Outlander 4×09 ‘The Birds & The Bees’: Live Recap

I wish Starz would stop SPOILING the episodes. I have known for a week now that Brianna and Jamie are going to meet on this episode. Why couldn’t they let me be surprised? I hate it.



-Young Ian is back! After weeks of being who knows where.

-By the way, I didn’t mention this, but I found last week’s, err, consummation, a bit uncomfortable. I don’t know.

-You know and I know Lizzie is going to ruin things in some way.

-I feel so bad for Brianna.

-This is terrible.

-And taking off all those clothes by yourself seems almost impossible.

-You see Lizzie’s face. That is the face of someone who thinks Roger did that.

-Is Roger in the same inn?

-“Did he hurt you?” Didn’t you just see her bruised back, Lizzie?

-Ugh, Downton looks so gross.

-Is Roger going to find out today about the rape?

-Please, don’t make Roger have to go all the way to Philly.

-Oops, looks like he is going to go.

-I hope we don’t have to go all the way to River Run before going to Fraser’s Ridge. Too long.

-No, Brianna, you are not going to catch that ship.

-Considering the previews I have seen of this episode, is she going to see Jamie now? Because I hope she does.

-Well, Brianna is getting a recap of last week’s episode, courtesy of Lizzie.

-Oh my god, they are going to meet.

-I can’t write now.

-Is he peeing at an alley in the books, too, when he meets his daughter?

-Dude, don’t you remember the photos of Brianna Claire showed you?

-I’m not crying.

-Okay, I am. Mother and daughter reunited! We needed to have everyone in the same century.

-Ian looks so chill about everything.

-Like, super chill.

-Ohh, Lizzie likes Ian….

-Ouch, Brianna thinks Roger went back to Scotland. This is not going to end well.

-Brianna, at least give him the ring.

-Wait, then she would have to talk about Bonnet.

-Yup, Brianna knows about this Bonnet. Ian certainly loves to share everything that’s happened.

-I’m assuming the ring thing is not going to come up for weeks.

-Nope, Jamie, you are indeed terrible at changing history.

-Yes, Brianna, it is an incredible land – and stolen from the natives.

-Pause time to google who Daniel Boone is.

-Aww, Murtagh is going to meet Brianna.

-Of course girls rush to kiss Jamie whenever they can.

-Please, who sleeps where, I need a proper explanation about the sleeping situation. So many people.

-Big reveal about the obituary! Poor Frank.

-Claire had to come back to Jamie because he is a stud.

-Oh, so it didn’t take long for Roger to leave the ship. I feel like I am in Game of Thrones last season, when everyone travelled so fast. Which I prefer.

-I sense trouble. If Roger shows up there, I sense trouble.

-That looks like a great life, out in the woods, if I’m being honest.

-With her hair like that, Brianna does look a lot like Jamie.

-Ouch. That Frank mention while shooting must have hurt.

-I feel like Frank predicted Brianna might go back to the past and taught her useful stuff.

-“It doesn’t translate.” Oh, I’m sure it does.

-Okay, it’s not a terrible word.

-I feel like Jamie hates Roger.

-If they go hunting, I bet my life she is going to tell him about the Bonnet rape.

-Oh, so they are leaving now? In the middle of the night?

-Poor Jamie, never gets to raise his children.

-Oh, I can see something: Brianna will tell Jamie about the rape, but not that it was Bonnet, because that would make Jamie feel so guilty that he helped him in episode one.

-Conflicting emotions.

-I would not be caught dead touching that hive.

-Oh, Jamie, you are not subtle at all.

Da sounds odd. But okay, it’s cute.

-So they didn’t have the rape talk that day. It’s fine, but I see it coming.

-Oh, so Bree still plans to return to the 20th century.

-Well, Jamie, she called you Da because you told her to. He looks so happy, bless him.

-Lizzie, leave Brianna alooooone.

-Holy crap, how did Claire know Bree was pregnant?

-Okay, so the confession I predicted is happening with Claire instead. Makes more sense.

-This is terrible.

-This is an awful conversation to have with your mother.

-And now Claire will tell Jamie, and there will be DRAMA.

-I can see Jamie crumbling inside.

-Oh, Roger, great moment to show up.

-Like, really great moment.

-And of course Lizzie sees him. This is going to be baaaaaaad.

-Ohhh, Claire is going to discover, because of the ring, that it was Downton.

-Her face.

-Oh no, I can feel the confusion coming.

-Oh my god, is Jamie going to kill Roger?

-His face says so.

-No, Lizzie, you are not sure of it.

-Aaand Claire is going to feel so bad about finding out it was Downton.

-No, Brianna, Claire shouldn’t keep this to herself. Claire and Jamie do not keep secrets from each other!

-It’s going to be awful.

-Oh no.

-Geez, Jamie, let him say something!

-Oh my, Roger is going to die.

-He looks dead already.

-What are they doing with Roger?

-That’s what happens when families don’t communicate. This is a Shakespearean comedy of errors, but with brutal beatings.

-Sam Heughan owned this episode, by the way. And Caitriona and Sophie with those two conversations about the rape.

-Seriously, where is Young Ian taking Roger? I’m scared.

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