Thoughts While Watching GoT’s 6×07 ‘The Broken Man’

GoT 6x07 wildlings wun wun

We got a new, very charismatic character, and of course he was dead by the end of the episode. But what actually matters here is, where the F is Gendry?


-Wait, where are the opening credits?

-They are supposed to be building a church, right? I need some context here.

-The Hound! I’d be surprised if everyone on the Internet hadn’t spoiled this for me everywhere. Good to have him back, though.

GoT 6x07 the Hound cold open

-He totally deserved that cold opening. Besides, seeing his name in the intro would have spoiled the surprise otherwise.

-Who does Sandor hate? His brother? Brienne? Just kidding, I’ve been hearing about the Cleganebowl this past week as well –seriously, people need to stop posting so much spoilery stuff and fan theory-related articles.  Even if I don’t read them, the headlines give everything away.

GoT 6x07 sandor ian mcshane

-Hold on, does Margaery still live up there with the High Sparrow? Or does she simply go there a lot?

-Please, tell me she is plotting something. This woman is too smart to be brainwashed.

-Ugh, ugh, why is he talking about sex with her?

-I really want to punch the High Sparrow in the face.

-Yeah, dude, I’d like to see you try and arrest Olenna. She’d kill you with a stare.

-Oh God, I’m starting to think Margaery has actually been brainwashed. Nope.

-Uuuhhhh secret letter. I knew Margaery was still in there.

GoT 6x07 tyrell rose note

-Yayyy!!! Plotting!!

-If Wun Wun marches towards Winterfell, he can easily kill everyone by himself.

-“You’ve lost, Cersei. It’s the only joy I can find in all this misery.” Diana Rigg, don’t go to the never-featured-on-the-show Highgarden!

-So, where has Bronn been all this time? At Littlefinger’s brothel? Makes sense.

GoT 6x07 jaime freys

-The Frey people look dirty and disgusting.

-This whole thing reminds me so much of the French taunting from Monty Python and the Holy Grail. And it’s not the first time something on this show reminds me of Monty Python.

"Your mother was a hamster and your father smelt of elderberries! "

“Your mother was a hamster and your father smelt of elderberries! “

-Jaime is the best. To death with Jaime. BUT, I don’t want him to take Riverrun for the Freys.

-I’m hoping he’ll meet Brienne next episode and she’ll convince him to let the Tullys keep what’s theirs. I mean, Jaime is a nice guy. Don’t disappoint me, Jaime.

GoT 6x07 brynden tully jaime

-Awww, little Lady Mormont.

-Ouch, okay, that’s one tough lady.

-Thank God Davos is travelling with Sansa and Jon, because he is clearly the only one who can actually convince people to join them.

-Sixty-two? Hahahahah.

GoT 6x07 lady mormont

-Dude, don’t you DARE talk of Robb like that.

-But why are the Starks so sad? I mean, we have Wun Wun, people, we honestly don’t need anyone else.

-Oh my, I’m thinking now: if Ramsay somehow kills Wun Wun, I’m going to lose it.

-Look, the Greyjoys. Toilet break.

-Sibling disagreement!

-Who are you writing to, Sansa?

GoT 6x07 sansa letter

-Ian McShane is the best. I felt like I needed to point that out at least once.

-Please, tell me Sandor is going to kill those three idiots. Also, not everyone in the Brotherhood is a dick. In the books, Gendry is in the Brotherhood and we all know he is the best guy ever.

-Also, where the hell is Gendry?

-Arya is so badass. Please run from Braavos while you still can, before that stupid Waif finds you.


GoT 6x07 arya gets stabbed

-Those are superficial wounds, right?


-We haven’t seen her die, and in GoT that means she won’t. I mean, we just saw the return of the Hound on this very same episode, which is quite a big hint.

-OMG what? The Brotherhood did that? I’m sure Gendry doesn’t know about this, or he wouldn’t have approved.

-This is the exact moment in which the Hound enters Hulk mode. I expect a full-on axe killing spree next week.

GoT 6x07 sandor gets the axe

-Totally unrelated, I want to recommend AMC’s new show, Preacher. So good. Violent and funny at the same time. Also, it has Dominic Cooper in it, and lots of British people doing surprisingly good Texan accents.




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4 thoughts on “Thoughts While Watching GoT’s 6×07 ‘The Broken Man’

  1. Reblogged this on NuRevue and commented:
    I read this and I just had to share this article, because of the amount of randomness and Game of Thrones content. Good Job Virginia

  2. I had to reblog this post! It was perfect! If I had to say what I thought about this article in a few words I would say Analytical, Sarcastic, and informative. I try to warn everyone of spoilers before they read, including our headlines. Look forward to more of your work. Hope you don’t mind me reblogging this

    • Virginia C

      Hahaha of course not! Thank you very much! I’m glad you liked it 😛

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