El Ministerio del Tiempo 1×07 Review: Time of Vengeance

El Ministerio del tiempo 1x07 Tiempo de Venganza Alonso

 No act comes without consequences, and after the alleged death (because we all knew that wasn’t a real death) of Irene’s mentor, chaos was certainly coming our way.

Before I get too ahead of myself, I will start from the beginning. The year is 1960, but this is not time travel: it’s a flashback, of Irene’s actual time (she was born in 1930). She was a queer woman trapped in a loveless marriage to a man since she was 17. She was an efficient civil servant –perhaps too efficient, in a time when that work consisted of covering up for important people too often. Desperate and lonely, Irene is about to jump of the top of a building, when Leiva stops her. He knows she is unhappy, and he knows she is talented. He can help her focus her skills on something productive. Like the ministry.

El Ministerio del tiempo 1x07 Tiempo de Venganza Isabel II y su hermanaThen, cut to the future. Which is the past. Because Irene and Salvador travel to 1053 to attend Leiva’s funeral. We learn, thanks to Angustias, that he was Salvador’s chief of operations (the role Ernesto has now). She also reveals more of what we already learnt last week: that Leiva’s son had leukaemia in the early 19th century, that he asked to bring him to the present and Salvador said no, because then he would have to make an exception with absolutely everyone. Leila gathered people and convinced them to strike, he got radicalised, and even attempted to take over the ministry, but someone within his lines betrayed him, and he ended up locked up in the 11th century, as we know.

But, surprise! Leiva wasn’t dead (he was out partying, like the famous song says). After getting an injection ala Pulp Fiction to wake up from his Juliet dream, Leiva is up to no good. He is mad and he wants to know who betrayed him.

When Salvador learns about this, he sends Alonso and Ernesto to 1053 to investigate, and sends Amelia to find Julián, who is nowhere to be found.

ministerio del tiempo 1x07 Julian y MaiteWhere is Julián? Amelia reaches his house and discovers a notebook with the doors next to Julián’s diary from 2012, open on a page where it said Julián was on duty 24 hours with the ambulance. If you need an explanation, this means Julián travelled to a day he knew Maite would be home alone.

Next scene! Leiva travels to 2005, goes to Salvador’s computer and searches for doors to the 19th century. But! 2005 Angustias, ever so smart, after meeting this Leiva and then seeing the actual 2005 Leiva, becomes suspicious and sends a fax to every ministry ever alerting about this. Present Day Angustias receives it (in a terrific scene), and informs Salvador that Leiva looked for the door to February 1844, date when a young Isabel II visited the ministry for the first time.

Already in 1844, Leiva visits the equivalent to Salvador there, claiming that he and his men have come to take out some infiltrated Carlists (lie). Alonso, Ernesto and Amelia travel there, while Irene goes to 2012 to drag Julián out of there.

What happens then? Leiva locks up the queen, her sister and her mother in a room with the 1844 sub-secretary, and calls Salvador to show him what he’s done, claiming that he is going to change history and let the Carlists win the war (even though Leiva himself was a general of this time who fought against the Carlists). Salvador has no option but to send the army. Our team gets mistaken by the 1844 agents for Carlists, Leiva shoots Alonso in the stomach and puts the three of them in a cell. It all becomes insane at this point.

El Ministerio del tiempo 1x07 Tiempo de Venganza Leiva finalIrene and Julián, armed with guns and bulletproof vests, finally make it to 1844 and rescue the royal family. They find the rest of the team and travel to 2015. Who is already in 2015? (please, bear with me) Leiva is. He ties Salvador to a chair and threatens Angustias, forcing her to check who got a promotion right after he was incarcerated, because he knows that whoever turned him in must have got promoted afterwards. Are you shocked if I tell you it was Irene? Of course not.

Leiva, feeling absolutely betrayed, goes to Irene’s house and kidnaps her wife, then takes her to the top of the building where Irene once tried to commit suicide. Irene knows her mentor so well that she goes there, engaging in a pointless argument, because we all know what is about to happen: Leiva lets her wife go and throws himself into certain death. But after almost dying, finding out that her wife was married before and somehow was born in 1930, Irene’s wife is pretty sure that marriage is over.

And to end things, the queen’s mother, María Cristina, wants her daughter to close the ministry, so it’s up to Ernesto to find a way to convince the young monarch that it is worth saving. And what better way to convince a tween than by taking her to the cinema?

But do not think for one second that all the madness from this episode is not going to take its toll on Irene.



I have woman’s blood running through my veins?

El Ministerio del tiempo 1x07 Tiempo de Venganza Amelia Alonso Ernesto

-I love when background scenes are as important as foreground ones. Example: the sub-secretary playing blind man’s buff with the queen.

-“Ernesto took over when what happened, happened….” “Angustias, for God’s sake, get to the point!”

-“Such a mess happened at the ministry and no one outside found out?” “It was December. That year, the Constitution Day holiday was six days long, so…”

The Ministry’s Files!





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