Outlander 4×10 ‘The Deep Heart’s Core’: Live Recap

It’s getting to the point where I only expect bad things to happen on this show.


-Nope, watching Roger’s beating for the second time is still awful.

-Hey, so many names in the intro credits today! I don’t recognise like four of them.

-But seriously, why is Fergus not back.

-Oooohh, when Brianna finds out what her Da has done to her husband…

-Poor Brianna looks like shit. We can all agree on that.

-She can’t marry again, because she is technically married, right? Not sure what Jamie does and doesn’t know.

-I’m sure Roger will still want her. You know, if he survives.

-No need to travel through time to tell him, Jamie. He is still theeeeeere.

-Brianna, if someone knows about being raped, that’s your father.

-That’s some great parenting from Jamie, albeit a tough one. But at least it helps her see she couldn’t have fought Downton back.

-But it was tough. And disturbing. 18th century male parenting.

-Uhhhh, Brianna knows about that episode from season one!

-Well, it’s not like Roger is having a great time either.

-Someone is going to dieeeeeee.

-Definitely that guy captive with Roger. That one is not going to last the episode.

-Good luck finding your way back to Brianna. I’m lost already and I am not there in the woods.

-What would be more painful back then, to have an abortion or to give birth? They both sound extremely dangerous and life-threatening.

-Well, if there is a slight chance the baby could be Roger’s… Brianna is not going to risk it.

-Yup, going through the stones pregnant sounds way better. Go to the 1970s and have a safe birth. You know, in a hospital.

-There should be a manual for time travelling. Too complicated.

-Rollo is ADORABLE. And HUGE.

-Jamie so wants to marry Brianna off to Ian.

-Frank memory time!

-Is this a passage-of-time montage? It certainly looks like one.

-But really, Bree should go through the stones before she is too preggers.

-Too late, she looks super pregnant already.

-Oh my, is she going to marry Ian at this rate?

-Awww, reminiscing about things they miss from the future.

-Flushing toilets. The Randall women share my worry about hygiene in the 1700s.

-I feel like someone should talk about the guy they beat up to a pulp last week.

-Adorable dream about Roger. So sad.

-Ugh! Downton!

-Outlander is doing a good job at depicting Bree’s PTSD.

-And I’m sorry, but Lizzie is such a meddler.

-Lizzie, you better start talking. Right. Now.

-Oh no, oh no. Lizzie, you MORON.

-This spells DRAMA!

-How long has it been? Jamie’s wounds are still fresh.

-Please. Has it been one week? One month? I have no clue. The montage distracted me.

-Ouch. Someone explain everything right now.

-Jamie, you kind of deserved that slap.

-Time for actually coming clean.

-Ring time! I was looking forward to this reveal.

-Brianna should stop slapping people.

-Lizzie, get the hell out of here.

-700 miles sounds like a looooooong journey.

-I’m assuming we are not getting Roger back until the last episode.

-I told you that guy with Roger was going to dieeeeeee.

-Roger looks like crap.

-Ian exchanged Roger for a necklace??

-I doubt Roger would want to be near Jamie and Ian without Claire in the mix.

-Finally, Murtagh does something on this episode. Besides that great moment where he decided to make himself scarce at the cabin during the fight.

-Claire, you are not going to spend the last episodes of the season away from Jamie. Deal with it.

-I can’t remember the last time Claire was this mad at Jamie.

-Of course Jamie is going to kill Downton. But is Murtagh going to keep him there at the Ridge kidnapped for like three months?

-Yes, Claire, tell Roger everything. We’ve had enough trouble because nobody speaks the truth.

-Haha, I knew Ian would want to marry Brianna.

-That was adorable.

-But she will need to marry if they don’t find Roger (but I hope they will).

-Oh, Lizzie, you should be ashamed of yourseeeeelf.


-Roger must stink so much by now.

-Is the Mohawk with the water bottle wearing an English red dress coat?

-Ouch, Roger’s wrist. Ouch, ouch!!!!

-Roger, don’t run. This is not going to end well for you.

-Stop it. Just wait till the Frasers arrive to rescue you.

-They live in the woods, and you are a British historian. They are going to outrun you.

-He is so going to get caught now.

-It really was a sunny week in Scotland when they filmed this episode.

-Are Jocasta and Murtagh meant to be roughly the same age? They look like they are going to hook up.

-What is the point of the letter if no one is reading it at all?

-Oh Roger, these are the last two minutes of the episode in which you get caught.

-Wait, what? More stones?

-I swear I thought at first it was a bee hive, from that noise.

-Roger, don’t leave.

-Seriously, don’t.

-He won’t, right? He is staying.

-Like that episode back in season one when Claire almost left.

-Roger, you are so nice. You know you are not going anywhere.

-I need a map of all the magic travelling stones.


-Ugh, I don’t like this cliffhanger!!!!

-Lord John is back next week, so at least we have that.


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