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Doctor Who 10×2 Review: Smile

There is an aspect of Doctor Who that has always excelled, and that is their use of metaphors. They translate a modern-day issue into a plotline about an alien race, and then, without us even realising it, the show is giving us a lecture on politics, acceptance and tolerance. Continue reading

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Doctor Who 10×1 Review: The Pilot

I can’t believe I can finally say this: Doctor Who is back!!! Hasn’t it been ages? It’s been a year and a half since we last had a regular episode – remember when Clara wasn’t the Queen of England yet and wiped the Doctor’s memory? Like I said, ages. Continue reading

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Film Review: Power Rangers

Do not be fooled by my review below: this is the review of a girl who spent her childhood watching Power Rangers every afternoon after coming home from school. Continue reading

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