Outlander 4×07 ‘Down the Rabbit Hole’: Live Recap

This is it. I haven’t read the books (and I probably won’t, because I know they would make me see the show with skeptic eyes), but I have the feeling things are finally going to start happening this season. Not that it’s been uneventful so far, but you have to admit, by episode 7 in previous seasons, so much more had happened.


-They put Richard Rankin’s name first! I assume his storyline is heavier in content than hers on this episode? Or is he always first? I thought Sophie always came first.

-Also, Downton’s back! I’m scared.

-By the way, I’m listening with earphones today, and it makes the intro song even better.

-Brianna, Scotland looks too cold to not be wearing a scarf. Why didn’t you bring one with you? Seriously…

-Is she going to walk all that? With snow? Respect.

-I wish we had seen where she got the clothes from.

-Never not look down in the Highlands, or you will fall to your death.

-Her mum came back waaaay more prepared.

-Is the snow real? Because it is gorgeous.

-Awww, Roger, he is dressed like a child. Also, he looks like a child without the beard. But I dig it.

-Why did he shave it, though? Is it because everything is super dirty back in the 18th century?

-Roger, you should have packed boots. Those shoes are ridiculous.

-At this rate, Roger is going to catch up with Brianna. She is going so slow.

-Geez, I hope this episode is not just Brianna silently spending nights at different forests in Scotland.

-Didn’t her mum teach her how to treat a sprained ankle?

-Thank you, house in the distance. I didn’t want to see another night of Brianna out there in the open.

-Oh, we are.

-Frank! I missed Frank so much. I can’t wait to see Menzies in The Crown.

-I keep forgetting that Brianna was super close to him.

-Laoghaire! So at least Brianna didn’t sleep out in the open.

-How old is Laoghaire right now? Forty?

-Surely, she must think the girl looks a lot like Jamie.

-I always forget that, outside of the Jamie/Claire conflict, Laoghaire is actually a nice woman.

-Is that the alimony?

-That’s your uncle, Brianna! Your uncle!!

-Finally, Brianna is wearing proper clothes.

-I must say I am liking this episode. You know I have said before that, as much as I love Jamie and Claire, I am not loving North Carolina so far, and I missed Scotland.

-Brianna does look like Jamie. Why is no one pointing this out?

-Poor Frank. It must have been so hard for him to be with a wife who didn’t love him. I feel so bad for him.

-I can’t believe it took this long for us to get Brianna’s proper backstory.

-Look! Frank had the paper with Jamie and Claire’s deaths! Although he probably thinks the wife was another woman, obviously.

-Which means he knew Jamie was still alive.

-Uff, I wish Sophie could have used her real accent. So much better.

-I’m sure book readers wouldn’t have complained. She grew up with English parents, it would have been perfectly normal.

-Is it maybe that Frank knows that wife will indeed be Claire?

-That would make more sense.

-Like, he knew Claire would leave him and eventually die in a fire. I hope he was planning to tell Claire. Or maybe he was heartbroken because he had proof that Claire was going to go back to Jamie, again.

-He probably made the decision about ending their marriage back then.

-I love the fact that Brianna’s hair is curly like Jamie’s -well, and like Claire’s.

-Oh, Laoghaire knows the Bible story by heart. Okay.

-Is Roger seriously going to get on a boat to America before Brianna does?

-Ugh, nope. Roger, don’t get on that boat.  Nope, nope, nope.

-Nope, Roger, don’t. There will be another boat.

-Ugh, this is going to happen.

-Finally, someone mentions Lallybroch.

-Yessss, I was waiting for this reveal.

-Did Frank live in his office at Harvard? It looks like it. Or is it their house?

-Now I want a scone.

-Ugh, this is the Laoghaire I didn’t like, full of spite.

-Get out of there, Brianna. I’m scared. Like, Laoghaire has knives.

-Yup, too late. Just break the window or something.

-I just realised Jamie and Claire haven’t appeared so far and it hasn’t made the episode any less interesting.

-Seriously, Brianna? The divorce was a surprise to you?

-Oh, that was the night he died? That’s awful.

-Roger, jump out of that boat.

-People didn’t clean up in those journeys, right? I’m obsessed with knowing about the hygiene (or lack of) in the 18th century. It keeps me awake at night.

-Is Downton going to kill the baby? He is, isn’t he? I’m scared.

-Oh wait, he is only calming him. That was weird of him.

-Right, he is okay with babies, but he throws toddlers away.

-Roger, let Downton do it, don’t do it yourself.

-Oh, and the mum is going to die, too. Like, she left a baby behind. Who is going to take care of that baby?

-Okay, the one with a baby was a different one. I’m getting so confused.

-Uhhh, they are related!

-Is she like his great-great-grandma or something? As in, if she and the baby die, Roger will never be born?

-Of course Joan would be the one releasing Brianna. Oh, and taking her to Lallybroch.

-Where is Jenny? Was she not available? I mean, I know the actress has been doing stuff on Broadway, so I’d guess so.

-How much has Roger’s hair grown since he travelled back in time? Because I see there a small ponytail.

-But he looks good in it, though.

-That woman and the baby are so going to die.

-Is Roger’s vest one of his 60s jackets with the sleeves ripped off?

-That Bonnet story about the coin killed me. I’m getting scared. Again.

-I feel like at the beginning of the episode Roger had his own hair, and now he is wearing a wig.

-Okay, I want that coat Brianna is wearing. It looks extremely fashionable and I need it.

-Is she going to keep that girl? It looks like she will.

-How is it even possible that she would be sold as a concubine? I need explanations.

-That skirt Brianna is wearing, I remember Claire in it!

-Oh my God. They put Frank there. I am crying. This is awful.

-Still crying.

-That was a beautiful moment. Her way to say goodbye.

-Still crying.



I’m sorry, but it looks like next week’s episode is going to deal with that silly plotline they gave my dear Murtagh which puts me to sleep…


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