A Thank You Letter to El Ministerio del Tiempo

After three years and countless adventures…

Thank you for reminding people in Spain that their history is worth knowing, and that we can only move forward if we know what our past was like.

Thank you for also getting foreigners invested in our history, because you’ve made them, through your stories, want to know more and become true historians; historians who want to find out what happened to El Cid, why the Spanish Armada failed, or what Lorca did during the last years of his way-too-short life.

Thank you for creating a world that transcended the show, because the ministéricos are now a family, and even if the fiction is gone, we will be linked forever by our love of history.

Thank you for filling that hole that Isabel had left in our lives, because that historical series was the one that initiated our interest in the Spanish past. It made us see that Spain today is what it is because of choices that were made centuries ago, and we are all the better if we know about it.

Thank you for the endless quotes, the emotional moments, the characters we came to love and treat like they were our own family.

Thank you for the memories that will forever be part of us.

Thank you, Javier and Pablo Olivares, for creating such a unique story, and whether it ends tonight or survives somewhere else, you have given us something to treasure.

Thank you. Honor y reputación! 

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