Doctor Who 10×7 Review: The Pyramid at the End of the World

Like I’ve been saying for weeks, it seems as if Moffat has been collecting plenty of good ideas, hoarding them somewhere in his office, to then use them all at once for Capaldi’s final season. And what a season both of them are giving us.

Following last week’s cliffhanger, this three-part story continues with the action where we left it. The Doctor is now expecting the orc monks to make a move towards conquering the Earth, and they have no better plan than to make a pyramid appear out of nowhere in the middle of a desert, in a strategic place surrounded by the Chinese, American and Russian armies.

The Doctor, being the President of the World as he is, tries to get the orc monks to leave this planet alone, but the orcs are tricky: all they want is to protect the Earth, and to feel loved while doing so. Granted, they want to protect the Earth from a bacteria, but I’m sure they had something to do with the events that led to that bacteria appearing in the first place.

The episode in general was very political (Trump jokes without even mentioning his name) and was straight to the point, as you would expect the middle of a story to go. It triggers the plot so that next week we have an explosion of adventures. The Doctor will save the world, we all know that, but at what cost? He has finally confessed to Bill that he is blind (the episode built up to this moment to perfection) and it is her love for him and her wish to save him that sets the events for the final instalment. I can’t wait to see what can follow that -a plotline with John Simm, we all know that’s what is going to follow.



-“How would I know the President? I wouldn’t have even voted for him! He’s… orange.”

-“Is it ok if I get a Uber?”

-Capaldi is so good at monologues. I can never get tired of them.

-As per the Doctor’s glasses, we now know that Bill is 26 years old.

-“How did they get it [the TARDIS] out of my office? The windows aren’t big enough.” “Oh… they are now.”

-“Last I heard, you were on a date with Penny. What happened?” “The United Nations Secretary-General.” “Awesome.” “No, that wasn’t a metaphor.” “Good, because I wasn’t really following it.”

-“World War Three, what do you think? Basically, we’re against it.”

-“Oh my God!” “No, I’m the Doctor. But it’s an easy mistake to make, the eyebrows.”

-“How did you do that? What is that thing?” “It’s Nardole -he’s not my fault.”

-“Handsome Doctor! Adorable, hugely intelligent but still approachable Doctor!”

-Gotta love that My Fair Lady moment: “She’s got it! By George, she’s got it!”

-“Lab goes boom. World is saved. You develop a pretty intense crush on me.”

-“From now on, two planes!”

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2 thoughts on “Doctor Who 10×7 Review: The Pyramid at the End of the World

  1. I enjoyed catching up on your Season 10 episode commentaries. I’m gradually warming to Bill, perhaps held back by the heart-wrenching end to Clara’s time with the Doctor.
    I think that the pyramid episode borrowed a bit from Stargate SG-1 and Arrival. Even so, I am eagerly anticipating developments in the wrap-up of this three-parter.

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