Thoughts While Watching GoT’s 6×08 ‘No One’

No One Brynden Brienne Pod

-I knew Lady Crane would help Arya. I never bought for a second that theory about Arya and the Waif being the same person.

-I mean, Lady Crane has been showing up too much for her to simply disappear without doing anything.

Arya and Lady Crane

-West of Westeros? Is Arya the new Christopher Columbus?

-This people are so obviously going to be brutally murdered by the Hound. I approve.

-I kneeew it!!! That was such a cool scene. Go Sandor.

-Is Varys going to leave just as the Greyjoys arrive? Because it looks like it. Also, if Varys goes to King’s Landing, my bet is that they’re going to kill him.

-So, when is Tommen going to die? He is clearly not going to make it to season 7. Too dumb.

-Also, pleaaaaaase someone kill the High Sparrow.

-Sure, like a bunch of priests can do anything to the Zombie Mountain.

-OH MY GOD that was insane!!! But it reminded me of Oberyn. Sad.

-Jaime+Brienne reunion!! Jaime+Brienne reunion!!!

-Bronn and Pod are so cute. They should have their own spinoff.

-And I love how straightforward Bronn always is.

-Wait, so we are missing the actual reunion moment? Why!!!????

No One Brienne and Jaime

-Well, Jaime, I’d do as Brienne says, to be honest.

-Aww such a sweet moment with Jaime’s sword. I love it.

-I knew Brynden wouldn’t give up. I love that guy. Which of course means that he is going to die.

-I’m assuming the Vale will send soldiers, right?

-Can someone also kill Kevan Lannister? He’s obnoxious.

-Tommen, you are SUCH an idiot. And now you deprived us of a fight to the death scene.

GoT No One Tommen

-Because Cersei and Loras are guilty. They won’t execute them, right? I’m guessing this is what Margaery has a plan for.

-But honestly, what is wrong with this kid? I blame inbreeding.

-What rumour?? Tell me!!

-The Imp’s Delight sounds like a modern drug. Or a brothel.

-Mmmm I don’t get the joke either.

-Aww Missandei, that was a terrible joke.

-I love whenever these three meet and Tyrion makes them feel uncomfortable.

-You tell him, Jack Randall!

-My bet is that the child doesn’t even exist.

-Jaime is so regretting everything he did pre-season 2.

-I don’t like Jaime too much when he does things for Cersei. He sounds too cruel.

-The Blackfish is the only smart person in that castle.

-Don’t let him in!! These soldiers are idiots.

-Jesus Christ, Edmure, you are such a moron.

-Moron moron moron.

-Nooo, don’t let the Blackfish die!!! This is so stupid.

-Awww, Jaime has seen the boat and is now having a reminiscing moment.

-Mereen’s storyline is dead boring. I’m sure I’m not the only one who thinks this.

-So NOW she arrives. Thanks, Dany.

No One Brotherhood without Banners

-Beric! Thoros! Finally! I knew the Brotherhood was actually honourable and nice.

-Who the hell is that blonde dude at Lady Crane’s?

-Ugh! No! I hate the Waif!

-That was some awesome jumping. I’m loving this scene.

-Wasted fruit.

No One Arya chase fruit

-Ouch, the stitches! Arya, you are making it way too easy for the Waif.

-Yassss badass Arya. She is the best.

-“A girl is Arya Stark of Winterfell, and I’m going home.”

-But seriously, I want Tom Wlaschiha to keep appearing in the show. Can we make that happen? Pleaseeeee???



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