A Return to the World

Hello, it is I! It’s been, what, three months without writing a single post? But the long holiday is over, and work calls.

And so many things have happened since then, right? The new Doctor is a woman! And Capaldi‘s final season has been nothing but superb! And oh my, how good was season 7 of Game of Thrones? Just the fact that Gendry returned is enough to make it the best (even though I am strongly ANTI- Jonaerys, let me tell you. Why are you people shipping this? Last time a blonde queen boned her nephew was when Mary Tudor married Felipe II, and we all know that didn’t end well).

And let me see, what else… Well, I must apologise fo not recapping Game of Thrones, but I didn’t have Internet, or a laptop, and I must confess that I enjoyed the episodes so much that I wouldn’t have had time to write down what was going through my head (but I DID have time to throw two parties for the premiere and the last episode. These things must be watched with fellow GoT fans), but I might rewatch them at some point this year, and if I do, I will write my recaps -don’t worry, I still remember how I felt when I first watched them.

Oh, and El Ministerio del Tiempo returns this month! I have written my reviews of the past three episodes (handwritten, with a pen, like old times, like it should be) and I will post them this week or the next one. I’m still adapting, and from now on I’m going to be juggling a lot between Spain and the UK, so bear with me!

Welcome back!

PS. I might write a post-thought on season 2 of Victoria (because Lord M is back! All hail Rufus Sewell’s cheekbones)


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3 thoughts on “A Return to the World

  1. I thought it was brilliant that almost the first thing Davos said to Gendry was, “I thought you might still be rowing.” Which was exactly what most of the audience was probably thinking!

  2. Heather

    Bienvenido! Sad to see Peter leaving Dr. Who but excited to see where Jodi takes her character. Just hope the ratings don’t fall as she will be blamed. Won’t be able to watch MdT until Netflix airs it thanks to RTVE.

    There is a new German show that looks interesting- Berlin Babylon. Very film noir with Berlin in 1920s.

    • Virginia C

      I’ll check it! It does sound interesting. El Ministerio returns tomorrow, so I’ll make sure to at least add all my recaps (including tomorrow’s) this upcoming week!

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