Dark 3×03 ‘Adam & Eve’: Thought by Thought

Dark 3x02 adam and eve creating dark matter


-I am guessing who Eve is.
-Oh crap, Ariadne is following everyone.
-What the hell, how many people had the Charlotte pocket watch?
-Is that why Tannhaus adopted her?
-Blind Tannhaus looks like the new villain.

Dark 3x02 adam and eve tannhaus 1888
-Ugh, the broken lip dude again.
-Oh boy, my brain is already exploding.
-Someone please take that metal rope thing he uses for choking purposes away from him! He is like Bardem with the bolt pistol in No Country for Old Men.
-Martha has aged into her grey years (let’s call them that) sooo much better than Jonas.
-Is Eve the good guy, then?
-I already need to watch this episode twice.
-I had forgotten about Ulrich’s brother.
-Does Ulrich seriously not recognise that corpse as his brother?? I think he looks pretty much like, well, like Mads.
-This feels like we are repeating season 1 a lot. I know, we have to.
-Yes, Ulrich you have become a douchebag. Accept it.
-Bartosz looks extremely emo.

Dark 3x02 adam and eve 1888 bartosz adult jonas fight
-Sure, just beat each other up in the rain.
-Hmmm, so Adam killed Martha to break an invisible bond between them. Riiiiight.
-Someone please give Jonas a wet wipe to clean his face.
-Jonas, people on this show don’t tell each other right away what they want from you.
-Ugh, Old AltMartha, so cryptic.
-Wait, I was confused for a sec, but that’s AltMartha in 2019.
-Can you imagine if this Ulrich also gets trapped in the past when he eventually discovers time travel?
-Not the best dad in this reality.

Dark 3x02 adam and eve alt ulrich martha mgnus

-I forgot that Hannah was Ulrich’s wife now in this reality. She is still the worst , though.
-Ahh, same technique to find out who is the mistress.
-Let’s never forget that Hannah is nuts.
-I don’t know what AltMartha is up to, but I sense trouble.
-So, essentially, the only way to break the fricking cycle is to give up what you love, in Jonas’s case his dead girlfriend.
-Like it’s going to be easy…
-That looks so much like what I use to flatten cakes.
-Hmm, is Old AltMartha jealous of our Martha?
-Of course their destinies are entwined, they have the same raincoat.
-Adult Jonas could use a therapist.
-That is the best question Adult Jonas could ask. Why can’t he remember?
-What the hell, then who wrote the letter? And what’s in the letter?
-As always, the problem comes from trying to bring back your loved one from the dead. The genie in Aladdin warned us about this.
-Can’t they go get the time ball AND take an umbrella with them?
-I don’t think Adult Jonas is going to use her only fuel left, is he?

Dark 3x02 adam and eve adult jonas martha fuel
-Waaaaait, the creepy triad works for Old AltMartha?
-Of course Martha must die. I think I got that ages ago.
-Waaaaait, they killed Doppler, didn’t they? I think I know what Old AltMartha might be planning, but I will keep mum because I am always so wrong about everything -except Regina being Tronte’s daughter!
-Mmmm who cares about volume?
-I kind of want to visit that cave one day.
-Sure, Charlotte, go by yourself to the murder bunker.
-Bloody hell, the red rope is baaaack.
-Helge, four words and he already stole the episode.
-I just remembered he sort of killed Mads.
-This kid doesn’t strike me as a drugs kid, though.
-I mean, AltMagnus looks more the part right now, to be honest.
-Jonas, so sneaky.
-Pff, AltHannah, you are the f*cking worst. In every reality.

Dark 3x02 adam and eve alt hannah aleksander blackmail
-Blackmailing this dude whose wife just died.
-Oh my, is Peter having an affair with this guy here as well?
-Okay, does this comment mean we will see Peter arriving at Winden in 1987?
-I feel terrible knowing Helge went to an asylum in his forties.
-What accident did Helge have? I completely forgot.
-No, wait! His old self ran him over!
-Was his face so disfigured in our reality?
-I will definitely watch this again. And the whole series after I am done with this.
-Jonas, you can’t just tell a girl you’ve known her forever. It can be a chat up line, but in the woods at night it might creep her out.
-Oh, so it was herself whom AltMartha saw in the woods.
-This time machine makes me be thankful that technology keeps getting smaller every year.
-Hell, it is the black blurb!
-Hmmm whaaaat? Why has AltMartha run away? Now I feel I can’t trust her.
-Well, hello, slightly angry Adult Jonas.
-I wonder if Adult Jonas not remembering the Alt world is like when David Tennant and John Hurt couldn’t rememember the events of The Day of the Doctor.

Dark 3x02 adam and eve helge doppler confession

-Right, so the cake flattener is the new torch.
-Can someone please release Helge? He was brainwashed since childhood!
-Erit Lux? I am guessing they are the antithesis of Sic Semper.
-Old AltMartha looks very sad, though. My guess, as always, is that Jonas has to die.
-But everyone looks miserable all the time in this show anyway.
-AltMartha, those are not the best clothes for 2053.
-Ugh! Noooooo! Stupid AltMartha. Why is everyone so gullible all the time?

Dark 3x02 adam and eve alt martha old jonas adam
-Daaaamn, is that prehistory?
-Aaand, is it our world or the alternate one?
-Hell, Adult AltMartha!
-Still rocking that fringe.
-Okay, not Prehistory, the future. So they also get the apocalypse, but at least they have sun!
-For clarity and space reasons, I will call Old AltMartha Eve from now on. Too complicated otherwise.
-But again, amazing casting!

Dark 3x02 adam and eve adult alt martha

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