So I Watched GoT’s Season 8 Premiere, ‘Winterfell’…

Game of Thrones is back. I know it’s been two years of longingly waiting, but now that winter is finally here, I don’t want it to end. It will be over before we have even assimilated it’s back! Six weeks is nothing! What are we going to do with our lives after this? Wait for the sequels? Rewatch the whole thing over again? Hope that Prince Charles Cinema will host a weekly marathon of each season? I throw premiere parties, what excuse am I going to have to make my friends cocktails now?


I can’t cope with this…



-Thank goodness I rewatched the last episode of season 7 last night; otherwise, I wouldn’t remember a thing.

-Look at the Wall! And the Winterfell Crypts! And the Iron Throne! This is quite an intro makeover.

-Jon! Look at Arya!!

-Gendry! Look at Arya!

-Anyone! Look at Arya!!!

-I’m getting serious ‘Winter is Coming’ episode vibes.

-Arya is looking at that kid like “I did that once.”

-I’m so hoping Daenerys will go full-on Mad Queen this season.

-Like, she clearly loves being feared.

-“Because I have balls, and you don’t.”


-I love the reaction of everyone who reencounters Bran after a long time.

-“Almost.” Muahahahhahaha.

-Lyanna doesn’t trust Dany, and she is not hiding it.

-Bran is all about “cut the bullshit.”

-Lord Umber is adorable. Of course all lords are children now.

-My Lady. My Lord. My Queen. This is a Monty Python sketch.

-You tell him, Lyanna.

-Jon is so the heir to Ned Stark’s personality.

-How did Pod and Brienne arrive before the others?

-Oh, Tyrion, the Lannisters are not coming. Lannister, singular, perhaps.

-Sansa, asking the sensible question.

-Dragons eat whatever they want. I’m telling you Dany is going to end up mad.

-Are Sansa and Tyrion still married if they never consummated and then she married Ramsay, who raped her? I need answers.

-Sansa has clearly learned from all the shit she’s gone through. The biggest character development, alongside Jaime Lannister.

-There’s Sansa, telling Tyrion what we’ve all been thinking since 2017.

-Jon/Arya reunion!

-“So, I’m a ruthless assassin now.”

-How does Arya know about Jon getting murdered? I should have rewatched all the seasons, not just the last finale.

-Arya is so going to end up using Longclaw.

-Listen to Arya’s advice, Jon. Seriously, listen to your sisters/cousins, not your lover/aunt.

-Cersei is such a layered character, and Lena Heady gives such a beautiful performance, that I hope she gets an epic death, hopefully by the hand of one of her brothers.

-Whenever I see Euron, I see Joshua Jackson and I can’t help but start singing “I don’t wanna wait…” in my head.

-Please, tell me Theon is going to rescue Yara. After that cool fight from the previous episode to convince his people.

-No elephants? I was expecting a Prince Ali entry.

-Captain Strickland? What kind of shit, real-world office accountant name is that?

-Euron is so gross. Not as much as Ramsay, but gross, nonetheless.

-Cersei must be really horny. OR, she wants to make Pacey think the baby is his.

If there really is a baby……

-I wish we knew what Tyrion told Cersei after finding out she was pregnant.

-Ah, sexposition. Game of Thrones going back to basics.

-Poor Ed “no eyelids” Sheeran.

-If Bronn touches one hair of Jaime or Tyrion, I will lose it.

-I mean, he won’t, right? They are literally his two only friends.

-Imagine if everyone but Cersei dies? And the show ends up with her, the only person in the world (with the Mountain, who doesn’t count), sitting on the throne, with nothing or no one to pass the time? That would be a grim ending.

-Nice night robe, Cersei.

-Wow, Theon. That was… an effective rescue.

-He did deserve that headbutt.

-I do love that Theon has been redeeming himself over the past few seasons. It will make his impending death even more glorious.

-Like his suddenly glorious hair.

-We all know Daenerys won’t accept being a co-ruler. After so many years of fighting to get to Westeros and claim the throne.

