Film Review: The Nice Guys


One of the key aspects to a film’s success, especially if said film is a comedy, is the chemistry between its main actors, and I think that is what makes The Nice Guys work. That and its ludicrous script.

Russell Crowe and Ryan Gosling play the unlikely duo in charge of tracking down a girl, Amelia, who seems to have a long line of people behind her wanting to kill her. A mystery surrounding the death of a porn star and the pollution caused by cars serves as the background for this comedy that works to showcase the comedic skills of Crowe and Gosling, who deliver their lines and their physical comedy with the utmost precision –the bit when Gosling’s March finds a dead body or when he tries to get a gun from the ankle of Crowe’s Healy only to remember he had actually dreamed it are two of my favourite bits.

the-nice-guys-ryan-gosling-russell-crowe-angourie-riceBut the plot and the dialogue’s in crescendo insanity are also highlights of the movie, in which the 1970s background works as the perfect setting for the film’s story.

Although another highlight of the movie was the performance of young Angourie Rice, who played Holly, March’s daughter. She stood up on her own and was on a par with her two Hollywood superstars, so I expect to see her doing great things very soon.

But seriously, this film was so ludicrous that I couldn’t stop laughing. And that’s what I was expecting and looking for.


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2 thoughts on “Film Review: The Nice Guys

  1. Good review, saw this film earlier and rather enjoyed watching it.

  2. This movie was definitely under-appreciated in my opinion, much like Ryan Goslings comedic ability. Great review 🙂

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