Outlander 4×03 ‘The False Bride’: Live Recap

We have heartbreak, we have ghosts, but we don’t have enough dog time. Also, was it a false bride because the only one who could become a bride really didn’t want to be one?



-I don’t even care about what’s going to happen in the 18th century. I want the 20th.

-Wasn’t Fiona in love with Roger?

-What is happening? Isn’t this his house?

“courting.” How old-fashioned.

-Brianna is studying engineering? Talk about career change.

-Oh Roger, you adorable teddy bear; Fiona is right.

-No! Don’t take me away from 1970!

-Wait, is this really all we are going to see of Aunt Jocasta?

-Is Jamie no longer the heir, if he is leaving? I’m confused.

-That was Jamie’s mother’s? Was she like Jean Valjean, with the silver candlesticks?

-We all know Ian is not going anywhere.

-Poor Ian. Nope, you are still a teenager.

-Oh, the previous episode has literally happened the night before.

-I swear I thought Jocasta was going to hit Claire with that cane.

-Pleaaaaaase let’s go back to 1970.

-What’s the point of having what looks like an entrance to the estate if there are no walls around anyway?Seems pointless.

-So, are Brianna and Roger a thing already?


-Of couuuurse they are going to North Carolina.

-Chocolate malt? What the hell is that?

-I always forget that food in the 1960s/1970s was disgusting.

-“You’re pretty.” heart eyes

-That was a nice transition from 1970 to 1767 on the road.

-Rollo! So white and hairy.

-Ian is so going to die the second he goes away. Or kidnapped or beaten. It always happens.

-Although he now has a dog to defend him.

-And let’s be honest, he is only going with this guy because he wants to get laid with the Indian women.

-Why is Jamie so dumb? You know what is happening in Boston in the future, and still…

-Of course Brianna and Frank had a stronger bond.

-The comment from Claire about the horses just reminded me of their wedding night (you know what comment about that night I am referring to).

-Fergus mention! I had forgotten. Please let’s check on him.

-Those clothes they are wearing must smell awful after the rain.

-Truth is, a Scottish festival in North Carolina in 1970 – I’m finding that weird.

-Also, why is an Oxford professor playing the guitar at a festival?

-“That makes one of us!” Adorable.

-Of course that portrait will be the one I spotted in the intro.

-Aww, she said “boyfriend”.

-Well, Brianna, technically you are also a MacKenzie.

-That dance scene is so cute.

-I’m so biased.

-It’s like a Jane Austen dance scene, but Scottish.

-No lightning conductors in the 18th century, I guess.

-Did Roger seriously come all the way from the UK for this? As adorable as it is.

-All the girls in there are so obviously in love with Roger.

-I’m now wondering: aren’t people at the hospital super worried that Claire has been missing for a year?

-Was this musical bit in the books or have they just done it because Rankin can sing and play the guitar?

-Aww, he is such a gentleman.

-I bet all I have that there is going to be a mention of the Fraser couple in that history book.

-I thought Roger was going to throw the kilt over the deer, but she got there faster.

-Ugh, Roger, buzzkill. It feels as if you don’t want to get laid.

-Seriously, you couldn’t give her the bracelet later?

-Wait, is he proposing?

-Oh my god, he IS!

-I did not see this coming at all.

-At. All.

-He is not getting laid tonight.

-Roger, you just Mosbied yourself.

-I’m not 100% sure he deserved that slap.

-This is so confusing.

-It’s also heartbreaking.

-No, come on, Claire will be fine. Let’s go back to that fight!

-Remember what I said about those clothes when they get wet…

-Claire finding a human skull. Your regular Tuesday.

-Lesson to learn: never spend the night in the woods.

-Claire, can you please stop staring at the skull?

-She is Hamlet now.

-A ghost! Is that a ghost? Do we have ghosts now?

-He is the skull guy? Isn’t he a bit too white to be a native?

-Please don’t break up.

-Roger, can’t you just be with her without get married immediately?

-I can understand her position towards marriage, though.

-But Roger grew up with a priest, I can see why marriage is important to him.

-Stealing shoes in the middle of the woods. Seriously, who does that?

-Right, taking a skull with you, completely understandable.

-It’s stupidly easy to follow those footsteps.

-Wait, has the ghost guided her to Jamie?

-Or maybe it was the HORSE.

-Jamie is not here for your madness, woman.

-“You should wash”. I was right. They stink.

-Another time traveler? Who dresses up like an Indian? I need answers NOW.

-That’s where the name Fraser comes from??

-It’s the most beautiful because it’s still Scotland, duh.

-They’ve never owned a house together, have they?

SO original with the name, Jamie.


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