Dark 3×01 ‘Deja-Vu’: Thought by Thought


Dark 4x01 Deja Vu Teen Jonas at school

It is happening again.



-I must admit that all I want is for Ulrich to have the screen time he had in season 1.

-Nice opening words.

-I love these openings with photos and narration.

-Is that Bartosz? Is he the same guy from the beginning of season 2 in 1921? This scene is really dark (pun not intended).

-Nope, he’s not. And he’s with two other new characters. Though I’m guessing the three of them are the same character, because time travel.

Dark 4x01 Deja Vu Three Unknown

-I’ll go ahead and say they hate Adam, like we all do. Seriously, nobody wants to see Jonas turn into him.

-Especially hot Adult Jonas.

-I love how I never understand anything from the opening credits at the beginning of a season.

-Back at the end of last season, with new Martha and Jonas. I do love me some easy-to-carry time travel machine.

-I’m very wary of alternate realities, I must admit.

-What does that mean? Good question, Jonas. A question I could ask about every single line uttered on this show.

-This thing about two worlds reminds me quite a bit of Doctor Who, circa Rose’s departure.

-Sure, leave the kid alone in a cave. Nothing can go wrong.

-Ohh, I just realised that the alternate thing includes letters the other way around. And here, Martha is Jonas? I need answers!

-Mikkel looks older. The curse of having kids grow up and all that.

-A big fat no to dark-haired Magnus. He looks like Tommy Wiseau.

-Okay, yes I assumed they lived there because the parents are divorced. Aaand Ulrich is the one cut out of the photo this time.

Dark 4x01 Deja Vu Alternate Marthe Yellow Raincoat

-And Martha has the yellow raincoat! So many things to say about this. But shut up. Ulrich!

-Ugh, Ulrich is with Hannah. But Hannah is the worst! Unless here, she is the best. Which I doubt.

-I’m going to get ahead of myself and say the baby Hannah is carrying is the triple man from the beginning.

-Does the raincoat have magical powers? Just asking for a friend.

-Should I assume Jonas doesn’t exist in this alternate reality? Perhaps Hannah never married Michael. I know. Stop guessing.

-Someone please offer Jonas a place where he can shower and put on some new clothes.

Dark 4x01 Deja Vu Alternate Martha Magnus Bartosz Kilian

-Is Bartosz a shy history-professor-to-be?

-Ugh is this Kilian this world’s Jonas? Or this world’s Bartosz? Or this world’s Martha? I have so many questions.

-It will happen again indeed. I miss Helge. He is hands down the best character.

-Jonas is slowly starting to look more and more like Adult Jonas. Nice touch. The casting in this show has always been superb.

-Yes, Jonas, this is not your house.

Dark 4x01 Deja Vu Photo Alternate Martha Bartosz Kilian

-Wait, is the house also the other way around? I remember Jonas’s bed on the other side.

-Wöller is missing an arm instead of an eye. Gotta respect the symmetry of things.

-Bloody hell, I had forgotten that Ulrich was a cop! What the hell is wrong with me? Except, Charlotte was the boss in our reality, wasn’t she?

-Oh, yes Hannah, he is a cheater in every reality. This is creepy, but also, I love it.

Dark 4x01 Deja Vu Alternate Hannah Ulrich jacket

-Do men not cut their hair in this reality?

-Geez, Jonas, don’t enter that classroom. You look like a hobo and this Alternate Martha is clearly before the time she met you.

-Special connectioooon (read while singing).

-Why should Aleksander be having a bad time? Is Regina dead here? Is that why Bartosz is so weird?

Dark 4x01 Deja Vu Photos of Alternate Regina

-Yup, definitely dead.

-Hannah, if that is your way of checking if the hair is Katharina’s, you are a terrible detective. But also, who is she? Oh my, is it Charlotte? She’s the only blonde I can think of.

Dark 4x01 Deja Vu Alternate Hannah and Katharina

-Someone give Jonas a strong cup of coffee.

-Jonas, you should know by now, after all the travelling, that this Martha is from the time before she met you.

-Aaaand now he knows when he is.

-Of course he was going to run into Alternate Hannah. He just realised he doesn’t exist in this reality. Tough. Although he has been through much worse things.

