Outlander 4×02 ‘Do No Harm’: Live Recap

As is usual in Outlander, terrible things happen in ‘Do No Harm’ and everyone is miserable, because the Frasers never have more than five minutes of happiness before someone tries to murder, rape or execute one of the characters. The 18th century is grim. But let’s go!


-Every time someone says River Run, I think of Game of Thrones and for some reason I assume Aunt Jocasta is a Tully.

-I really like this new music – I’m going to be saying this every week (although I expect next week it will have a bit of Scottish, with the return of our beloved country).

-Jamie is PISSED about the last five minutes of the premiere.

-But who are we kidding, they will recover that ring.

-I’m assuming that guy he just mentioned is whatshisname who was killed by the pirate.

-Something is happening, but I am staring at the dog, so who knows.

-How many times have the Frasers been penniless?

-Mmmm, nope Jamie, she married you to avoid being taken by the English (that was the reason, right? I can’t remember right now).

-The MacKenzies are immortal beings who never age past 40.

-Like, seriously, how old is Jocasta? 60? 70?

-Young Ian is so adorable.

-Ouch, I would not have guessed she was blind.

-Is Ulysses a slave? Please tell me he has a salary -why am I kidding myself, this is 18th century North Carolina.

-Cape Fear sounds like the perfect place for nice things to happen.

-Does the slave girl have a Scottish accent? It sounded a bit like that.

-Oh my, she does have a bunch of slaves. I’m not liking this. It contradicts my previous positive feelings towards Aunt Jocasta.

-Oh, Ian. You will die beardless (unless Roger Wakefield, who has a glorious, sexy beard).

-So kind of you to keep the families together in slavery, Jocasta (being ironic here).

-I heard what Jocasta just said about Wolff, but I have already forgotten.

-He looks dodgy, though.

-Jamie so smart, Wolff so dumb.

-Claire sounds blonde? What does blonde sound like?

-Oh, Wolff was actually trying to hook up with Jocasta? Ugh. Gross dude.

-Jocasta, Claire doesn’t like a place full of slaves. That much was obvious.

-Claire is a Catholic? How come I didn’t know that? Although she married a Scot in the 1700s, so…

-They are saying lots of names at this party; I’m not going to keep them in my brain, sorry.

-Young Ian is sneakily smart. And this bunch of men are….a bunch of xenophobic racists. As I expected.

-Was anyone surprised at all that Jocasta has named Jamie, his closest relative, his heir? Was he surprised? It sounds like the natural thing to do!

-Oh, right. That means they are now slave owners.

-Jamie’s glasses are back! I though he had suddenly recovered his perfect eyesight.

-Wait, Farquad? Like Lord Farquad?

-And he is also not very tall.

-“Some of you may die, but that is a sacrifice I am willing to make.

-Argh, why is he making it so difficult for Jamie to free the slaves?

-That’s why the dragon ate him.

-But if he takes the other lands and the war comes, are they going to force him to fight in his late fifties? That’s like being a hundred years old in the 18th century.

-Oh! Will he meet Hamilton?

-Mmm, if the other guy lashed out at him with an actual whip, he kind of had that coming.

-Ouch! Last King of Scotland moment. Ouch, ouch!!! Stop this!!!

-I knew Jamie had been given two pistols for a reason.

-I love how Claire was like, screw this earless moron, I’m taking the kid with the hook instead.

-Is this going to be a gross surgery scene?

-Yup, it is.

-All the men in North Carolina are idiots.

-Dude, you just got brutally stabbed (hooked?) in the stomach. Don’t stand up.

-Does the term son of a B exist in the 18th century?

-These stories of how kids were taken from Africa to become slaves should be told more often in schools. People these days don’t know enough history, and they should.

-Unfortunately, Ulysses is right about what will happen to Rufus.

-Ugh, why are those men still there? Don’t they have houses to go to? To sleep?

-Can’t they just smuggle Rufus out of there, somehow? You know, before they execute him in the worst possible way.

-I was expecting the mob to be carrying pitchforks.

-That rock throwing was unnecessary.

-Mercy killing coming to your screen in 3, 2. 1…

-This is so sad. I’m crying over a character I met twenty minutes ago.

-Why would they let you speak, Jocasta? They are cavemen with fancy clothes.

-Oh, I was expecting Claire to drop…a drop, not the whole bottle of arsenic.

-This must have been a tough scene to film.

-No, don’t make him talk about his sister, I’m going to cry again.

-Don’t cry, don’t cry….

-Is Abena going to be a character in the future? (I don’t know if that is how you spell it, but it appeared that way in the subtitles).

-Why is everything so sad????

-Seriously, smashing windows is not helping anyone.

-Poor kid.

-PS. I like the score from this whole bit.

-Errr, do these a-holes know that the kid is already dead?

-I am just assuming that they do but they want to hang him anyway.

-That was awful.

-Plain awful.

-Thank God we are getting 1960s Scotland next week, because I am shook.

-And Rollo was barely in the episode.


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