So I Watched GoT’s 8×05, ‘The Bells’…

To all those who were complaining two episodes ago about how not enough people had died in the Battle of Winterfell…are you happy now? Eggits….



-I haven’t been so emotional in my life. That is, until next week, of course.

-We will see nothing of Winterfell today. I’m not surprised, though. We’ve basically lived there this season.

-I hope Arya won’t kill Cersei. Because that might mean Arya will die as well.

-Also, can I just say, to those who are surprised that Dany is turning a bit mad: what show have you been watching since 2011? There have been signs since day one. Pretty much since she allowed her husband to kill her brother. I don’t understand people who are constantly having the need to complain about everything. Seriously.

-Just because before she used to burn people we didn’t know and saw as villains and now she is going after characters we now and love does not mean she’s changed. That means she’s always been like this.

-Oh, Varys, who are you writing to? There are literally no nobles left to write. Unless he is writing to Dorne. But no one cares about Dorne anymore.

-Is that little bird going to die?

-No, Varys, don’t share treason thoughts with the most honest, honourable character in this show. You are doomed.

-All right, it’s Tyrion who spills the beans. I won’t blame him, though. Otherwise, Tyrion will get killed.

-Although I wouldn’t rule out just yet that Dany decides to kill Ty on a whim.

-Oh, Dany, you knew Jon would tell his sisters. And let’s be honest, Dany has shown so far that she can be a great conqueror, but Sansa has proven in Winterfell that she can rule fairly. And this comes from someone who loves both characters, except in season 1, when Sansa was hateful (because she was a teenager).

-No need to burn the paper, Varys. They know what you did.

-Err, what’s with the rings? Do they have a secret code engraved?

-This is so sad. Mostly because what Varys has just told Tyrion is quite right.

-That touching moment was… touching.

-Crap! Dragon appearance! That was beautiful and terryfiying.

-So….no trial for Varys, no last words? Mmkay.

-I predict Grey Worm acting like it’s the end of the world on this episode, because he no longer has anything to live for.

-Dany, I wouldn’t criticise Sansa so much in front of her brother/cousin.

-And yes, they love Jon more. You have to give people time to see the good things you do! Seriously, though…

-As if she isn’t feeling lonely enough, the world’s nicest guy rejects her…

-Girl, the North doesn not approve of incest. I know your parents were siblings and their parents were siblings too, but the Northerners are a bit more, err… traditional.

-Wait, so then, instead of four grandparents, Dany has two? And instead of eight great-grandparents, she has four… That’s what happened in Spain with the Habsburg dinasty, and you know how that ended?

-Let it be fear? What the crap?

-Yep, let’s remember Mereen if we want proof that this was always Dany’s endgame.

-Please, someone listen to Tyrion. Why does no one listen to Tyrion?

-Mercy towards future generations sounds like “I’m annihilating the current generation right now.”

-Can we talk about how uncomfortable that throne must be, too?

-Noooo, don’t kill Jaime!!!!! And don’t threaten Tyrion!!!

-That short-haired woman and her child will reappear later. There is no reason why they’d show them otherwise.

-Jon is brooding, as usual.

-Davos! Please don’t kill Davos.

-Is that Blackwater? I need a map of King’s Landing.

-Clearly the smuggling favour is to break Jaime out of captivity.

-Move, random soldier, to leave way for Arya fricking Stark.

-Hahaha, Tyrion lost in translation.

I drink to guard the skulleater.

-So Jaime does want to get to the capital to die with his sister, not kill her.

-We all know this lovely plan Tyrion is plotting won’t work for the twins.

-I’m crying. This is definitely the last time the brothers will see each other.

-Tyrion willing to die for the people is the most king-like thing that’s happened on this show.

-If his siblings die, isn’t he the next Lannister heir to the throne?

-It’s so cool to watch Arya and the Hound walk into the city unnoticed. With. A. Purpose.

-By the way, I’m loving the music. The right bits of tension. So adequate.

-The Golden Company. Great hair. That’s it.

-The Northerners. Dirty-looking. Probably better fighters because they don’t fight for money.

-Thank goodness Jon does listen to Tyrion and will call off the fight if he hears the bells.

-Cersei is about to get a dose of reality, we all know that.

-But, great bloody outfit, necklace included.

-Short-haired woman with child, once again.

-Oh, Jaime got left out. He really is the stupidest Lannister. Poor thing.

-Fiiiinally!!! Dany realised that the trick is to attack from where the sun is coming, to blind everyone so they can’t see you. You could have thought about that last episode and you’d still have two dragons.

-That was cool.

-That was so, so cool. I’m cheering right now because people are dying. I’m awful.

-You go, girl! Burn those scorpions!

-Great use of music again.

-This season’s music deserves a Grammy.

-Yes, burn those scorpions, too!

-Door bomb! That was so cool!

