Stop! In the Name of Love

The creators of El Ministerio del Tiempo are taunting us. First, they give us a clip of every historical character we are going to meet (or meet again) in the upcoming fourth series of the show. And now, we are given what looks like a romantic clip of Pacino and Lola kissing (I sure hope it is a ruse of sorts) and Julián and Amelia about to, before being interrupted by everyone’s favourite comedy duo, Alonso and Pacino. Alonso wishes he could speak several languages like Pacino does. Oh, Alonso, you only need to listen to the radio and you are all set!



Remember that every day that goes by is a day closer to the premiere of the long-awaited fourth series!


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One thought on “Stop! In the Name of Love

  1. Heather

    Now would be a great time to air the show, especially with so many people stuck indoors. Make it happen RTVE and put it back on Netflix as it gained some American fans. Will be interesting to see what they do with Lorca and Franco since they’ve already been on the show. Perhaps timeline split which is why Julian is back?

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