Outlander 4×05 ‘Savages’: Live Recap

Who is the true savage: the native who burns his enemies because they kill one of his own, or the crazy German man who thinks the natives had a witch who cursed his water and killed his family with the measles? Just kidding, of course the answer is the German guy.

But who cares about that, when we get to see an old face I have been waiting for since Jamie left that stinky prison? Let’s go!



-I’m ashamed to admit I had forgotten everything that had happened so far this season.

-Right, the bear. And Brianna missing.

-I don’t pay enough attention to the theme song, when it is a delight to just stop and enjoy it.

-Can someone please tell me how long it’s been since Jamie and Claire got the land? I’m getting so confused with the timeline.

-But it’s good to know that Claire’s wig has the grey hairs in every scene now.

-Can’t Claire and this woman just use the translator guy?

-Is Petronella a person or a herb?

-Yes, Claire, we know you have a daughter. Whom you abandoned. And just now you feel guilty.

-Claire, what the woman means is that Brianna is here as in here in this timeline. Right?

-Jamie, don’t you wear the stinky hat.

-I am only now realising the house is finished. Please, I need help with the time jumps.

-Ugh, he is going to wear the hat.

-I give it a week before a high street brand sells Claire’s fur vest.

-So Jamie has magical dreams now?

-This show is verging on supernatural material.

-Poor Roger.

-As someone who hasn’t read the books: Roger is going to walk through the stones if Brianna does, right? Isn’t he Geillis’s descendant, and therefore capable of doing so?

-1970s hotels don’t have confidentiality agreements.

-Seriously, Roger doesn’t have a photograph of Brianna?

-Is Brianna still in 1971? Is Roger going to say goodbye before she leaves? This is so sad. He looks so sad.

-Of course she left a letter.

-Roger looks very Llewyn Davis.

-Wow, this woman is all about race purity –find yoursef a good, Scottish lass.

-Young Ian is a horny teen, we can establish that.

-That teenager is into a forty-something Jamie, because of course she is.

-Now that I see that baby, I must ask: what about Fergus and Marsali’s baby? Has Claire helped them at all with the delivery?

-Are people rejecting Jamie’s offer because it is too good to be true? Because it obviously is. The works sounds hard and it might not produce anything.

-Bonding over being former convicts. Charming.

-Somehow, I am not surprised at all to hear that the governor is a sneaky moron. I totally foresaw that.

-Okay, Petronella is a person.

-Is that Rollo? Or is it just another cute dog?

-All right, I thought they were stealing something. They are only drinking by the river or whatever that is.

-I hate this part of US history. It’s a fricking public creek.

-Water belongs to no one, indeed.

-Can’t the Frasers have a normal day where no one is in danger of getting killed?

-I still don’t have an answer to my lingering question from last week about how and when they take showers.

-This montage is like that bit in Breaking Bad when Jesse is by himself at the lab, except Claire’s time seems more productive.

-Rollo is bored.

-Is Ian going to die? I fear that in every scene ever.

-Holy crap, is that Murtagh? Is he? Because he looks like Santa now.

-I have been waiting for ages to see him again!!

-Wait, Ian has no idea who he is. Is he not going to meet Jamie? Is this reappearance going to be for nothing?

-Please have them reunite.

-I swear I thought for a second that girl was going to roofie Jamie and rape him.

-Please, tell me Jamie is going to go and complain to Murtagh and happily reunite.


-I’m not crying.

-I’m not.

-I feel bad that Murtagh has aged and Jamie hasn’t.

-Why can’t Claire have one day of rest. Why.

-What the hell, how many people have died?

-Of course the German guy is insane, he just lost half his family.

-Sure, the water gives you measles. I had forgotten people in the olden days were ignorant idiots.

-18th-century North Carolina sounds depressing.

-Murtagh knew the truth about Claire, right? I can’t remember if he did.

-They keep mentioning Claire being a grandma and Brianna being a mother. Too ominous. And not subtle at all.

-I knew the governor giving Jamie so much land was weird.

-Well, now Murtagh has to say yes and go with Jamie.. You can’t have him back and then disappear.

-What is Claire eating? Don’t they have, like, fruit and, you know, other healthy things?

-This meeting reminds me of the early seasons, when the Jacobites met in secret.

-Raise a glass to freeeeeedom

-So, is this all we are going to see of Murtagh? Is he not going to meet Claire?

-I’m confused. Didn’t this guy want to kill Claire? The priest said so.

-Completely irrelevant to the scene – I see the bed right there. Does Ian also sleep there on another bed? No walls dividing them? Because, you know, privacy.

-Okay, back to this guy, who clearly doesn’t understand what being a carrier means.

-What the hell, did he kill the old lady?

-Sure, a woman knows stuff, she must be a witch.

-So this guy is insane.

-Sure, burn that hair and skin indoors. Go ahead.

-I am not at all surprised by this arson.

-But, why didn’t the woman run to the creek? It was right there.

-Oh, Claire and Jamie’s bed has curtains. Sure. Like that makes a difference.

-Where did Jamie come from? Where is his horse?

-Is that Murtagh? Yes, yes he is!

-I’m not 100% sure, but it sounds like he is whistling that song Claire sang in season 1 when trying to find Jamie.

Is it really you is the stupidest sentence ever, and everyone always says it in movies and TV shows.

-Right, 1971.

-How did Brianna find out about the fire? I feel like they should have included a scene about that.

-Brianna’s 18th century outfit looks very 1970s.

-Can someone reassure me and tell me that Roger is going to follow her? Please.

-Also, I don’t want to sound mean, because I love Roger and Brianna, but I feel like the girl who plays Brianna should have more spirit in her acting. I don’t know if I’m explaining myself properly. It’s just that it makes their story feel less important, because she doesn’t get you invested enough in her character, which should be an interesting one just by the fact that she is Jamie and Claire’s daughter.

-Also, they are not getting enough scenes to fully develop their characters, especially hers.

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