Thoughts While Watching GoT’s 6×10 ‘The Winds of Winter’

Got 6x10 Coronation

I did not expect so many main characters to die at once.


-Indira in the intro credits? Ugh, Dorne returns.

-Cersei looks GLUM.

-God, I feel so bad for Loras. Poor guy.

Got 6x10 trial of Loras Tyrell

-Please Margaery, tell me you have a master plan.

-Is Tommen finally going to realise what an idiot he is?

-What did that kid tell Pycelle? I must know.

-I feel bad, because Loras is obviously still mourning Renly’s death.

-Noooo Loras, don’t give up!

-Please, tell me there is a plan.

-Nooo!!! Inglorious Basterds torture!

Got 6x10 Loras mark

-Yes, I know Cersei must have a plan. A badass one. Especially since Margaery has disappointed me and doesn’t seem to be doing anything.

-Mmmm, something’s up.

-OMG, she’s going to blow the Sept of Baelor up.

-I love Cersei so much right now for planning this.

Got 6x10 Pycelle

-Children stabbing Pycelle! Children stabbing Pycelle! I’m cheering this.

-Oh my, that candle.

Got 6x10 Candle wildfire


-Although I feel bad that Margaery and Loras died, I must say.

-But the High Sparrow was burned to ashes, so. #CerseiHBIC

Got 6x10 Loras Margaery Got 6x10 wildfire explosion

-Olenna is NOT going to like this new development.

-Whenever Ser Gregor shows up, I close my eyes in case something gross happens.

-OMG Hahahahahhahaha!!!! I didn’t see Tommen’s suicide coming, but it was so stupid and moronic that it completely goes with the character.

Got 6x10 Tommen suicide

-Now the prophecy is fulfilled (except the being killed by her brother, which I so believe it will be Jaime).

-And I so knew Tommen wouldn’t make it to season 7.

-Jaime does NOT look happy at that dinner.

-And he looks like he wants to stab Walder Frey. I want to.

Got 6x10 Jaime at the Twins

-That girl is staring at Jaime too suspiciously. Sent by Varys?

-Noooo, don’t show her the body!

-Are they seriously not going to let Sam study there because phones hadn’t been invented to learn about someone’s death immediately?

Got 6x10 Samwell

-I am not surprised Davos is angry, Shireen’s death was one of the most heartbreaking moments of season 5.

-But also, I find Melisandre a fascinating character? So I hope she is not executed.

-I wouldn’t want to be in Jon’s position right now.

Got 6x10 Davos Margaery

-And I can’t wait to see where Melisandre goes next season.

-Finally, Sansa regrets hiding stuff from Jon.

Got 6x10 Jon and Sansa

-Winter has arrived!! “Father always promised, didn’t he.” 😦 😦 😦

-I love how honest Olenna is. I can’t remember the names of those stupid girls either. Who cares.

Got 6x10 Sand Snakes Got 6x10 Olenna

-OMG Varys is in Dorne now?

-Uuuhhh, this is going to be a cool alliance. Except that I can’t stand the Dorne quartet, they are obnoxious and they killed an innocent girl.

-I only cared about Oberyn. Beyond that, Dorne and their stolen accents can go to hell.

-It would have been so much more interesting if the plot had revolved around Arianne Martell. Instead we got this pointless revenge.

-I suggest bringing Oberyn back as some sort of Lord Stoneheart. I rather watch that. Imagine. Ghost Oberyn and Olenna.

-We all want the Sand Snakes to suffer a painful death next season, right?

-Okay back to the episode.

Got 6x10 Daario

-Dany is leaving Daario behind? Idiot.

-I’ll have him if you won’t. I once dressed up as Dany, I can comfort him.

-Awwww, Tyrion will be the Hand again. That was actually quite cute.

Got 6x10 Hand of the Queen

-This scene has the perfect setting for Walder Frey to die.

-OMG, how Shakespearean is this, with the human pie? I love it!

-OMG Arya!!!! YESSSSSS!!!!

Got 6x10 Arya kills Walder Frey

-That was one of the most satisfying scenes I have ever seen on Game of Thrones, three seasons in the making.

-Ugh, is Littlefinger suggesting he wants to be with Sansa? Gross.

-And considering it is only because he was in love with her mother. Double gross.

-Sansa, don’t let Petyr set you against Jon.

-Nooo, Benjen, don’t leave them!

Got 6x10 Bran and Meera

-Can’t you at least leave the horse with them? Bran can’t walk, you undead moron.

-WTF is Bran doing.

-OMG, Tower of Joy time!

Got 6x10 Ned and Lyanna Got 6x10 Lyanna's deathbed

-I’m saying OMG too many times today, it makes me sound like a high school girl from an American movie.

-And Jon’s parents are revealed, surprising exactly no one.

-I knew it, you knew it, we all knew it. Even Jon knew it, and he knows nothing.

Got 6x10 baby Jon

-Yep, he came back to life because he is the rightful heir to the throne. YAY!

-I love Lyanna Mormont. She should sit on the Iron Throne.

Got 6x10 Lyanna MormontGot 6x10 King in the North

-KING IN THE NORTH! KING IN THE NORTH! I’m crying with joy.

-Jaime is going to freak out as soon as he enters the city.

-What a nice way of finding out your son has died. Talk about timing.

-Not that Cersei looks too happy, though.

Got 6x10 Queen Cersei vlcsnap-2016-06-27-21h50m36s240

-Love the music, by the way. Particularly, the pieces for the King’s Landing scenes. Superb.

-Shit is going down in season 7.

-I’m scared. And I can’t wait. Daenerys finally crossing the Narrow Sea, after six seasons! It’s the beginning of the end, guys.

Got 6x10 Targaryen fleet



Thanks for reading my ramblings. See you again for season 8, which is ages away –so unfair.








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