So I Watched GoT’s 8×02, ‘A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms’…

I know such a calm, full of character moments episode means there’s going to be a massacre next week, but I just want to enjoy the peacefulness of everyone drinking wine and singing and losing their virginity while I can.


-From now on, I’m not emotionally prepared for any of the remaining episodes.

-Oh Dany, you are so wrong about everything.

-Your father was a dick. You should watch that bathtub confession scene with Jaime and Brienne, it’s very clarifying.

-Are they trying to make Dany hateful on purpose?

-Hahaha, you can always trust Bran to throw the odd line out.

-Brienne is the best.

-I think Jaime and Brienne’s platonic relationship is one of my favourite on the show.

-Sansa is more sensible than Daenerys. I just want to say that out loud.

-Jon is like, “please don’t include me in this conversation.”

-Why does Grey Worm look like he hates Jaime?

-Jon avoiding his aunt. As one does.

-Is no one going to wheel Bran out of there?

-Oh, Dany, you don’t want to threaten Tyrion. He’s like the only smart person out of ten in the entire kingdom.

-That. Look. Arya wants Gendry. I have known this since season 2.

-Oh, Gendry, do you honestly believe Arya will hide in the crypt?

-I don’t blame Arya. Gendry is terrible at describing the White Walkers and the Wights.

-Death has many faces, indeed.

-How. Did. Bran. Get. Out. There.

-I don’t see wheel marks on the snow.

-Jaime must be like, “thank God you are not Bran anymore.”

-“How do you know there is an afterwards.” Chan chan chaaaaan.

-By the way, where are the dragons?

-No Tyrion, I don’t think she is different. Jon is.

-All right, so Cersei is pregnant. Unless she has lied to Jaime about that, perhaps?

-I want to see zombie Tyrion kill Cersei. That would be epic.

-Aww, Jaime staring at Brienne. I know it’s only platonic, but he can see how much more honourable than Cersei Brienne is.

-Poor Pod. He is so going to die.

-Character development: Jaime not insulting Brienne in a conversation that long. I love scenes full of dialogue.

-He wants to fight under her command. I’m going to die of adorableness.

-Thank God Daenerys has good advisors like Ser Jorah. Otherwise she would have killed everyone in Westeros already -okay, she has already killed quite a few, along with a lot of food and stuff.

-Leave it to Ser Jorah to remind Dany that she needs Sansa to like her.

-Dany doesn’t trust her advisors? Not a good sign.

-“You never should have either.” Buuuuuuurrrrrn.

-Oh, Khaleesi, I see what you are trying to do there with Sansa. Not sure that is working.

-Well, you followed Jon because, otherwise, there would be no kingdom left for you to rule…

-Can I just say Sansa is completely right about her stance?

-Please don’t make Dany kill Sansa.


-Aww, Sansa hasn’t seen him since he sent her to the Wall.

-I’m going to die of adorableness again.

-Dany is soooo jealous.

-I always forget these two grew up together.

-A Shireen look-alike. Exactly what you needed to show Davos right now.

-That kid is adorable. Why is everything so adorable in this episode?

-I’m fearing the worst.

-Edd. Another one who’s going to die soon.

-I love Tormund. He is everything.

-Beric is also going to die. He will do something flashy, though.

-Oh my, so the fight is going to happen on the next episode?

-Tormund, always thinking about Brienne.

-I don’t see how the spikes are going to stop the Wights.

-Killing the Night King, like in the Vampire Diaries when you kill an Original and everyone from that line dies?

-I need to know who had the time in the middle of this to draw such an exquisite map of Winterfell for this meeting.

-Of course the Night King is coming for Bran.

-No one is surprised by Bran’s weirdness anymore.

-Is this show going to end up with everyone having amnesia? That would be hilarious.

-Now I want that to be the ending.

-Oh Theon, you are going to die defending Bran.

-And we all know that there’s going to be an endless fight and yet the end of next week’s episode will be the Night King getting to Bran.

-Seriously? No one knows if dragon fire can stop them?

-I need all of Tormund’s quotes as reaction gifs. Every line he utters, he uses it to hit on Brienne.

-Dany, get the message. Jon is not going to keep sleeping with you.

-Finally! Someone asks Bran if he needs help with his wheelchair.

-Tyrion, about to hear a recap of Bran’s seven seasons (one unseen, but something happened, nonetheless).

-Are those girls scared of Missandei because she is black??

