On Stranger Things 2

Sequels can be tricky. Most times, you can’t help but compare it to the original, and we know they usually pale by comparison. Luckily for us, that wasn’t the case with Stranger Things 2.

I admit that I was worried that it would be faulty, but this sequel did not disappoint. And I think one element had a lot to do with this success: relationships.

Because, yes, this is a show that deals with the paranormal and such, but if we stop and think about it, it is led by the relationships among the characters. They can be romantic ones, friendships, family ties… in any possible way, they are what moves the show forward and what makes us care.

For example, one of my favourite relationships from this new season (and I believe I speak for all of us) is that of Steve and Dustin. It is a pairing we never saw coming, and yet, it fills the holes in their lives. Dustin needed a father/big brother figure, and Steve needed someone he could truly care about. Their relationship helped their characters evolve.

Same goes for Hopper and Eleven. We already knew that he had been leaving her food, but now we know that he has treated her like a surrogate daughter, and their dynamics are those of a family, fights included.

Of course, same goes for Joyce and Will, or the kids themselves. Demodogs or not, it’s them we care about.


And because I have many thoughts on ST2, here are some in the form of a bullet point list:

-I think Nancy is cool, but I honestly didn’t care much about her B-plot with Jonathan. It felt like they almost ruined the other characters’ plans. But, you know, Justice for Barb, so it’s forgiven. And I can also speak for all of us when I say that it is now Nancy who doesn’t deserve Steve, so…

-We all thought that episode with Eleven in Chicago was a bit pointless. Yes, it helps you understand her actions in the finale, but did we need a FULL hour? We could have told that story in 30 minutes and fill the rest with scenes at Hawkins.

-RIP Bob. He was kind and super nice and he was also a Goonie. Enough said.

-Noah Schnapp. I know all the children are really talented, but that kid is going places, mark my words.

-Kudos to Dacre Montgomery for making me hate Billy so much. You know an actor is great at what they do when they make you despise their character with all your heart.

-Didn’t care about Max that much, but I am happy that means Lucas got more screen time.

-Jane Hopper. ❤

-Paul Reiser better show up in Stranger Things 3.

-Someone please tell me that the Byers’ house won’t be wrecked next season. How much money have they spent on fixing it so far?

-I am all in for the Steve Babysitter storyline being taken further. Also, he and Dustin got the best jokes of the season. Keep them coming.



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