Film Review: Lion


Few movies in my life I have branded as pieces of art. Normally it has to do with films that make me cry -okay, I cry with most films, but Lion certainly deserves a special place.

Lion is special for two reasons: the real story behind it and the performances.

The real story is that of Saroo, an Indian boy who fell asleep on a train when he was five years old and ended up on the other part of India by mistake. Completely lost, he eventually got adopted by an Australian couple and moved to Hobart, in Tasmania. When he was in his late twenties, he used Google Maps to find his family.

The three Saroos

The three Saroos

Sounds emotional already, right? Then imagine that adult Saroo is played by Dev Patel, an underrated actor that here displays what he can do and more, Nicole Kidman gives a superb performance as Saroo’s adoptive mother. Seriously, every single scene she was in exuded so much love and pain that it was hard not to cry whenever she appeared on the screen.

But oh my, Sunny Pawar, the young kid who plays Saroo, he was the star of the movie. The first twenty minutes or so of Lion are just him, and he doesn’t have any problem carrying that weight on his shoulders. His mere presence makes you want to hug him and adopt him yourself.

As it’s mandatory with biopics, if you stay until the end you will see photos of real Saroo and his family, and even a video of him with his two mothers, which dehydrated me even more. But even the movie version of the reencounter was powerful enough, and that’s what I want in a movie: to show me fiction and make me believe it.


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