Thoughts While Watching GoT’s 6×09 ‘Battle of the Bastards’

GoT 6x09 Jon escapes the mele

“Your words will disappear, your house will disappear, your name will disappear, all memory of you will disappear.”


-Okay, so only Winterfell and Mereen today, according to the intro. To be honest, I thought it would only be Winterfell, like it happened in season 4 with ‘The Watchers on the Wall’ (or ‘Blackwater’ from season 2).

-Can’t they just send the dragons to burn those ships?

-I love Tyrion’s comedic timing.

-This conversation is proof that Daenerys is starting to go nuts.

-We all see the genetic problem here, right? Tyrion sees it clear as day.

GoT 6x09 Dragons

-Are those the dragons? Yay! They’re the dragons! I knew they’d burn the ships.

-I still remember when you could fit those massive beasts into the palm of your hand.

-I love it when Daario chops people’s heads off.

-Oh, and Grey Worm!

-I hope Ramsay will die tonight. Otherwise it makes no sense.

GoT 6x09 boltons starks

-Lady Mormont! I’m her #1 fan.

-One-on-one? No no no, I want a full-on bloody battle. But nicely played, Jon.

-Do they seriously carry Shaggydog’s head around?

-I’ll be very cross if Nymeria is not back for the season finale.

-“You’re going to die tomorrow, Lord Bolton. Sleep well.” Badass Sansa is the best Sansa.

-I love Tormund’s face whenever he doesn’t understand something.

GoT 6x09 tormund's face

-Jon, listen to Sansa, goddamit.

-But seriously, Tormund taking everything literally. Like Drax from Guardians of the Galaxy.

-So, by this conversation between Melisandre and Jon, I’m guessing (and fearing) that Jon came back to life just to fight this battle.

-Oh, and Melisandre has said just that right now.

-Oh, no. No no. Is that where Shireen died? #allthefeels

GoT 6x09 Davos finds Shireen's toy stag

-I really hope the Mereen and Greyjoy plotlines will merge into an interesting one, instead of two slow ones.

-Hahaha how cute is Daenerys when she feels awkward, not knowing what a handshake is.

GoT 6x09 Greyjoys Daenerys

-When is Littlefinger going to show up? I’m getting restless.

-Wun Wun! Just send him over there to kill everyone. Best battle strategy ever.

-Holy crap, that’s a lot of Bolton men.

GoT 6x09 Ramsay and Rickon

-Also, Rickon is so going to die.

-This is making me nervous.

-Someone do something!

GoT 6x09 Rickon runs to Jon

-SON OF A BITCH! Couldn’t we enjoy more than one Stark reunion per season?

-This would be the perfect time for Jon to display some resurrection powers.


-Do something, Jon. JON.

-Jon! What the hell? Those are way too many horses. This whole thing is impressive.

-Hahaha, brilliant. That clash was the best.

-That moment when Ramsay orders to shoot arrows but Davos stands down to avoid hitting his men. That’s the difference.

Battle of the Bastards Jon and Tormund

-Guys, I think Jon might be invincible. Not a single arrow or sword gets to him. If that’s his superpower, I like it.

-But come on, where is Littlefinger.


-The guy holding the reins of Davos’s horse is like, “you guys go ahead. I’ll just stay here, minding the horse. Yep.”

-Wun Wun! Yay! This is a party and my eyes are enjoying it.

GoT 6x09 Stark army surrounded

-Ouch. This would be a GREAT moment for Littlefinger to make his entrance.

-God, someone please let Jon stand up!

-This is so claustrophobic.

GoT 6x09 Tormund ear bite


-Geez, Littlefinger, FINALLY.

GoT 6x09 Vale attack

-This is by far the best episode of the season.

-Sansa for president, too.

-Go kill the bastard, Jon! This is so exciting.

GoT 6x09 Petyr and Sansa

-Sansa, do something, don’t let your brother run to his death –although we have now stated that he is invincible, so…

-I want Wun Wun to be my bodyguard and open doors for me.

-Is Wun Wun going to die?

-Oops, he is. Avenge him!


GoT 6x09 Jon Ramsay stand off


-Jon is a good guy, he will lock him up instead of killing him.

GoT 6x09 Ramsay beaten

-Starks in Winterfell! Starks in Winterfell! Starks in Winterfell!

GoT 6x09 Stark banner

-Ramsay is such a psycho. Not breaking news.

-Those lines from Sansa to Ramsay, though. Wow.

-Killed by his own dogs, how poetic.


GoT 6x09 Ramsay eaten by his hounds

-Sansa finally gets revenge, after six seasons of shit.

-Can we take a moment to appreciate Iwan Rheon’s superb performance as Ramsay? Crrrreeepy!!


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