Dark 3×02 ‘The Survivors’: Thought by Thought

The big winner is Katharina and her eighties shirt.



-It is too warm outside and I fear my brain isn’t functioning properly to watch a show like Dark.

-What the hell, Martha can remember stuff from the other Martha? Are AltMartha and Jonas the same person somehow?

-Well, hello, Adult Jonas.

-Hmm, I’m going to go ahead and guess that letter was written by AltMartha.

-He doesn’t look too happy.

-Hey, it’s all the others!

-Yes, Adult Jonas is pissed.

-I wonder how long they’ve been in the 19th century.

-Quite a task AltMartha is undertaking on her own, fixing literally everything.

-If there is something I have learnt with this show, is that when someone tries to solve everything, they actually end up causing everything they were trying to prevent in the first place.

-The survivors… as in, Peter, Elizabeth, the Tiedemann ladies and Noah?

-Well, and Katharina, apparently stuck in the Kahnwald house for some reason.

-Hold on, so the apocalypse from 2020 happens in every time? Is that why she is alone in the house? Sorry, I ask too many questions.

-But I am so confused. Where are Mikkel and his new mum?

-That was…awkward, Jana. I guess grief works differently for each person.

-Okay, so Claudia obviously is also missing. I always wondered if she disappeared for good after the death of Egon.

-Aaaand the newspaper clip answered that question.

-Claudia is starting to look more and more like Old Claudia. It’s the hairstyle.

-I’d like to know how on Earth was this time travel meant to save Regina, because she looks on death’s door.

-Peter looks like a hermit. And thank God this is only three seasons. Elizabeth, like Mikkel, is growing up a lot. Changing from 2020 to 2019, etc, would have made this impossible to believe.

-Can we all blame that cop dude who was looking for his missing brother?

-My wild guess, based on what happened to Jonas at the end of season 1, is that Charlotte travelled to the future when she touched Adult Elizabeth.

-Apparently, in the other reality, the teens also die? Magnus wasn’t always the smartest.

-I can see now why Adult Jonas doesn’t trust AltMartha, if he doesn’t remember meeting her in his past.

-I’m sorry, who the fuck is this old dude?

-How come no one at the school knows Mikkel if he’s been going to school there for months now?

-It was only a matter of time before Katharina ran into Teen Ulrich.

-I just remembered when Old Ulrich saw his kids who had travel to the 80s and started shouting “those are my kids!” Sorry, that was a funny moment.

-It has to be so mindblowing to see your younger self, and then remember that it happened to you.

-Of course the old man is Old Ulrich.

-Katharina has HAD IT.

-Seriously, Tronte, get a life. With your family. Why are all the Nielsen men so unfaithful?

-This show truly loves its wall photo maps.

-Peter’s is much more disturbing, though.

-And the corpse on the top far right looks a lot like Adult Jonas.

-They both clearly travelled. I just wonder where Charlotte is!!!

-I love how strong Katharina is.

-Wait, where are Mikkel and Ines???

-Now I am just waiting until the inevitable moment when Katharina and Old Ulrich meet.

-Come on, Katharina, just go to the asylum.

-Is Teen Regina basically an orphan now?

-But also, who is her father? Is it Tronte, maybe? That would mean she and Ulrich are brothers, and Bartosz and Martha are first cousins, making the romatic relationships on this show even more twisted.

-Sure, just start walking in the middle of nowhere, Regina.

-I am now 200% sure that Tronte is Regina’s father.

-Did we hear one of Claudia’s tapes last season? Again, I really should have rewatched it.

-I wonder if they ever get sunny days in Winden.

-Ugh, they are going to find Martha’s corpse.

-Hmmm, it’s not there…

-Is that Noah? Sorry, but everyone is dirty and covered in mud, I’m having a hard time.

-Does Peter know Adult Noah? Ugh my brain is melting.

-That was…not a very nice thing to say to Peter. And in front of his daughter!

-The Tannhaus place looks depressing.

-Raaaain, rain.

-Bartosz, be careful, she might be your cousin.

-And where did Adult Jonas want to go instead of 1888? Questions questions.

-Oh, no, is this blind man the one who brainwashes Adult Jonas and turns him into Adam?

-Yup, he is. Someone kill him before he ruins Adult Jonas, please.

-Aaaand the moment I have been waiting for since Katharina arrived in 1987.

-Bloody hell, is that her mum? Small town indeed.

-I am loving this.

-Can’t she just go to the 1950s and get him from there? This is too sad.

-Who is this pregnant lady? I don’t think I have seen her before.

-Or maybe she is not pregnant. It is too dark.

-Ugh, the weird triad who dresses the same and everything.

-Do they seriously need to kill everyone the same way? Someone please stop this.

-Why did Tronte even marry Jana if he always had a weird affair with Claudia?

-This pretty much confirms to me that Tronte is Regina’s dad.

-Where did Tronte come from?? He wasn’t in the bunker, was he?

-What the f*ck? WHAT THE F*CK?

-She said so? As in Claudia said so? Then what the hell was the point of taking Regina to the bunker in the first place?

-Considering all the trauma, perhaps Peter should share the basics with his daughter.

-Especially if he is about to get killed…

-Quick question: is Elizabeth mute, or deaf AND mute?

-I KNEW Charlotte would be in 2053.

-Oh my God, and with her daughter! This must be so weird.

-“I’m my own grandma” Futurama level of insanity.

-I guess Elizabeth was like, “I’m going to call my daughter Charlotte, in honour of my mum,” and Noah made her a watch and all that and now this.

-These two seem to have a plan, and I’m scared.

-Wait, Claudia seems shocked that her daughter is dead. So maybe it was Old AltMartha who told Tronte to do it? Random guess.

-I just realised we haven’t seen Jonas (Teen Jonas) this episode.

-Ugh, the Sic Mundus thing is already happening. Why is Jonas so dumb?

-Oh, Bartosz, you don’t want to know who Adam is.

-Okay, now you do.

-Old AltMartha also has a secret hideaway?

-So….is Agnes the origin? Based on that weird branch thing with the names.

-Nice, we have three days. Not stressing at all.

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