Outlander 4×13 ‘Man of Worth’: Live Recap

For the past 24 hours, I have been apprehensive about writing this recap, because it meant that, once I did it, the Droughtlander would begin. Again. But I can’t postpone the inevitable, so here we go. To make the wait for season 5 shorter, I have Seven Stones to Stand or Fall, and I got The Fiery Cross from the library, although I don’t know if I will read it because a) I enjoy being surprised by the events on the show, and b) it looks looooong. Not that I don’t like long books (I read Ken Follett’s in a weekend), but, you know, I don’t know if I want to invest my time on a book that might make me dislike season 5 later on. I’m torn.




-The Previously is making it sound like something awful is bound to happen.

-So many names. Again.

-I do love this song. In all its variations.

-The sixties! Ominous! A native being rightfully pissed at the depiction of his culture!

-Jamie! Finally!!

-I hope he won’t sneak in to steal Roger. Although I don’t see any other choice.

-If something happens to Rollo, I. Will. Lose. It.

-All right, proper introduction entrance. The sneaking bit would have ended with a bloodbath. Of Brits.


-I’m so scared.

-That is…. A very generic drawing of a man.

-Oh, Ian, like they will give you Roger for the necklace -like you did, ahem.

-Is Jamie trying to buy Roger with pots?

-What the hell.

-That necklace is the one from that ghost in the forest? I can’t remember.

-Which was being carried by that native man in the sixties. I feel like this needs to be explained in detail.

-Oh, Claire, you always bring troubleeeee.

-Why did you have to wear that!!???

-Murtagh, please tell me you are done with the Regulators plot. Is the Regulators storyline even in the books -where I know Murtagh is already dead?

-Jocasta, just let the man stay there with Brianna.

-Ugh, Lord John is gone, noooo!

-And Murtagh doesn’t even know Lord John is gay. His only objection to the marriage is that he is a Red Coat.

-Lovely bodice. Brianna’s pregnancy clothes are outstanding.

-No, Brianna, do worry yourself. No epidural. NO EPIDURAL.

-Claire, did you seriously not expect Jamie to plan to come back for Roger in the heat of the night?

-Jamie is sporting some serious parenting guilt.

-Wait, what? Why are they attacking Jamie?

-Oh, I knew that woman was up to something.

-I need some serious explanations. This episode should be 90 minutes long.

-Claire is so good at catching people’s names the first time she hears them.

-Explanation flashback time!

-Is Otter Tooth the ghost skull?

-Wait, was he the guy in the sixties from the intro?

-I have so many questions right now.

-Otter Tooth, you can’t change the past. Just ask Claire and Jamie circa season 2.

-That story is so sad.

-Well, because she found the skull with the stone, duh.

-What a coincidence that the person who carries it and sees the future is time traveler Claire.

-Well, it only took almost an entire season to explain this bit.

-But I need to have it explained even more.

-We all know Brianna is not going to marry Lord John before the birth.

-If they are all rowing, where is the horse with their stuff?

-Oh no, they are going to try to rescue Roger, as in, steal him.


-Oh, something is going to go wrong.

-So wrong.

-Ugh. That watcher dude is an idiot.

-This is a mess. Everyone is going to die. And Claire can’t seriously carry Roger by herself all the way there.

-I knew it was coming to this. They are literally only two adults, a teenager and a half-dead dude.

-Oh, so it looks like it’s so easy to get away with it.

-All right, they are still not letting Roger go.

-No, Jamie. Nope. You idiot.

-Idioooot. Claire didn’t come back so that you could leave her for the Mohawk.

-I feel like Ian is going to tell them something different.

-Oh, Ian. You idiot.

-Although to be fair, Ian looks like he’s really into the native culture.

-Oh my god, Jenny is going to be soooooo mad.

-Soooooooo mad.

-I love that Roger is there like, how have things escalated so quickly?

-Is Ian, what, seventeen?

-I do hope he comes back in future seasons, because he is adorable.

-Also, Rollo.

-Someone take Roger to a hospital, ASAP.

-Great scene.

-How is Sam Heughan not nominated for everything? Is it because he is super good-looking? Because that is, you know, discriminating. He’s the best. It’s not his fault that he is so gorgeous.

-Are Murtagh and Jocasta into each other? It definitely looks like it.

-I feel like we are not going to see Murtagh next season. Or maybe we will. No idea.

-Oh, Jocasta, those are harsh words.

-Oh my god, I knew they were totally going to do it. I. Knew. It.

-I need to point out that it doesn’t look like this is the first time they do it…

-So cute.

-Jenny will understand. Riiiiiight.

-Jamie did deserve that punch.

-Noooo, Ian is going through the punching Soul Train!

-And Jamie is letting Roger punch him super, super hard.

-And for someone as ill and weak as Roger, he is giving Jamie a proper beating.

-Although I remember at the end of the season premiere, Jamie’s torso was so strong, he could barely register the punches.

-Ian looks so happy and excited.

-He is so adorable.

-Oops, truth time.

-Look at Roger’s face when he finds out Bree sent for him. That was heartbreaking and joyful to watch.

-Come on, tell him why you beat him.

-Here it comes. Second half of the season recap.

-Roger is going to have an embolism over so much information.

-Jamie, you also deserved that punch.

-There you go, Jamie. Explanation tiiiiime.

-Someone should mention, you know, the pregnancy.

-That’s when I think the embolism will happen.

-You can’t go through with a child? I need to read the time travelling rule book.

-Jamie, you are acting like an overprotective parent with that “you can leave by yourself” line.

-Did you really have to remind him the baby might not be his right now?

-You have about two months or so of return trip. You could have dropped that bomb some other day, or let him come to that conclusion by himself.

-Stand by her, Roger, stand by her.

-Embolism time.

-Oh Bree. No epidural. That’s more dangerous than being captive with the Mohawk.

-Please be a dark-haired baby, please be a dark-haired baby.

-Or, you know, bald. I guess we will have to wait to guess who the father is.

-Or maybe he is red-haired. It looked a bit like it.

-Two months laterrrr….

-Yay they are back!!

-I can’t wait to see this reunion.

-Wait WHAT!!! Where the F is Roger????

-WHERE. THE. F.????

-And Bree probably thinks right now that he is dead. Someone please tell her straight away that he isn’t.

-Oh boy, this looks awful.

-Roger, don’t be a dick.

-Where is heeee?

-Lizzie, just go to a corner where you can’t create trouble.

-Should a… blind woman hold a child?

-We all know Bonnet didn’t die in that explosion.

-It can’t be that easy.

-Where is Roger? Wandering around  in the woods? Is his time wherever he is depicted in the book?

-Look at everyone, dining, so cleaned up.

-Please tell me Roger is going to show up.

-Yes, thank God.

-I can’t type.

-I was so waiting for this.

-Just get off that horse!

-He must smell terrible.

-Awww, Roger. Accepting your son.

-I mean, 50/50 chance, so…

-Oh no. Problem approaching. This was too good of an ending. I knew it.

-Please don’t kill Murtagh in the very last second of the season.

-Wait, what?

-Thank God, it was just the Royal Mail.

-Of course things can’t be nice in life.

-I live for Jamie’s tiny glasses.




Thank you for reading! I will wait impatiently until I can write about season 5! Let the Droughtlander being!

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