My Pseudo-Live Blog of War and Peace: Episode 4

Lily James Natasha Close Up War and Peace

I have to admit this right now: I had completely forgotten that I had started a live blog about the miniseries War & Peace back in 2016. The show had six episodes and I only covered three, and I, well, being a person who hates leaving things unfinished (but apparently loves to leave things hanging for years), have decided to get on with it and write about the three remaining episodes. But I can’t be bothered rewatching the first three, or reading my previous recaps, so these will be completely different pieces, I think. Who knows. Four years is a long period of time, and most of the actors here have probably been on other stuff I have watched since 2016, so I will be commenting on that, too. To be honest, I have no idea what will come out of this, so wish me luck!


War and Peace Episode 4 Natasha Hands Opera

Thank God there’s a Previously. Also, Paul Dano is a great actor, but I am now wondering if maybe they should have chosen an actor at least a decade older?

I’m assuming Lily is waiting for James Norton to come back –until I remember all the characters’ names, I’m going to refer to them by their real names. Also, I can’t follow the plot anymore, so this is as great a time as any other to diverge: How great was Lily James in Mamma Mia: Here We Go Again? It was incredible how she captured the essence of Meryl Streep’s performance!

War and Peace 2016 Jim Broadbent

Jim Broadbent is an international treasure. I don’t even know what he was talking about, but he sounded hilarious. Also, someone please tell me if that is Lily’s real hair or if that’s a wig, because it is gorgeous.

James Norton looks extremely handsome in this, by the way. To be fair, everyone looks extremely beautiful. And yay! They love each other! He and Lily, that is. Because they are crying and everything.

War and Peace 2016 Episode 4 James Norton Andrei War and Peace 2016 Episode 4 Lily James

Damn it, I just remembered Andrei dies at the end of this story and she has to settle for the other guy. That’s all Jim Broadbent’s fault for making Andrei wait (sorry for my mixing of characters’ names with actors’ names, but I cannot promise I will stop doing it).

Nooo, don’t tell her she is free to change her mind!!!! She is so going to change her mind at least four or five times, if you tell her that, being as she is, you know, a teenager.

Paul Dano looks like such a good person. He has a good-person face.

Would it be okay for me to walk around wearing Natasha’s blue dress? That’s acceptable these days, isn’t it? To wear whatever we want? Because I want to wear that.

I just remembered, seeing Jack Lowden, that his character was also a brat and he spent all of his family’s money and gave false hopes to his cousin. See? I’m remembering things! Also, I have the feeling this is going to be some sort of transition/waiting episode, which is the worst type of episode to resume a show I haven’t watched in four years.

War and Peace Episode 4 Nikki Jack Lowden

Nikki is really a waste. He is so not sorry about spending all the money. And please, who is Julia Karagina? Bloody hell, I can’t remember anyone. And Nikki can’t afford to talk about marrying for love after ruining his family. Stop being such a whiny dick, Nikki. Look what you are doing to Greta Scacchi. How dare you.

And they moved somewhere else for Christmas. I feel that, if you are broke, travelling is the last thing you should do. You know, spend some time at home doing craftwork. Even if these people are letting you stay for free, you are going to have to bring them presents of some sort, which cost money, and the travelling itself costs money as well. These Russian aristocrats could really use an accountant. I do love this Russian music and dance bit, though. So liberating.

War and Peace Episode 4 Christmas Dance Lily James

I’m so confused by that barn story. Are they really letting the poor cousin (I can’t remember her name now) into the barn by herself? Ugh, Nikki, stop playing with her if you can’t marry her. Nikki is the worst. Did I also think he was the worst four years ago? I feel like I must have thought so, because he is. I mean, does he really love Sonya? Does he? I’m so confused.

War and Peace Episode 4 Christmas Nikki and Sonya kiss

Oh my, so he is in love with Sonya and wants to marry her. I did not see that coming. To be honest, he brought this upon himself, you know, by spending all his family’s money and such. Although I can’t understand why they are talking about Sonya like she isn’t there. Do they know she is there? I do find the word “intriguer” hilarious, though. And I just realised there is a third sibling?? Has he been there all the time?

War and Peace Episode 4 Sonya

Russian landscapes are beautiful, though. Was this actually filmed in Russia? Gor-geous.

I want to point out again that Jim Broadbent is the best. Even if I learn his character’s name, I will keep calling him Jim Broadbent. Also, that girl playing his daughter is Jessie Buckley! I didn’t remember she was in this. Excellent actress (please see Wild Rose. And Taboo. That show is so captivating).