-And there goes the Golden Company.

-Agh, that poor horse!!

-That great hair will get you nowhere, man.

-Wow, Grey Worm is releasing his anger.

-Okay, Drogon, you don’t need to break more walls.

-So much fire. So visually spectacular.

-Dubrovnik is so pretty.

-Someone please give Cersei a valium. Under that stone-cold façade, she looks like she needs it.

-Tyrion wanders around casually, like he knows he is untouchable.

-Cersei, listen to your bloody Hand.

-People never listen to their Hands on this show. That’s the main takeaway from these past eight seasons.

-Cersei, don’t forget that Jaime is no longer the Lord Commander of the kingsguard.

-I’m loving this shot of Jon, Grey Worm and Davos.

-Tyrion, desperately hoping Jaime will ring the bells.

-Ahh, music callback to when Cersei burned down the Sept. That was one of my favourite tracks from the whole series.

-Seriously, Dany, don’t get that dragon too close to the people.

-Aaaand the kingsguard surrenders. Thank goodness.

-Ring the bloody bells!!!!

-Dany looks aaangraaaay…

-Cersei is really hoping someone will ring the bells for her.

-Finally!!!! I’m as relieved as Jon and Tyrion.

-Oh, no, Dany. Don’t take it too personally. Don’t. Keep it cool, like monarchs do. Ignore your messed-up DNA!!!!!

-Aaaand my face looks like Tyrion’s right now. And like Cersei’s.

-Look! That shot of the dragon’s shadow over King’s Landing appeared in that vision Bran had ages ago, so now you can’t go saying “oh, this mad queen plotline came out of nowhere.”

-Oh, shit. She did want them to fear her. And basically have mercy on future generations only.

-Although if everyone dies, who will give birth to those future generations? Just asking.

-Why are they fighting? Jon didn’t give the order!

-Listen to Jon!! Let Grey Worm fight, he’s kamikaze at this point, but the rest, stop it!

-There’s nothing less noble than killing someone who has already surrendered.

-Crap, this is awful. She is killing all the Croatians.

-Tyrion can only gasp in shock at this point.

-Sure, Jon, they can hear you shout “stop” with this noise.

-So many children shots. The children Tyrion talked about last week.

-Jon and his glorious hair look gobsmacked.

-Ned Stark would not approve of this barbarity.

-Was that rapist a Stark man? This is awful.

-I’m sorry, just a normal question Sansa would make: where does Dany intend to set the capital if she is destroying all of this?

-I mean, yes, she hates them all because hey let her father die and they prefer the resurrected Stark spawn, but stop this!!!!

-Ugh, Pacey. Please Jaime, kill Pacey. How did he survive that fire?

-“I’ll bring your head to Cersei so you can kiss her” is a great punchline, though.

-Don’t destroy the Red Keep! That’s literally where the throne room is!!

-By the way, do you remember that episode from season 2 when Dany has a vision? Said vision had a scene with Dany entering the throne room, roofless, destroyed, covered in snow. But I’m now thinking, that was probably ash? Boom! Another reason this was obviously planned from the start.

-WHAT!? If Jaime gets stupidly killed by Pacey, I’m losing it. That’s not the way I’d want him to die.

-It would be so pathetic.

-Cersei, listen to your Haaaaaand.

-I’m feeling a bit of sympathy towards her right now.

-I mean, she is so alone. Pretty much like Dany. Although Dany still has one of her children.

-And Cersei is maybe pregnant with the tiniest baby because the belly doesn’t grow?

-Yessss, stab that Danish Pacey.

-Can Pacey stop calling himself king? I’m pretty sure Yara is the Queen of the Iron Islands now.

-He looks so happy thinking he’s killed Jaime.

-To be fair, Pacey has always been super cheerful all the time. That’s enviable.

-The Hound is so right. He is saving Arya’s life.

-Sandor ❤

-That was such a sweet goodbye. We are in the episode of sweet, tear-inducing goodbyes.

-It was the pep talk Arya needed to remember that she is not just an assassin. She is Ned Stark’s child, ergo, a good person.

-Aaaaand the roof is gone.

-Cersei stealthily leaving the Cleganebowl is the most hilarious thing to happen on this episode.

-Is the Mountain immortal? Like, no blade can kill him?

-And there is our Anakin.


-I’m strangely feeling a lot of sympathy towards Cersei. That is a testament of how well-layered this character has always been. Like, she is not bad just because.

-I’m very endeared by this twin reencounter.

-This is so sad. She is not alone anymore.

-But I am so sad, because Jaime is obviously dying.

-We all know Sandor is not getting out of this fight alive. And I don’t think he ever intended to.

-Ugh, seriously, is the Mountain invincible?

-If Arya didn’t trust Dany before, she will trust her even less after seeing all this destruction and death.

