Corleones & Lannisters on a Mini-Break

My, isn’t this a busy time for my favourite shows?

I am currently on full mode with Doctor Who and El Ministerio del Tiempo. Alas, I’m on a holiday that doesn’t allow me much time in front of my laptop (travelling the north of Spain on foot for El Camino de Santiago).

It will only take three weeks, but I’m afraid my reviews will arrive later than usual. But fear not, I’ll be back on time for season 7 of Game of Thrones!


See you soon!


PD. For MdT fans: it can’t be watched on RTVE A La Carta outside of Spain because Netflix bought distribution rights abroad (damn you, Netflix!), so they will be available there when the season ends. Stupidly enough, RTVE won’t be able to show them in their website then. Incredibly stupid.

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One thought on “Corleones & Lannisters on a Mini-Break

  1. Heather

    Looks like both you and MdT are going on a mini-break and will come back in the fall. Just like Doctor Who!

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