-And we know she is not even the rightful heir.

-“Nothing lasts.”

-Did Daenerys just imply she is going to murder Sansa if she doesn’t obey her? I can stress my theory enough.

-By the way, I do like Dany. I dress up as her, season 2-style. I just think it would be a cool way to end her arch to have her turn into the opposite of what Jon represents, for contrast.

-Oh, poor Jon. If he dies now, it will likely be the stupidest death on the show. Along with that kid Arya stabbed in the last episode of the first season.

-I know, deep down, that Jon will only truly love Ygritte.

-I don’t like the way that dragon is staring at Jon.

-Aww, more reunions!

-I’m taking that as the Hound’s way of admitting he admires Arya.

-I am going to admit something right now: I have been waiting since season 2 for Arya to grow up so that she and Gendry can fall in love (before being gloriously murdered by the White Walkers).

-I mean, don’t ever forget the way Arya looked at Gendry lewdly while he worked at Harrenhal.

-And how he called her milady -and still does.

-How many weapons does Arya need? And more importantly, how awesome will it be to see her wield that?

-“You don’t know any other rich girls.”

-Jon ,you mean well, and you are the nicest guy ever, but did you honestly think the Northerners were going to be okay with you kneeling to Dany?

-Oh, Jon, Sansa doesn’t care about you not being king anymore. She cares about what that means, the fact that you gave all your power to a foreign pretender -also, it’s actually your throne!

-I had forgotten Sam cured Ser Jorah!

-Sam is the best.

-Oh, man. This is awful. And how politely is Sam acting after finding out how horrible Daenerys was to his family. This is so awkward.

-Remember no one wanted her to kill the Tarlys, and she did it anyway.

-John Bradley’s acting here is astounding. Heartbreaking.

-Also, Iain Glen looks GREAT.

-Of course Bran always knows where to be. And he clearly wants Sam to talk to Jon because he is all riled up about his family’s murder. Weird Bran rocks.

-“I’m not his brother” as in “I’m his cousin” or as in “I’m actually a bird”?

-That sculpture looks…. nothing like Sean Bean.

-Wait, Jon and Sam hadn’t seen each other?

-Has Sam been in the library for the past two days?

-Sam knows Jon would be a much better ruler of the Seven Kingdoms.

-“I had a High Septon’s Diary. Bran had… whatever Bran has.” Best line of the episode.

-Ned was indeed the most honorable man ever.

-Daenerys is so not going to be happy about this.

-“You gave up your crown to save your people. Would she do the same?” There. That’s the difference. People talk about how the Mad King might have heard Bran’s voice in his head. Bullshit. I’m sure it’s genetic, and Dany has it. And Viserys had it, too.

-I knew Tormund and Beric hadn’t died, but it’s still good to see them alive and kicking!

-“He’s got blue eyes!” “I’ve always had blue eyes!” This looks just like that scene from Life of Brian.

-Poor little lord. That’s a gross way to die.

-So, the Night King is like “hold on, I need to make some abstract wall art before he move on to the next village.”

-But also, isn’t it shaped a little bit like the Targaryen banner? I’m just throwing theories around at this point.

-That cloaked man is so obviously Jaime.

-Because I have been missing him all episode.

-Again, such great character development.

-Such a different way of entering Winterfell when you compare it to the series premiere, all Shrek’s Prince Charming.

-My God, remember when we used to compare Jaime to Shrek’s Prince Charming?

-Uhhhh, Bran knew he’d be there!

-Great callback to the end of the first ever episode.

-I don’t want this show to ever end.

-Lyanna agrees.





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3 thoughts on “So I Watched GoT’s Season 8 Premiere, ‘Winterfell’…

  1. I noticed that Gendry responded to Arya’s special weapon request with “as you wish.” A nod to The Princess Bride?

    • Ginny C

      Didn’t notice that!! I hope so, The Princess Bride was my favourite movie when I was a child!!

  2. I plan to watch the whole thing again after this season is over.

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