Thoughts While Watching GoT’s 6×06 ‘Blood of my Blood’

GoT 6x06 Tarly dinner

Guys, guys, guys… no one died!


-Wait, is Bran still trapped in never-ending flashbacks? He’s going to be the character with the biggest amount of knowledge about aSoIaF.

-He’s seeing the “come at me, bro” White Walker from ‘Hardhome’!

-And the Red Wedding #neverforget

-The Mad King! I’ve been wanting to see this moment onscreen for ages.

-Oh crap, are Bran and Meera going to die? Die Hodor die for NOTHING???

-That ball of fire is the coolest weapon I’ve seen so far on the show. Such an obvious thing to kill wights.

-That dude (who clearly  has Benjen’s voice?? Is it Benjen, finally??) single-handedly put Bran on horseback. Major crush right now on that guy’s arm.

-Wow, Sam’s house is so pretty. I want to live there. Does anyone know the name of that castle? In real life, I mean.

-Where have I seen the woman who plays Sam’s mother before? Seriously, I know I’ve seen her but I can’t remember where right now.

-Waaaaaait I know where!!! I saw her last month here in London’s West End. She plays Adelaide in Guys & Dolls. I knew I’d seen her somewhere.

-Tommen is such a wuss. Poor kid.

-Has Margaery been brainwashed? But…she’s smart…

-Oh, God, what the hell are they even talking about? What a pair of morons.

-I didn’t recognise Gilly at first with that dress! She looks like a very awkward Disney princess. As if Mulan were being forced to wear Aurora’s gowns or something.

-Ugh, Sam’s dad is the worst. We can all agree on that.

-You tell them, Gilly!

-This is one uncomfortable dinner.

-How come Sam’s mum isn’t standing up for her son?

-Oh wait, she finally said something. Good.

-Sooo the trip was for nothing? Well, he took his father’s sword, so, you know, suck it, Sam’s dad!

-I must say, it’s always a delight to revisit Joffrey’s death.

-I love how Arya is the only one laughing at the death. But seriously, that Lady Crane is good.

GoT 6x06 Arya

-Richard E Grant! I thought he wouldn’t show up again!

-Oooohhh I just realised he played Robert in last week’s play!! Unrecognisable.

-I do feel bad for Lady Crane.

-Of course Arya won’t kill her. And she got Needle! Arya is back.

-I did NOT need to see that face removal.

-I don’t give a toss about the Waif, but I hope this is not the last we see of Tom Wlaschiha. Let’s just give him another role for season 7 that also consists of speaking enigmatically. Just keep him.

-Jaime hasn’t been given much this season, and I do not approve of it.

-Yasssss let’s kill the High Sparrow, bitches!!!

-Oh no, oh no no, oh noooo, WTF. Margaery and Tommen are officially brainwashed. What a pair of idiots.

GoT 6x06 Tommen Margaery High Sparrow

-I don’t like this plot at all. And neither does Jaime.

-He’s kicking Jaime out of the Kingsguard? His own dad??? Tommen, go get a cup of hot chocolate and play with Ser Pounce.

-Walder Frey! I’m weirdly happy to see him again. But also, #neverforget

-Jack Randall!!! Ahhhhhh!!!!

-After the season 3 disaster, Frey cannot win again. I mean, sorry, but all the Riverrun strength is going to go to the Starks to kill fricking Bolton.

-Wait, I’m confused. This means everyone is going to end up in Riverrun. I can’t wait.

-And Jaime and Brienne will reunite!! Will Tormund get jealous? That’s a scene I’m looking forward to. Yes yes yesssss. It’s been ages since ‘Oathkeeper’.

-That has GOT to be Benjen. That voice is unmistakable. Also, I recently rewatched Persuasion for the umpteenth time, so I have the sound of his voice quite recent in my mind.

GoT 6x06 Benjen

-I kneeeeew iiiiiit!!! He’s then sort of a wight? Like, he was in the process of becoming one, but then was saved? Is he immortal? He’s going to need some catching up to do of seasons one (the second half) to six.

-Even though what Daario just said sounded extremely sexist, he is right in one thing: Dany likes moving around, kicking ass. Sitting on the Iron Throne is going to be tediously boring for her.

-What the hell did she see in the mountain? Aaaahh, dragon, of course. Why did I even ask?

-But guys, you can’t make Dany’s entire storyline just about riding dragons and stepping out of fires unharmed, even if the dragons are super cool. Literally nothing else has happened to her in six seasons. She deserves better.

-Dany’s speech made her sound too much like her dad (is that why they included the flashback, probably?) I mean, it was extremely inspiring and now I want to go out and scream it to everyone and be the boss, but I’m afraid: she basically said that her plan is to kill everyone and destroy everything, and if she does that, then what subjects will she have left? What lands will she have to reign over? I’m getting too philosophical.





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One thought on “Thoughts While Watching GoT’s 6×06 ‘Blood of my Blood’

  1. Is Randyll Tarly the reincarnation of Tywin Lannister? With the exception of Ned Stark, I haven’t seen an abundance of fatherly love in any of these lords. Might Samwell be forced to follow the patricidal examples of Tyrion Lannister and Ramsay Bolton to resolve his family issues?

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