-Let’s not forget the last time she was here, her dad died. Pavlovian at its worst. She is a defenseless child again.

-Arya, get up!!!

-Nice scene intercut between Arya and the Hound.

-And there goes the short-haired lady.

-Arya helping people. If Jon could see her, he’d be so proud (are they nearby?)

-Random thought: are we never again seeing Sam? Like, that’s it?

-“Fucking die!” Hahahahah.

-Nooooo!! Don’t Oberyn him!!!!! Not again!!!!

-We all know what’s coming.

-Yup, I would have jumped like five minutes ago.

-Death by fire. That was poetic. What a great way to go for the brothers.

-Oh shit. I had forgotten that there was wildfire hidden underneath the city -you know, wildfire that Dany’s dad put there. I guess the dragon fire has set it on, well, fire.

-Jesus, just pay attention to Jon, people, and get the hell out of there!

-Wake up, Arya.

-Thank God.

-I will not allow this show to kill Arya.

-King’s Landing looks uninhabitable now.

-Shit. Run!!!! But not in a straight line! Why do all Stark children only run in straight lines!!???

-Oh my god. That ashy profile of Arya, for a second there I thought it was Ned. I shit you not.

-Killing the Night King is a walk in the park while eating ice cream compared to this.

-Listen to this other Stark who is also telling you to get the F out of there!!!

-Bloody hell. This is Pompey.

-Oh my God. The Lannisters are going to die there.

-This is so sad. I’m so sad for Jaime. I’m also so sad for Cersei. Like, genuinely sad for her.

-They will die together, at least?

-This is beautiful, and tragic, and so fitting for these two characters. And the music is gorgeous.

-Of course Cersei wants her baby to live. Her children have been her main concern the whole series.


-I’m crying.

-Well, at least he came back to be here with her for this. He wouldn’t have forgiven himself otherwise.

-And Pacey can’t take credit for his death.

-The crumbling of the ceiling. Beautiful shot. The Red Keep over them.

-See?? Ashes. Like the vision.

-Second random thought: I weirdly one the last episode to be called “A Dream of Spring.” It would be nice.

-Phew, thank you for not killing Arya. Who is clearly traumatised for good.

-Such a Pompey-like scenery.

-What is it with little girls and wooden toys? Now I’m thinking of Shireen (who also got burned) and I’m even sadder.

-Is that… the horse from earlier? The one I mentioned, from when the doors exploded and everyone came barging into the city.

-I’m loving this scene of Arya and the horse. And the music has your usual Stark/Winterfell tunes.

-Perfect shot to end the episode.

-I’m exhausted, emotionally and physically.

-So, no complaints about not enough people dying, right???? So many main characters, plus thousands of innocent King’s Landingers (is that what they are called?)

-I’m predicting trouble next week. Who will sit on the Iron Throne? Does it even matter, since it’s been destroyed? Who will kill Dany? Because she has gone too far, so someone must. I’m betting either Jon or Tyrion.

-Or maybe she will realise she has f*cked up big time, and agree to go to therapy? Hahah just kidding, her main thing has always been “burn them all”, Targ-style. I am actually super happy she is finally getting this meaty storyline, because for a few seasons, she was wandering around Essos, and I must admit, in the books, those were chapters I usually skipped, because nothing interesting ever happened.

-I also hope we will see Winterfell again. There’s plenty of main characters living there!

-And again, if you don’t like the turn Dany’s storyline has taken, I strongly encourage you to rewatch the last seven seasons of the show. How come you didn’t see that coming? Don’t ever forget, we think we know these characters, but George and D&D know them even better, so all we can do is be grateful they are offering them to us.

-Also, I don’t want next week to come, because what am I going to do with my life? And more importantly, what am I going to do with that Stark direwolf silicone mould I bought three years ago for my GoT parties? It will become inconsequential!

-One last #forthethrone prediction: Gendry on the throne with Tyrion as his Hand and Arya as the head of the kingsguard? Sounds fitting.

-PS. Watch the video below. After it hits the 3-minute mark, they start explaining how the madness has been there all along, unexploited, since the death of Dany’s brother.




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3 thoughts on “So I Watched GoT’s 8×05, ‘The Bells’…

  1. Dany literally burned whatever future figurative bridges she might have had to her new subjects. Did she honestly believe that future Kings Landing generations will accept her as a benevolent monarch and forget the multitudes of innocents she incinerated alive on her road to the Iron Throne?
    The look on Jon’s face as Dany continued her massacring mission indicated that whatever love he had retained for her had been replaced by “what-the-hell-have-I-gotten-myself-into?” fear.

    • Ginny C

      Hahaha absolutely. It will be a very painful last episode in every way, because I have always loved Dany, and that love made me overlook or brush off the TargaryenMad-like stuff she has been doing over the years, and now that those deeds have reached a place we know, we can’t ignore it anymore, and neither can our heroes.

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