Outlander 4×06 ‘Blood of my Blood’: Live Recap

Deep apologies for taking this long with the recap, but I need two laptops to do it properly (write in one while I watch on the other) and I was away. But also, I had to do it fast, because I saw yesterday this photo of Roger without his beard and I feel like if I didn’t do this one now, I was going to jump straight to the clean-shaven Roger episode, and I have to be thorough with my recaps. Anyway….


-Wait, hasn’t Brianna travelled in time? We are not seeing any of that in this episode?

-On the other hand, I love Murtagh and John Grey, so there’s that.

-But I need to admit, once more, that I don’t find this North Carolina outing as alluring as, let’s say, France’s in season 2.

-A snake and a toilet. Why do I need to see those two things together? I will never use the toilet again.

-John is soooooo in luuuuurve with Jamie.

-If Murtagh doesn’t stay, I give up.

-I’m sorry, I don’t give a crap about taxes in North Carolina. I don’t.

-Of course Claire would meet William before Jamie could warn her he is there.

-Also, good casting, the kid does look like Jamie. Is he the same actor who played him last season? I can’t remember.

-How many years has it been? Five or six?

-They are welcome as guests? Where are they going to sleep?

-Ouch, I liked Isobel. And John seemed to genuinely love her (as a friend and such, obviously).

-Uff, such formalities. This feels like a Jane Austen novel.

-They even gave William Jamie’s haircut. Cute.

-Only Brits would have societies with such ridiculous names as the one Lord Grey mentioned, Potato Peel Pie style.

-Pff, I really don’t like political Murtagh. Please give him something more interesting.

But completely irrelevant, I LOVE that yellow jug Jamie keeps serving wine from.

-Way to ruin dinner, Murtagh.

-I’ve completely disconnected now.

-Yeez, the kid doesn’t want to use the closest thing to a modern toilet they have.

-I hate toilet talk. It’s grossing me out just to think about it.

-It also brings me back to my ongoing question of when they take showers.

-Is the kid remembering Jamie? This is so cute.

-Oh, I’m sure he keeps that toy snake somewhere, but won’t admit it.

-Why doesn’t Claire trust John? He is such a nice guy!

-Although if it turns out he is a spy, I would be so very disappointed.

-Or maybe Claire is just wary because she knows John luuurves Jamie.

-The kid reminds me a bit of Will Poulter.

-Poor Jamie, he never gets to raise his own children.

-By the way, where are Claire and Jamie sleeping? Is that a hut?

-That mention of waiting for weeks confirms my theory that they sleep in the same room as Young Ian.

-I mean, Jamie built the house. Why couldn’t he build some walls as well? Is that, like, difficult?

-Murtagh, stop talking politics.


-I must be on Game of Thrones mode, because up until just now I thought the Governor’s name was Tyrion.

-Wait, Jamie hasn’t told Murtagh yet that Willie is his son??? That sounds like something he should have mentioned already.

-Okay, Murtagh, here is the story about the lad’s mother: she basically forced Jamie to prostitute himself out to her. End of story.

-The actor who plays Grey still looks like a teenager, which I think makes him even more endearing.

-Why would John and William move to the States when they have a massive palace back in England? I don’t understand.

-Excuse my lack of knowledge about anything from 18th-century American history that is not in a Hamilton song: was there like a measles plague back then and everyone died?

-Was this Grey measles situation in the book?

-I really know nothing about measles.

-I bet everything I have William is going to find out in this trip that Jamie is his dad.

-That’s when he will show him the toy snake.

-How cute is it that William’s best try at insulting Jamie is to call him a lout?

-Exactly, Jamie, the natives were there first. Why do most people forget that?

-I love that view of the ridge, but I must ask: is that CGI? I feel like it must be. And if it’s not, then it’s gorgeous.

-I actually think John must have been a good husband to Isobel -considering she accepted him knowing what she was getting into.

-Claire needs to drop the John hate. Girl, Jamie loves you, I think that much is clear, so let it go.

-Sorry, I’m so biased towards John. I love Claire, but I don’t like her getting passive-aggressive with him. Protect him!

-I’m sorry, does William not know that John is actually his uncle, and not his father? I mean, he is an earl or whatever, so he must know who his true parents are (true as in official).

-Okay, Claire is now dropping the passive bit of passive-aggressive.

-Oh my god, I feel so bad for John.

-Seriously, the way he said “So was I” and then the Single Man Tear.

-Jamie is so good at everything he does and I love it. That fish didn’t stand a chance.

-Please don’t kill that adorable deer.

-That scene looks like it was coooooold to film.

-Ugh, I don’t want to watch the scene with the deer. Ugh, ugh.

-Unnecessary close-ups.

-He didn’t respond to Jamie calling him Willie, only to Master William. Ouch.

-I feel so bad for this kid.

-Oi, don’t blame this situation on Jamie!

-That’s what measles does to your face? It’s like a sunburnt.

-Oh, so he didn’t actually care for Isobel. What a letdown.

-No, John, don’t confess THAT. Bad moment. Nope.

-Claire, you really can’t blame Jamie for doing anything to protect his son. You once let the king of France have a quickie with you only so that he would release your husband.

-That kid is not stupid enough to walk to the house on his own, right? Right?

-Awww, he is adorable. And dumb. Just like his dad!

-When did Jamie learn Cherokee?

-Seriously, are they going to kill the boy?

-Ouch, teeeerrible moment to confess he is William’s father.

-Like, all he did was catch a fish.

-That was a lame cut.

-The Cherokee are such players. It reminds me of the bit at the end of Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl.

-Oh, so he did love Isobel in a way, and he was feeling guilty.

-Of course Claire understands (cough, poor Frank, cough).

-Claire, no one ever loves Jamie and then stops loving him. It’s literally impossible.

-Well, duh, Claire, thanks for pointing out the obvious. Of course John has Jamie’s son.

-William is remembering more things now. Or did he never forget?

-So basically, all that’s happened in this episode is that John got sick, then he stopped being sick. And I loved it.

-Awww, William looked back. That means they will see each other again.

-Argh, when someone speaks Gaelic, why can’t we have the subtitle of what they are saying, instead of the subtitle (speaks Gaelic)?

-A bath! So they do that!

-Jamie made her a ring, because of course he did.

-Well, technically, Murtagh did.

-But, he melted a whole candlestick for a tiny ring?

-That is a lovely inscription. So jealous of them.

-I had forgotten this show had intense sex scenes! We hadn’t had one in ages!

-I mean, that wasn’t too intense, but you get my point.

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