MCM Comic Con London May 2017: Saturday Edition

Two out of the three stipulated Comic Con days have gone by, and it’s already mental.

Unfortunately, I mean mental because of the amount of people in there, because the panel area has been a bit off this year. Nothing to do with the convention itself, don’t worry -it’s more about the fact that way too many guests have cancelled at the last minute. But plenty more stay, and the show goes on.

Besides the Power Rangers, of which I already talked in another post, Friday introduced me to the world of Troma Entertainment and Lloyd Kaufman, its very talented and charming founder, whom I had the pleasure to talk to today.

Saturday kicked off with the Firefly panel, where a crowded audience got to see the Tam siblings, Summer Glau and Sean Maher -and hear the voice of Summer’s daughter, who was shouting behind the scenes and even made an adorable appearance at one point when she clearly didn’t care about what her babysitter was telling her anymore.

When talking about the unfairly cancelled show, Glau pointed out that perhaps the magic of Firefly was that it lasted only one season, while Maher talked about the film, Serenity, mentioning that he thought Joss Whedon was joking -he didn’t trust anyone, especially since Firefly was his fourth show cancelled by Fox.

Still talking about the movie, a pregnant Glau took her chance to reminisce about her training with martial artists for the fight sequences. Maher also mentioned that he’s done some amazing shows, but that Firefly was exceptional and unique, and calmed the audiences by letting them know that the cast members are still very good friends.

Finally, when they were asked about which of their cancelled shows they’d like to see revived (besides Firefly), Maher said his would be The Playboy Club, while Glau’s would be The Sarah Connor Chronicles, a show she’d like to pick up where they ended, cliffhanger included.

Saturday also had plenty of entertainment, including the presentation of Barbican’s new exhibition, Into the Unknown, which was hosted by the talented production designer Patrick Tatopoulos. There was even time for Star Wars, with a panel consisting of collaborators from The Force Awakens and Rogue One: Brian Herring, David Prowst, Derek Arnold, Matthew Stirling, Paul Kasey and Rufus Wright).

With plenty more things still to see, MCM is worth visiting to take a look at the booths and the costumes. Although this year the biggest name for me was Billie Piper and she is no longer attending. Oh well, next year.

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