-Grey Worm is so right. They should go back to Essos afterwards. Except that I am so certain that at least he is going to die. This loving scene is confirming it.

-If the living win, how are they going to rebuild the Wall? I need information.

-Oh Sam, haven’t you seen Jon avoiding Dany the entire episode?

-Ghost!!! They copy-pasted him because, seriously, where the hell was he?

-Poor Sam, they still underestimate him.

-I love that he includes stealing books as part of his badass attitude.

-You know one of them will have to burn the others.

-Ah, brothers reminiscing.

-I’m wondering, what’s going to happen next? Because I thought the Night Battle was going to be episode 5, but now that it’s going to be the third, I’m thrown off. What will happen in the remaining three episodes?

-Hahahah, Tyrion from the olden days pouring that drink for Pod.

-Tormund approaching Brienne from the back. He will never give up on hope.

-Tormund is such a wildling. Only he would tell such a story and drink like that.

-I love Arya’s cape.

-The Hound is such a great guy underneath all that look.

-Now that Beric mentions the Lord of Light, where is Melisandre? Is she going to make a surprise appearance?

-That was fast, Gendry.

-So basically, that’s Darth Maul’s dragonglass lightsaber.

-Wait, Arya didn’t know about Gendry’s father?

-Is Arya hitting on Gendry?

-I am loving this.

-I must admit I have been waiting for Arya and Gendry to make out since 2012.

-Go get it, girl!!

-Never forget that Robert and Ned wanted their son and daughter to be together. Only that they were talking about the wrong son and the wrong daughter.

-Arya is so in control of this situation. I love it.

-Fuck tradition. Please, Tormund gifs.

-Brienne, Pod knows you are lying about not wanting to be a knight.

-PLEASE, Jaime, knight her.

-Get up, Brienne.

-This is happening. And so fitting that it’s Jaime who does it.

-Again, I’m going to die of adorableness. This means so many people will die next week.

-Too adorable.

-Shut up, I’m not crying. I love the relationship between these two.

-Tormund clapping is everything.

-Look at her smile. Has she ever smiled before?

-If Jaime and Brienne die, I want them to die together -but please, don’t let them die.

-Oh, Jorah, you are not keeping Lyanna in the crypts.

-If Sam is giving the sword to Ser Jorah, that means it’s playing an important role in the upcoming battle.

-I mean, Jon has the Mormont sword, so he might as well take it.

-Did they burn Jeor Mormont? Just making sure he is not going to show up as a Wight.

-Also, mark my words: they keep talking about the crypts, and that’s full of corpses. And, well, the Night King can wake them up, so…

-Hmmm, Pod has a great singing voice!

-Theon and Sansa are so adorable. I predict a death.

-If a Stark dies next week, I will lose it.

-Jon, there is no escape. You have to confess now.

-Or don’t, because now it’s really not the time to tell Dany that she is not the rightful heir. And you don’t want the throne, anyway.

-Although you should mention the incest. That sounds important.

-Boom! Bomb dropped.

-Mark my words, Dany will try to burn Jon with a dragon, but he is a Targaryen, so he will come out of the smoke, naked as if nothing had happened.

-Okay, so he heard it from his brother and his best friend, but they happened to have the knowledge!

-Dany, you are so blind, Jon doesn’t give a shit about the Iron Throne.

-At this point, only you and Cersei care about that.

-Hmm, that look between Jon and Dany was like “let’s go get the dragons.”

-White Walkers!

-I’m so scared!

-Everyone is going to die!

-Here’s everyone I refuse to see die: the Starks (except Bran, because he is not a Stark anymore, and he is clearly going to make a sacrifice or something), Samwell, Davos, Jaime and Brienne (I’m deceiving myself), Gendry, Ghost, Lyanna Mormont…I’m sure there’s more, but I can’t remember.

-Hmm, I thought the White Walkers were like four. I’m confused. So the babies that Craster gave away, those were turned into White Walkers?



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3 thoughts on “So I Watched GoT’s 8×02, ‘A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms’…

  1. This pretty much mirrors my thoughts while watching the episode.
    So much adorableness in this episode can only mean we’re all going to be curled up in a ball next week, rocking back and forth while staring emptily at the wall.

  2. I loved how Arya grilled Gendry about his past love life. Was she assessing his experience or character? Apparently his answer of three previous partners fell into that sweet spot between fumble-fingered and sleazy, although I suspect that Arya had already made her decision before the interrogation.

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