El Ministerio del Tiempo 1×02 Review: Time of Glory

There is nothing like the first appearance of a character that will become a recurring one. The type audiences instantly love and want to see meeting our heroes again and again. In MdT, the first of such characters was Lope de Vega, known throughout the centuries as a womanizer, and portrayed as such in here.

I have been delaying this post because I wrote the whole thing in a Word document and then, when I opened it, it said that it was broken and the text couldn’t be found anyway. Which is a shame because I was particularly proud of what I had written. But I can’t dwell on the past, although I must admit that I’m still pretty mad, so this recap will be shorter than your average one.

All you need to know about this episode is that, after travelling to Lisbon in 1588, there are two parallel stories that converge. This is the time of the Spanish Armada: as you may know, most of the ships headed to England sunk because of the terrible weather. Luckily for Lope de Vega, his was one of the few that didn’t. But when Gil Pérez, the ministry worker in the 16th century in charge of supervising the lists, notices that Lope de Vega is not part of the San Juan, a surviving ship, he is restless. This means Lope is going to die.

So our team travels to avoid this. And now I am going to tell you what happens very fast because I am still sad that I wrote several paragraphs that are lost forever. Julián and Amelia try to think of how to stop Lope from joining a doomed ship. Amelia falls for Lope’s tricks and makes out with him -you see how little Lope cares that Julián is her husband. Julián knocks Lope unconscious, so the next day, he wakes up late to board his ship, and Gil tells him he can still join the San Juan the following day.

The other story is about Alonso. Checking the list of soldiers in the San Esteban (the ship Lope is meant to be part of instead of the San Juan), he sees his own name in it. Is he meant to join this ship, 19 years after his time? As he enters a tavern, he meets 1588’s Alonso de Entrerríos, a young boy who, as he finds out, is his own son. Distraught by the discovery, Alonso leaves his son unconscious and drops him at Gil’s ship. When our friends find the boy, they also find a letter from his father telling them that he is going to take his son’s place. Luckily for us, Julián finds him and knocks him unconscious with a chair -this episode is all about people being knocked out. When the young boy wakes up, missing his ship, Gil also allows him to board the San Juan, and begs him to keep an eye on Lope to make sure he also boards.

Alonso will later travel to 1579’s Sevilla to meet his son as a child. He gives him money for his mother and tells him to learn how to swim.

Moral of the story: sometimes we can change the past just a little, and I am never using Word again.


“What type of Spaniards would we be if we didn’t leave things until the last minute?”

-Since this is the beginning of the series, Julián is still calling his dead wife whenever he has the opportunity to do so.

-“What do you know about Lope?” “Err… he was a writer.”

-The staged attack to Amelia on the street that Lope orchestrates to woo her is seen later on, when Pacino makes Bolívar do the same in season 3 -only that time, Alonso ruins it. One of the funniest episodes of that season, I might add.

-“So, if I hadn’t accepted the ministry’s offer, I would be part of the Spanish Armada.” “Nope, you’d been hanged.”

-“The girl’s family told Lope they would only allow him to marry her if he enrolled in the Armada.” “A bit too much.” “Considering he’d kidnapped her, they probably thought he wouldn’t survive.” “That guy was something.”

-“The Spanish Golden Age needs Excel.”

-“San Esteban leaves tomorrow, first thing in the morning.” “Sure, why would it leave any later?”

-“I know this is a weird question for 1588, but does your worship have a PC?” “Of course I do! And Wi-Fi connection.”

-“A guy who speaks in rhymes deserves the worst.”

Julián replies to Lope with a verse from Leño’s Maneras de Vivir.Góngora?”

-“Compared to this, my century’s taverns are the Ritz.”

-“Why is everyone obsessed with spitting? They look like football players.”

-“That’s the way war is. It’s cold and dirty and unpleasant. You either die or get killed or both. And if you survive, you witness the deaths of your comrades, who are like your brothers. And the mud gets in your eyes and you shit yourself. And you call your mother like you did when you were a child.”

-“What will happen if Lope doesn’t board the San Esteban?” “Nothing, he will be sentenced to death.” “Ah, then thank goodness it’s nothing.”

-“Who is it?” “Room service.” “What is room service?” “Whatever the hell I want.” (much funnier in Spanish because it rhymes)

-“I’m sexist? And this guy? He’s raped his wife and he will have 14 children from half a dozen different women. How did he have time to write, if he spent all of it fucking?” “It was a different time.” “A scumbag is a scumbag, in both the 21st and 16th centuries, and so is a naive.” “Are you talking about me?” “Yes, you. Go ahead and get pregnant, let’s see how you explain that Lope de Vega is the father. Say it in your time, you enter a convent. Say it in mine, you enter a loony bin.”

-“From time travel I’ve learned that women have evolved, but men are always the same, whether their name is Lope de Vega or Paco Domínguez.”

-“I’m making sure he doesn’t wake up, just in case he travels to the 21st century and ends up writing musicals.”

-“Sometimes, I would hit him in the head with a chair.” “Good idea.” Julián hits Alonso in the head with a stool

-“According to history, an Alonso must die aboard the ship.” “I don’t know if we changed history, but I don’t give a damn.”

-“Do you want to join this ship?” “Of course! Do you think me a fool?” Gil stares at Lope and rolls his eyes




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4 thoughts on “El Ministerio del Tiempo 1×02 Review: Time of Glory

  1. Peter

    Have you tried any recovery software or a manual search for the Word temp files?

    • Ginny C

      Oh, I tried everything. And after I tried everything, I went to an IT guy and even he told me it was irretrievable 😦

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