Outlander 4×11 ‘If Not For Hope’: Live Recap

I just hope things will get better from now on, because these past  few episodes have been a down-fest. I don’t know, at least I know we are getting John Grey back on this episode. How he always manages to casually be around the Frasers, I don’t know, but I won’t complain if it means he returns.

-Is Murtagh going to going to die? I’m kind of scared about that.

-A shower! Outlander knows about my concerns.

-WAIT! Roger. Thank god it was a day-dream.

-I was scared for a second.

-I’d also dream of showers if I were there.

-Wait, there’s a hobbit on this episode?

-I am sure Brianna is cursing the day she took Lizzie in.

-Yes, Lizzie, it is your fault.

-Is there a movie about the Jacobites, now that they mention it?


-Well, Ian, your uncle implied Bree lied about being raped, so I’d be mad too if I were Claire.

-Ian ships Jamie and Claire so hard.

-Fergus! He should be on the show more often.

-Way more often.

-How can Fergus not have a job? He’s Fergus. He could do what he wanted. Just rewatch season 2.

-At least we are getting some Fergus/Murtagh time.

-Okay, that was it. A three-second scene.

-Poor Phaedre, she is not used to compliments.

-How are they going to hide the pregnancy with those corseted dresses?

-Of course Ellen is basically Brianna.

-Very sneaky, Marsali. Respect.

-Oh, this conversation isn’t going the way I expected at all.

-Like, I thought she was gonna tell Murtagh to beat it.

-A hobbit!

-Oh, Bree doesn’t look pregnant.

-Seriously, how’s that possible.

-Brianna, they are clearly trying to set you up. Run.

-Right, they are all racists. I almost forgot.

-Ugh, Wolff is gross. Gross, gross, gross.

-This has become a Monty Python sketch. Let’s all get Bree.

-Is one of those stones going to be a time travel thing?

-John! Does Bree know who he is?

-John HAS to see the resemblance between Bree and his beloved Jamie.

-Awkward silence in the house.

-Murtagh, always straight to the point.

-Fergus being there has almost made me forget this Regulators plot is boring as hell. Almost.

-Fergus and Marsali are so adorable.

-Pippin is jealooooooous.

-Was psychology even a thing?

-Haha! Best delivery of “yes” ever.

-John is so picturing Jamie in that forest.

-Whatsyourname, you just got ANALYSED.

-Subtle way of revealing you were picturing Jamie, Lord John.

-Pippin. Stop. It.

-Yup, now John knows. THANK YOU, LIZZIE.

-Well, Brianna, everyone can see your aunt is trying to marry you off.

-I love the way Ulysses narrates everything that happens.

-Jocasta, you are a terrible liar.

-Why is Jocasta such a Debbie Downer?

-Downton! This is the episode where Murtagh dies…

-That was… way too easy.

-Breeeee… Read the letteeeeeer…

-I can’t stop thinking about how she is going to give birth in the 18th century.

-I KNEW that guy’s secret was that he was gay.

-Is Murtagh going to prison? Booooh. At least he is taking Downton down with him.

-Ugh, just leave Bree alone, unmarried.

-Is Bree going to run away?

-Okay, I see this marriage as an option.

-Ouch, Bree, that was a low blow. Desperate, but low.

-I’d swear John has just threatened to be rough in bed if he marries her.

-This is going badly bad baaaaaad.

-Brianna, everybody knows Lord John is in luuuurve with Jamie.

-Lord John, can’t you at least be engaged to her for a while, until they find Roger?

-Noooo, do not walk towards that proposal, Bree!

-Yes! Lord John is doing what I’ve suggested!

-Otherwise, that would have been an awful match for Bree.

-I feel like Forbes might a serial killer.

-Jocasta truly is blind.

-Oh, hello again, Jamie and Claire. I had forgotten about them.

That is a massive bone.

-Oh my, is that the dead dude who was a captive alongside Roger?

-They are a whole month behind them???

-I’m loving this hairband look on Claire. I might copy it.

-Yes, Brianna, he has a son, who happens to be your brother.

“If he’s anything like his father.” Muahahahahaha.

-Reveal time!

-Not the reveal I expected.

Now you read the letter.

-No, let’s hear what it says!

-Claire, it only took you an entire episode.

-No, Claire. You found out about Downton as Jamie was beating the crap out of Roger. Impossible time-wise.

-Poor Jamie, the childless father.

-Sam Heughan is really stepping out this season.

-Not like he hasn’t in the previous ones -because he has, but I like the way he portrays forty-something Jamie.

-That Claire wig is a glorious wig.

-Outlander sexy time!

-Have they showered since they left Fraser’s Ridge?

-It didn’t take many episodes for Roger’s beard to return.

-What the hell is that punching Soul Train?

-That last punch, though.

-I need to apologise because, even though I hadn’t verbalised it, I have spent the last three episodes thinking the Mohawk were the Mohicans, as in, the ones from the Daniel Day-Lewis film. But only because I stupidly assumed Mohawk in Spanish was translated as “Mohicano”, which is the name for Mohicans and of course the name I knew from the film. I solemnly swear I will do some research on both tribes and, from now on, will always check the Spanish translation of a given name before making any assumptions.

-But I do hope Roger’s okay. At this rate, he is going to die in the 18th century of internal bleeding.




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