother of Dragons, Breaker of Chains… all that.” I love Tyrion.

-Look, Melisandre’s brunette sister! Two seconds in the show and she is already suggesting a holocaust.

-Thank God for Varys and his scepticism.

-I have just realised that the cave where Bran now lives is filled with bones. Ugh.

-The wights always scare the hell out of me.

GoT 6x05 Bran wight army

-Nope, forget it, the White Walkers scare me way more.

-Did he just touch Bran? I’m so stressed. These people always make me sweat with fear.

GoT 6x05 meeting Castle Black

-Sansa is hiding Littlefinger’s meeting from Jon. Sneaky. Although I think she just wants to look like she is a grown-up who makes her own decisions without Petyr’s influence.

-“He seems trustworthy. A bit brooding, perhaps.” Brienne’s opinion on Jon is pretty much everyone’s opinion on Jon.

-Awww, Sansa made Jon a Stark outfit.

-I’m so happy to see that the Tormund+Brienne thing is still going on. The way he smiles at her was adorable. Is there a name for the couple already?

GoT 6x05 Tormund and Brienne

-You thought you’d never live to see the day, but you were wrong. The day has come in which Dolorous Edd has become the de facto Lord Commander.

-Ooohhhh, heck. I though the wights were slow walkers!! How come they are already outside the cave?

-I’m getting stressed again.

GoT 6x05 White Walkers

-Oh, shit, they crossed the ring of fire.

-Now I can’t stop singing Johnny Cash.

-I love it whenever the “Bran in Hodor’s mind” thing takes place.

-SUMMER!!! NOOOO!!!! What is wrong with you, show? STOP KILLING DIREWOLVES!!!

-That tree lady’s sacrifice was something impressive. Respect.

GoT 6x05 Meera Hodor

-I’m sorry, are they going to leave Hodor there? Meera? Hello?

-Can’t you just find a stick to block the door, like everyone does in movies and TV?

-What is this weird time-travelling thing? Is Bran’s present affecting Hodor’s past? Is it the reason why he says Hodor? It definitely looks like it.

-No, no no no, no no no, tell me you are NOT killing Hodor.

GoT 6x05 hold the door


-Shut up, show.

-So his whole life he was getting ready to protect Bran from this, and he did it.

-I’m not crying, you’re crying.

-Shut up.

-This is stupid.

-I just remembered when Jaqen told Arya that good people also die, not just the bad guys.


-If they kill Ghost next week, I’m burning down the HBO headquarters.







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4 thoughts on “Thoughts While Watching GoT’s 6×05 ‘The Door’

  1. In 6 years, with numerous deaths, I have never cried over anyone’s death until now, with Hodor. Funny thing, I never cared much about him as a character either way, but his sacrifice for Bran, knowing he spent his whole life waiting for this moment just… ugh.

    I agree: stop. murdering. DIREWOLVES.

  2. There is only 1 direwolf left! Ghost! I think “Hold The Door” Hodor, had a vision/seizure and because that’s all he said afterwards brings the theory of the Old Gods back into light. I am so sick of this Lord of Light crap. Now did you know they released the next 2 titles and synopsis for #GameofThrones season 6? What do you think about them?

    • Virginia Cerezo

      I think many interesting things might happen, like: Ramsay dying, Walder Frey’s return (along with Cat’s entire family) and I have the feeling that we might get to see Lady Stoneheart? But hat is just me wishing it might happen, because a)I love that storyline in the books, and b) we would get to see Gendry!!! Seriously, where is Gendry?

      • Everyone is asking that question as well. I believe he may never return, because he was rowing his heart out. Maybe he is relaxing on a desert island where crazy cant reach, Lady Stoneheart could be a possibility in season 7, but right now the focus is primarily on the 3 main houses gearing up for war Targaryen, Stark and Lannisters.

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