-Oh my God I called this like three minutes ago!!! It feels so weird that Ulrich and Charlotte are having an affair.

Dark 4x01 Deja Vu Alternate Ulrich and Charlotte have an affair

-Why can’t Ulrich be faithful to anyone?

-I’m starting to regret my initial wish of having him show up again if all he is going to do is cheat on everyone.

-Martha’s performance was much more nuanced than Alternate Martha’s.

Dark 4x01 Deja Vu Alternate Martha Ariadne rehearsal

-Are they seriously making out during the rehearsal? I don’t like this Kilian.

-Big slap of reality, Jonas. Well, alternate reality. So, I guess Mikkel won’t disappear here. Alternate Martha from 2020 should really have told Jonas something. Anything. A bit of information to go on.

-Again, I hate Magnus’s hair.

-Wait, is Franziska the mute one here? Now I can’t remember if she said anything in her previous scene in the house.

-Okay, the girl who plays Elizabeth has also grown up a lot. And yes, she talks.

Dark 4x01 Deja Vu Alternate Elizabeth and Helge it will happen again

-Oh, so Helge is living with them! Helge rules.

-The beginning is the end, and the end is the beginning. I am getting more and more certain by the minute about Jonas dying at the end of this series.

-Peter is a priest here. Well, people used to (and still do) turn to priests for spiritual advice, which is some sort of therapy, after all.

-If Jonas has to be there to stop Mikkel from disappearing, couldn’t have Alternate Martha just told him? Seriously, communicate, people.

-1987? Okay, I need to pay attention now.

-I must say that kid looks a bit like Ulrich.

Dark 4x01 Deja Vu three unknow murder doppler

-This is getting creepier.

-Does Aleksander have a beard in this reality because his wife dying makes him too sad to shave?

-Okay, I just realised, in this reality, Bartosz is the sad one with a dead parent.

-I swear I just heard the smoke monster from Lost.

-Jonas, stop talking. You sound crazy in front of your non-friends.

Dark 4x01 Deja Vu woods alternate magnus jonas

-Dark-haired Magnus is so mean.

-Bartosz looks too taciturn, all the time.

-Of course there is a weird sound coming from the cave. Called it! I’m just curious about who is going to disappear this time.

-Whoever whispered “Martha”, that was scary as hell.

Dark 4x01 Deja Vu girl in the woods covered in oil

-Who was that? Wait, this happened in the other reality as well with someone else, didn’t it? I should have rewatched the other two seasons right before this, because I can’t remember s**t.

-Oh, so Jonas’s room looks the same. It’s Mikkel’s now, not Martha’s.

Dark 4x01 Deja Vu jonas visits alternate mikkel

-I’m sorry, why are they hiding in the bunker? It wasn’t a big deal.

-Oh, okay. It is.

-Damn it, it’s Mads Nielsen. They find him in this reality. The other time, it was Peter, wasn’t it? And he called Ulrich’s dad.

Dark 4x01 Deja Vu alternate Martha finds mads nielsen

-Then, Martha’s ball travels both in time and between worlds. That was just a random thought of mine.

-Did Jonas want a world without him, though?

-And things are shit anyway, so it would accomplish nothing.

Dark 4x01 Deja Vu old martha talks to jonas

-Friends, is that old Martha?

-She stays loyal to her bangs.

-Rain, rain, rain, rain.

-Bloody hell, 1888? I need to grab a calculator for all the 33-year cycles.

-Is that grandpa Tannhaus? Great grandpa?

-What the F*CK! Jonas went back from 2020 to 1888?

-It would explain why he is so old in 1921 and the others are older as well.

Dark 4x01 Deja Vu alternate martha visits adult jonas in 1888

-Damn it, Adult Jonas is haaaaaandsome. I am going to say this quite a few times in my recaps. Sorry.

-Wait, Adult Jonas doesn’t remember this Alternate Martha from his teens? So she is really changing things!

-I have way too many questions.

-But for now, I would like to leave you with the disturbing realisation that the twins from The Shining are part of this episode:

Dark 4x01 Deja Vu Stairs Shining Twins

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