Doctor Who 11×10 Review: The Battle of Ranskoor Av Kolos

Time flies. It feels as if it were only yesterday when people were complaining about a woman being cast as the Doctor, and now we have already finished her first season. Has the world imploded? No. Do kids still have a role model? Hell yes.

While there are other episodes of Whittaker’s first run that I prefer over this final chapter (whose name I can’t repeat, please don’t make me), it tied up things nicely, connecting every episode and solving every loose end -except for that Evil Danny Zuko storyline, I will wait for it to come up in season 12.

I knew the ending of this season had to tackle Grace’s death, because it set things in motion back in the premiere and we have two out of three companions mourning her passing.

It is here revealed that, when the Doctor sent Tim Shaw away, he landed on a planet where the Ux, a race that only has two members, live. In their shrine, a weak Tim Shaw is treated as if he were a god, and uses the power of the Ux to “kidnap” planets.

So the team TARDIS arrives here, 3407 years later, drawn by a distress signal. This would be the B-plot that is necessary to the narrative but not that interesting. They find a ship with a lone occupant, Paltraki, who doesn’t remember who he is because the planet’s waves mess with your brain -also, he is played by the great Mark Addy, King Robert Baratheon to everyone, to me forever and ever Roland from A Knight’s Tale.

Anyway, Graham wants to kill (a bit out of character) Tim Shaw because of Grace, the Doctor is totally against it, Graham and Ryan free the crew members Tim Shaw had locked in these pods and put him in one for all eternity, all while doing a bit of adorable grandpa-grandson bonding along the way; the Doctor convinces the Ux to send the planets Shaw had stolen back to where they belonged, the team leaves all happy and me super relieved because for a second I thought Graham was going to die, and this show really loves to have Downton alumni, because the female Ux was played by Phyllis Logan, aka Mrs Hughes and I feel like this means we should have Matthew Goode next season.

Is that all? Well, in short, yes, that is what happened in ‘The Battle of %$#$%’ -let’s call it that. I applaud Whittaker and the rest of the team and basically everyone involved, because this season has been mostly a delight and, lest we forget, this is the season that has won a new DW fan in the form of my mother. I can’t wait to see what they have in store for the New Year’s episode.


Don’t aliens bother with doors?

-If you have been reading my reviews, you won’t be surprised when I tell you that I can officially proclaim I have the biggest crush on Tosin Cole. He is adorable.

-Also, I have a question: why do they keep changing the name order in  the intro? Bradley Walsh is always the second name, but Mandip and Tosin keep switching places. Why? Was this prearranged?

-Any scene involving Graham and Ryan bonding was pure charm.

-I don’t know about you, but I got a weird Jedi vibe from the Ux.

-Please, I want old villains next year, and not just by mention. I can’t stare at Tim Shaw’s gross face. Give me an old foe, just one.

-Points to Ryan for reminding the Doctor that she is okay with bombing buildings but wouldn’t let him shoot at the sniperbots. Although I change my own rules all the time, too.

-“Maybe he killed his own crew.” “Always one for the cheery option.”

-“How long’s it been?” “3,407 years.” “I bet the seven really dragged.”

-“We’re family. And I love you.” “What did you just say?” “I’m not saying it twice. Don’t pretend you couldn’t hear me the first time.”

-“Every action has consequences.” “And these are yours, Doctor.” “I didn’t mean it like that! So annoying.”

-“Hey! You shot him!” “Yeah, but just the foot. Just in… just in the foot, just to shut him up. Uh… don’t tell the Doc, she’d be livid.”



See you on New Year’s Day with ‘Resolution’!

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3 thoughts on “Doctor Who 11×10 Review: The Battle of Ranskoor Av Kolos

  1. For me, this was the strongest episode of what’s been a very good if not spectacular season. I’m still peeved that there won’t be a new series till 2020, and hoping that the BBC doesn’t completely sabotage the show’s chances to keep going.

    • Ginny C

      There have been too many gaps in the programming. First, that year off with Capaldi, and now this. I hope they will think again and bring it back in the fall.

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