Outlander 4×08 ‘Wilmington’: Live Recap

From this moment on, everything is going to be a countdown to the moment when Jamie and Brianna meet. I want to see how she deals with this new father and her conflict trying not to feel like she is betraying Frank’s memory. Anyway…



-If we spend more than five minutes with Murtagh’s boring plotline, I’m losing it.

-Poor Roger. If only he knew he’s arrived like three months before Brianna in the States, at this rate…

-That wig, though.

-And those awful (yet accurate) trousers. Someone please buy Roger new clothes.

-Oh, so Roger knows Brianna is there.

-Fergus!! So charming.

-Fergus and Marsali are so adorable.

-Oh my God they are all in the same town!!

-I’m sure they won’t meet in this episode, because life is cruel.

-Roger looks so bored.

-Roger, why would you keep the drawing on the table while you drink?

-Yayyy! Reunion!!

-That is so cute.

-Hmmm, what was the plan, Brianna?

-People in the pub are such gossips.

-That servant girl whose name I can’t remember looks like she is going to create some trouble after seeing Roger and Brianna fight.

-Wait, are they going to bone in there?

-That is going faaaaast.

-Girl, he crossed two centuries and an ocean. He wants to.

-Wait, are they now engaged?

-It was adorable, though.

-I love how Roger knows so much history, being, you know, a historian.

-If this theatre thing turns out to be a plot about taxes and Zzzzz, I’m out of here.

-Yup, they are talking about the regulators. Zzzz.

-Of course Claire knows what this boring man’s illness is.

-Ugh “present Mrs Fraser to the wives“. Relegated so fast.

-I was wondering when they would introduce a famous Founding Father.

We are outgunned, outmanned, outnumbered, outplanned…

-And I thought Tom Hanks was the most famous American who’s ever lived.

-Okay, so Roger and Brianna haven’t done the handfasting yet. I thought they’d be quick doing it.

-Has Brianna told her maid where she’s been since the morning? Or is the poor girl alone at the pub?

-This is so cute and romantic.

-But again, I must point out that they haven’t showered.

-Is someone going to die now? Because things are never this happy for this long in Outlander.

-Is this the first sex scene in the show not to involve Claire nor Jamie?

-Brianna’s maid is going to create some trouble. I fear it.

-Tryon sounds like an idiot every time he speaks.

-We all know Jamie is going to rush and inform Murtagh about the spy.

-Three hours later, Roger and Brianna are still doing foreplay.

-By the way, is that like Roger’s den or something?

-This is going weirdly slow.

Feel my heart…. Not the moment to speak.

-Man, Roger talks a lot. He is cute, but he talks. A.Lot.

-I don’t like that they brought back a character as beloved as Murtagh (who should have been dead since Culloden), for this boring as hell storyline.

-Yes, Roger, it hurts the first time. Don’t ask that.

-Did they give Roger fake eyebrows? They looked fake in that close-up.

-Oh my, something awful is going to happen. Roger and Bree keep talking about how happy they are.

-Why is everyone in the audience at the theatre talking? So rude.

-Is that boring guy about to die of appendicitis?

-Jamie, I see what you did there.

-Oh, a hernia. Equally disgusting.

-Please, don’t show us the surgery. Please, don’t.

-I love how everyone is just there, looking at Claire performing the surgery. Like it’s not the grossest thing ever.

-Ouch. Unnecessary close-up.

-Please, don’t.

-I’m fine with just shots of Claire’s focused face. Please.

-Tobacco up his arse? Men are useless.

-I’m so sad Jamie’s storyline today is reduced to this boring crap about the regulators.

-What a moment to reunite Fergus and Murtagh. At least we have that.

-Ouch, Roger. She caught you.

-I knew they couldn’t be happy for longer than a few hours.

-This is not going smoothly.

-Is Brianna jealous of Fiona? Really?

-I’m not liking this fight.

-Ouch, Roger, “it’s time you listen to me“. Nope.

-Lizzie! That’s her name.

-Roger is right, though. She is still a kid.

-Err, Roger is not going back through the stones, is he?

-Is he?

-Oh, Brianna, you are going to regret making him go.

-This is awful already.

-Oh, great. Now because of Murtagh’s boring storyline, they are going to kill off Washington? History has its eyes on you…

-But seriously, is that place where Brianna and Roger shagged like an abandoned den or something? I need more information on this.

-Brianna, go and find him. Seriously.

-Oh my, Downton is there. Someone is going to die.

-Brianna looks like a prostitute with that dishevelled hair.

-Of course she knows that’s her mother’s ring.

-I’m afraid of Downton.

-Oh, how nice of you, to tell her Claire is alive.

-Don’t do any agreements with this guy, Brianna.

-Don’t follow him.

-Oh, no.

-Nope, nope.

-Thank God we are not seeing this.

-These guys at the pub are arseholes.

-This is worse than when Randall raped Jamie. And we are not even witnessing it.

-Why can’t the Frasers have normal lives?

-Damn it, Brianna, at least take the ring.

-This is awful.

-Damn you, Downton. And I really like Ed Speelers, which says a lot about what a talented actor he is, because I am hating this Bonnet so much. Kind of like Menzies and his portrayal of Black Jack Randall. It takes a lot of talent to play a character that people will hate.

-This is terrible. And Brianna looks like she is about to start singing ‘I Dreamed a Dream’.

-Where is that Lizzie kid?

-Kill me now.

-That earlier speech from Marsali to Claire: premonitory much?



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3 thoughts on “Outlander 4×08 ‘Wilmington’: Live Recap

  1. Love your recap! The Regulators business puts me to sleep too — sucks to see the fabulous Murtagh stuck in such an awful storyline. And I also want to know about this miraculously abandoned shed where Roger and Brianna are able to make a love nest for the afternoon. So cozy!

  2. Connie

    This is worse than when BJR rapes Jamie? Sorry, can’t wrap my mind around that one. All rape is horrible, that goes without saying. But Jamie was repeatedly raped, mutilated, and tortured for hours.

    • Ginny C

      Obviously, not worse in that sense, but worse in the way that, unfortunately, we knew what was coming, because Jamie “agreed” to it, as he had no other choice, whereas his daughter’s rape comes out of the blue. One second she is getting “married”, the next scene suddenly Bonnet is there and everything happens really fast and unexpectedly.

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