Very Short Guide of What Justice League Could Have Improved

It is pointless to write a full on review about Justice League. If I say it’s the worst, I’d be lying, because I have seen worse movies. If I say I enjoyed it, I’d be crucified. But the thing is I did like some aspects of it that I found entertaining. It’s always best to go to the cinema with the intention of enjoying yourself, of appreciating the effort a massive crew put behind a film, of seeing the good things, not just the bad ones. Not everything can be The Godfather, after all.

So anyway, without criticising it, here’s what could have made Justice League better, explained with straightforward bullet points.


  • Better use of Wonder Woman (because her solo film is glowing, but here she tends to get unfairly overshadowed)


  • More The Flash (Ezra Miller is adorable and was pure comic relief. A universal treasure. They should have used him even more)



  • Stop introducing stuff (the beginning of the film lasts an hour, it was like reverse The Lord of the Rings: instead of never ending, JL never seems to start. They should have made like Marvel and release all the solo films first, to avoid this problem)


  • Use the magnetism of Henry Cavill (the dude is Superman, he has charisma and charm to spare, but he appears for twenty minutes to do little more than have a couple nice interactions with The Flash)


  • Bring back Christian Bale (if I felt there was too little of Cavill, it might have been because there was too much of Affleck. He’s really not quite right for the part, and Bale inhabited that role)


Well, that’s it.

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