Films To Watch on Valentine’s Day if You Are a Sarcastic, Sceptic Being

I have never cared for Valentine’s Day. Honestly. Whether I am single or not, I have always thought of the day as a consumerist excuse to buy presents just because, with the added pressure of failing if the present is not the best. I really don’t see the point, because couples already have their anniversaries to celebrate -in fact, that is what they should celebrate, not just some random day fairly close to Christmas.

Anyway, I thought about making a list of films, but then I thought that a proper VD list wouldn’t be my style (not believing in the day and all that). So why should I tell you to watch Notting Hill and whatnot, with your typical boy meets girl, etcetera? I’d rather you watched something more… different. You know, like watching horror films on Christmas Eve -which sounds like a great plan, anyway.



Wait, before you whine about how I started this list with a glorious musical from the 1960s. I have introduced this sung version of the legend of King Arthur because, guess what? No one ends with no one. King Arthur discovers Guenevere and Lancelot’s affair, and can’t do nothing but sentence her to death. Then Lancelot rescues her, but then Arthur and Lance have to go to war against each other, because men, and Guenevere ends up in a convent. Perfect romantic ending! But you must know that this is the film where Vanessa Redgrave and Franco Nero met, and I find their love story one of the best in Hollywood, up there with Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward’s. Also, RIP Dumbledore.


To Be or Not to Be

I don’t have a reason to put this movie here other than because, well, I love it. I must have watched it a billion times since I was around six years old, and it gets me every time. And if you want to look at the love side of it: Anne Bancroft cheats (sort of) on Mel Brooks with a much younger, much taller handsome guy. That is the question. Schuuuuuuuultz!


What We Do in the Shadows

I just adore this film. I don’t think I have ever laughed so hard in my life.


My Best Friend’s Wedding

Hear me out. Yes, I know this is officially a romantic comedy, BUT, instead of ending up with the guy she has been pining for the entire film, Julia Roberts ends her story dancing with Rupert Everett. Call it a perfect ending.


The Talented Mr. Ripley

Call me weird, but I find this the perfect movie to watch today. It disturbed me deeply when I first saw it, mostly because I was a kid and didn’t understand half the things that were going on, but I have never seen Matt Damon give such a creepy performance, so this should be a cautionary tale about who we let into our lives without really knowing them.


Dr. Strangelove

Not a lot of love happening in this one because (SPOILER ALERT) everybody dies because humanity is stupid (END OF SPOILERS)


Love & Friendship

Seriously, why wasn’t this film called Lady Susan, like the Jane Austen book it is based on? It is SO CONFUSING! Anyway, Kate Beckinsale kills it as a cunning widow who will do anything to survive in an era where women without their own money had to rely on rich relatives and making a good match. Without spoiling too much, Lady Susan ends up having her way… well, you will see. She doesn’t necessarily end up with someone she loves, but she has it the way she wants it. It is hilarious and a masterclass of wit that could only come from Austen herself.


Mamma Mia!

Yes, call it what you want, but this is not a romantic comedy. Forget about Meryl marrying Bond and all the other love affairs from this film: this is a story about how the love bond between a mother and a daughter is unbreakable (damn it, I am now remembering the last three minutes of Mamma Mia 2 and I am sobbing). Also, ABBA songs.



Had I been the second Mrs de Winter, I would have got the hell out of there the second I had arrived at the mansion. What the hell.


Special Mention: Isn’t it Romantic

I have no idea if this movie is good or not, because I haven’t seen it, but it stars Rebel Wilson and Liam Hemsworth and it’s apparently about a sceptic girl who hits herself in the head and suddenly is living inside a romantic comedy. I have the feeling it will be a fun take on the genre.


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One thought on “Films To Watch on Valentine’s Day if You Are a Sarcastic, Sceptic Being

  1. Heather

    Doctor Strangelove is probably one of my favorite movies with everyone in top form(You can’t fight here gentleman, this is the War Room!). Sellers and George C Scott are at their best.
    Rebecca is okay but they toned things way down from the book(lesbianism and Max actually being a murder). Also would anyone really call Fontaine plain? But I did like it.

    Sorry I can’t agree about My Best Friends wedding as Julia Roberts to me is what Gwyneth Paltrow is to others. And no one is really mad at her after she sabotaged her friend’s relationship and still got to be in the wedding. Not to mention anyone who’d rather hang out with her dull guy friend rather than George is crazy. Rupert Everett was every girls bestie.

    I think the only romance I can stomach on the Greeting Card Holiday is Coming to America. It’s silly but sweet and the “Greatest Love of All” rendition still has me laughing. Eddie Murphy at his peak.

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