El Ministerio del Tiempo: The Prequel

El Ministerio del Tiempo Precuela vuelve Julian Rodolfo Sancho

And we are back! Sort of. Who knows when El Ministerio will open its doors again, because they seem to enjoy not telling is when the fourth series will see the light of day. But at least we have this, which means it must be soon. Soon!

The prequel in itself is not much new information. Sure, we get the explanation that the ministry is moving to a new, bigger (by the looks of Salvador’s office), newer (lifts!) building. We see Irene coming back from a mission in the sixties with Pacino (hello Hugo!) to save The Beatles.

It is then that we find the plot development, the key to what’s going to happen: Julián is back! Or someone with a different name who looks a lot like Rodolfo Sancho, and is living in the 1940s (let’s not forget Julián allegedly died in the 1930s during the Civil War). So… what comes next?

Seriously, RTVE, what comes next? And more importantly: when???


Also, Benito Pérez Galdós is an IT genius and he knows that 2020 is the centenary of his death.



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5 thoughts on “El Ministerio del Tiempo: The Prequel

  1. Heather

    I follow the director Jorge Dorado and based on his tweets, it looks like they are still finishing up post production of the last episode. So with the virus and lockdown, I don’t think it will air until later this summer. But the show loves to tease and torment us!

    Being a Doctor Who fan, I see two explanations for Rodolfo’s return. One is he was actually not killed in the battle but the door was blown up so everyone assumed he was deed. (Lame but much like many telenovelas where there’s a funeral with no body). Secondly and more interesting would be a parallel timeline where there really are two Julians, much like the storyline of Turn Left with parallel Donna having to kill herself to save the earth and her alter ego.

    Finally, it seems his character is married and there is a cradle in his bedroom yet we don’t see a wife. Also if he’s a soldier then he would have probably been under Franco. Would love to see a storyline where his character is gray much like the adult Lola. Especially now that there isn’t really a villain anymore. Quasi-evil Julian would rock! Finally Angustias & Galdos were cute together. My new ship:)

    • Ginny C

      I would love to see a Turn Left situation! But it will probably be that he wasn’t killed. As for him being a soldier, don’t forget that many people follow the rules even if they don’t agree with their superiors (you can see that in any war). I’d like to think he’s still a medic in some capacity.
      Also, if they are editing the last episode, that means they have all the others ready, so why not start with those? I’m consumed by the anticipation!

      • Heather

        In the interview with Hugo Silva, they said April 27 was the start. I’m guessing with all the publicity, the show will start end of April, beginning of May as they are really pushing Julian”s return and teasing us daily.

      • Ginny C

        Next Tuesday!!!

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