Sunday at MCM Comic Con London

The final day at MCM came and went, and even though I saw fewer panels than I expected, it was a good experience.

When I say I attended fewer panels, it’s not because I wasn’t there, but because they were either cancelled or started late and whatnot.

The first thing on the list today was to see Lloyd Kauffman, but ten minutes after the expected time, it seems like no one had told him that he had a panel. No problem. Star Trek’s Nichelle Nicols was about to offer her wisdom at one of the theatres.

Except Nicols wasn’t there. Instead, the guests were married couple of Aussies Rebecca Breeds (The Originals) and Luke Mitchell (who’s been in Agents of SHIELD, but whom I know because of H2O: Just Add Water -yes, I loved that show and I proudly confess it). Where was Nicols? Turns out, she was in a different theatre. But upon arrival, she still wasn’t there, but somewhere else signing autographs.

Nevermind. MCM still had a lot to offer, and the dozens of booths available allowed for proper entertainment.

The highlight of this Sunday, though, was the final panel, with Riverdale’s own Archie, kiwi actor KJ Apa, who exuded boyish charm and a nice-guy personality. Although I was expecting to be shocked by a surprise appearance by Luke Perry. Don’t know why, it was all in my head, but I was still disappointed that it didn’t happen.

Before Apa’s panel, though, there was a chance for Doctor Who fans to see Richard Dinnick, who talked about his latest tie-in book, Myths and Legends. Based on what he said, this book is a must for people who really appreciate Who winking at stories that we’ve known all our lives.

Another edition gone, another non-stop weekend full of excellent costumes and booths to discover new talents. I can only hope that next time we can discover even more.


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