Outlander 4×04 ‘Common Ground’: Live Recap

I think I have learned two things by now: Jamie doesn’t get less dumb (in an adorable way) as he gets older, and the Frasers are incapable of having more than two weeks in a row of bliss. Otherwise, it would be a tedious show, am I right?


-Per the credits, Fergus and Marsali are back, so I’m okay with this episode whatever happens.

-Jamie with tiny glasses is hilarious.

-This is going to come back to bite him in the ass. Maybe not this season, but it will.

-I’m so bored by every word that is being uttered in this scene between Jamie and that other guy -the governor?

-Is this guy going to be the villain of the season? I thought that was going to be Downton -whom we haven’t seen since the premiere.

-I feel so bad for Marsali. But her mum is the actual worst.

-Is no one going to mention that Murtaugh should be around?

-I’m confused, Fergus and Marsali are not leaving with them? Why did Marsali said she could not have a better healer next to her for the delivery, then?

-Oh, now Claire is worried about having abandoned Brianna in another century

-By the way, how long were the Frasers at River Run that Marsali is so far into her pregnancy?

-Rollo! I just spotted Rollo.

-Keep watching the view, you will lose it all in the war that you know it’s coming.

-Quick question: don’t these lands belong to the natives? I mean, I know that the settlers stole all their lands, but I find it hard to belive that Jamie and Claire would accept those stolen lands willingly.

-Are Jamie and Claire going to do it? Isn’t Ian around?

-Of course he is.

-Sure, Jamie, that sign on the tree is going to stop everyone.

-See what I said about natives? Now Jamie can’t deny that those are stolen lands.

-This is so unfair. The situation the natives went through, I mean. The Frasers were given a bunch of land just because, so I don’t care.

-1971? So it’s been a year since the last episode for both timelines?

-You know Roger is going to find something in that book. He is always the one who finds crucial information.

-Okay, Roger, go to the States to meet that historian.

-I’m just realising that they don’t have running water. Let’s all be thankful for having running water -never take it for granted.

-It was obvious that it had been too easy with the natives before.

-Hmmm, subtitles? Anyone?

-Okay, he only wrote to the historian.

-Roger sure loves discovering these things. There’s even a letter from Marsali to her mum? It looked like it.

-Does Brianna live at her parents’ place? Because if she is somewhere else, how stupid is that? It’s officially her house, why pay rent somewhere else?

-You know that the place is called Grandfather Mountain for something that is going to appear in the show later on.

-Why isn’t Brianna crying? I would be sobbing if I found out that my mum is alive and reunited with my dad after two years of uncertainty.

-Awkward silence.

-I honestly thought Roger was going to discover something weird.

-Claire, you don’t need a ghost skull to tell you that bad things are going to happen.

-Do they shower? I’m concerned.

-I KNEW when Claire said bears were hibernating that a bear would appear.

-That poor horse did nothing wrong.

-So, this guy is basically part of the narrative to act as a translator.

-Now I want to see Jamie knitting.

-If that bear kills Rollo, I will stop watching Outlander right now.

-Would I be right to assume that the bear is going to appear, attack the natives, then Jamie kills the bear and everyone is suddenly friends?

-Is the translator going to die already?

-Couldn’t he just say “bear”?

-Oh, I thought the natives were going to attack the Frasers.

-Jamie, you are so dumb most of the time. In a kind way, but dumb nonetheless.

-I need someone to explain to me what that Cherokee ritual is about.

-Jamie Fraser, shooting at a bear in the dark when he needs glasses.

-Are you shitting me? The bear is a human?

-This is so weird and I’m so confused.

-Is the bear guy a Cherokee?

-Seriously thrown off by this.

-What the fricking hell is happening?

-This must mean the Frasers and the natives are not going to become friends. At. All.

-I need explanations and I don’t seem to be getting any.

-What a dumb question, of course Jamie killed him.

-Nice, they don’t tolerate rape within marriage.

-Dude, you speak great English. Couldn’t you have spoken in English earlier in the episode?

-The translator looks great for someone who almost died.

-Jamie always gets the coolest nicknames.

-That girl just memorised a lot of lines from the old lady to translate.

-Claire will have hair as white as snow, but her skin will still be glorious.

-Also, I was right: Jamie killing the “bear” has made them become friends.

-Roger, seriously, how had you thought that proposal was going to work?

-Haha. That is what you get for treating Fiona like an idiot.

-Oh, so it’s Fiona the one who is going to have the revealing information!

-I knew it. I mean, it’s obvious that the Frasers can’t be happy for long.

-There is no way Roger isn’t going to tell Brianna about her parents’ deaths.

-Is there anything Jamie can’t do? How does he know how to build a house? Men these days aren’t prepared for any of this.

-Girl, how many Rogers with a Scottish accent are going to call her?

-Brianna is in Scotland visiting her mother? What?

-Like, a grave?

-Wait, that’s the way we are going to end the episode? Why?

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