I am so happy to live in a time when a small cut doesn’t leave you at death’s door.

War and Peace 2016 Episode 4 Boris Maria

And that’s the French kid from Dunkirk! Why does Jessie Buckley look so miserable? I can’t remember. Although I am sure she is against idiots trying to court her just because she is rich. And why is Jim Broadbent so cruel to her? I there a backstory? Because I need it. I only have questions.

They just mentioned that Julia Karagina again. Seriously, who is that? Oh, forget what I said, there she is! Oh! And I have seen that girl somewhere else, I am sure of it. Wait, wait! She played Emily Brontë in that BBC film! (I apologise, I am just writing my thoughts as they exit my brain).

Boris and Julia Karagina War and Peace BBC 2016

Boris’s mum is the queen of being passive-aggressive, and I am here for it. That’s what you get after spending so much time with Malcolm Tucker -although that would be more aggressive-aggressive.

War and Peace 2016 Greta Scacchi Rebecca Front

I can assure you this visit to Jim Broadbent’s house is not going to go well. And I don’t know who this French girl is, but she seems dodgy. Seriously, why can’t she just get the hell out of there? Oh, you can always trust Jim Broadbent to make an entrance.

War and Peace Episode 4 Jim BroadbentWar and Peace Episode 4  Jim Broadbent Jessie Buckley

There was a Freemasonry plotline? I don’t remember that. I don’t like this Boris character, so shady. On another note, does Paul Dano’s character have a drinking problem? Maybe I should have at least read my three previous recaps.

War and Peace Episode 4 Pierre Paul Dano

Oh, I just remembered that whole thing about the brother and sister! And that’s the other Scamander brother from Fantastic Beasts. Sorry, I’m not even talking about the plot because I don’t care about it at this point, so I’m just going to point out random things. Paul Dano’s wife also looks shady as hell.

War and Peace Episode 4 Natasha Anatole Opera

Isn’t Anatole seducing Natasha the whole plot of that Broadway musical with Josh Groban? I’m rambling now. Andrei doesn’t deserve this. The poor guy is somewhere in the middle of Russia recovering from a tiny cut for what feels like years now, and this cool kid shows up speaking French in the middle of an opera. This is what happens when you let teenagers go to the opera.

Ugh, seriously, Paul Dano’s wife is the worst. Is she plotting with her brother to have Natasha leave Andrei for some reason? I need explanations, I’m so confused. Natasha doesn’t even have money, so what’s the point? And you can’t really tell someone you are madly in love with them after meeting them literally just one time. So shady. So, so shady. Maybe they are doing this for the sake of being mean and shady? I know I am saying “shady” a lot, but the word keeps coming to my head. And Natasha is so gullible and naïve, she is such an easy prey.

Well, that is so unfair, to tell her either she loves you or you kill yourself. That’s such a 19th century thing to do. Wait, and he is married anyway? Wait again, and that guy with him is Cormoran Strike? So many people in this miniseries. Is Anatole doing this just because he is bored?

War and Peace Episode 4 Natasha SonyaWar and Peace Episode 4 Sonya

Seriously, Natasha is so stupid. Again. Don’t. Let. Teenagers. Out. Sonya seems like the only one with a brain here. Anatole clearly only wants to have sex with Natasha and dump her. And I feel like Jessie Buckley’s visit is not going to change anything. Oh my God, I am screaming at my screen right now. How can she be so stupid? All of this because she is horny and Andrei has been away for a year. So, essentially, this is Jim Broadbent’s fault for not letting them marry a year earlier. Ugh. I can’t believe I just blamed Jim Broadbent. But I must.

War and Peace Episode 4 Natasha Anatole Dance War and Peace Episode 4 Natasha Anatole Kiss Lily James Callum Turner

Cormoran Strike does look very Russian. Good casting there. And it feels like Sonya did something about it. Good for her. Natasha, you moron. Clearly this family has the stupidest children. Greta Scacchi is going to die of stress.

War and Peace 2016 Episode 4 Pierre Anatole FightWar and Peace 2016 Episode 4 Pierre (Paul Dano) comforts Natasha (Lily James)

And Paul Dano has to come to save the day. That was a cool telling off. And Natasha is so ridiculous right now. She won’t even trust Pierre (finally learnt the name!) Girl, what about Andrei? This is the problem people had before WhatsApp was invented. Poor Andrei now arrives to discover this BETRAYAL.

War and Peace 2016 Episode 4 Andrei (James Norton) returns to Moscow

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