Dark 3×04 ‘The Origin’: Thought by Thought

dark 3x04 the origin jana tronte claudia

This show is reaching serious levels of Philip J. “I’m my own grandfather” Fry.


-Young Tronte, the future daugther killer. Is this our reality or the alternate one? I really need cue cards.
-Ugh, Adult Lip Guy.
-Tronte’s mum was Agnes, wasn’t she? I need to know who this guy is.
-Wait, what?
-They are not going to kill Tronte, are they?
-Whenever these guys show up, my brain screams MURDER.
-Do they ever change their clothes?
-I just made the startling discovery that the theme song is the same song from when Gus is in the car right before going to Hector’s room in Breaking Bad (you know which scene I am talking about if you’ve seen BB).
-Ugh, Hannah. I had forgotten that she had stayed in the 1950s to seduce Egon.
-Why is she the worst?
-Medallion. Medallion.
-Oh my, is the Lip Guy going to be the child of Hannah and Egon? I can tell that.
-Oh, great, she is using Katharina’s name.
-Poor Egon. In general.
-Is this how girls learnt about sex in the 50s?

dark 3x04 the origin jana claudia ines
-Again, great casting.
-Egon, you terrible liar.
-Should I assume Tronte is living in what one day will be his house? That is, where the Tiedemanns live in the 1950s? So… they kind of take him in because he is all alone now. Why doesn’t he marry Claudia, then?
-I feel we should learn this season who Tronte’s father is.
-Ouch, Agnes looks different when she is not in the 1950s.
-That’s what killing your brother does to you.
-Ugh, Adam.
-True origin? What is the true origin?? I need all the answers now.
-Shit, what is AltMartha doing with Adult Magnus?
-And Adult Magnus remembers her. Why couldn’t Adult Jonas?
-So grateful for it.
-Back to sort of naive AltMartha.
-Don’t ask why the names are crossed. You know the answer.

dark 3x04 the origin adult alternate martha crossed names
-And we all know AltMartha won’t be able to prevent the apocalypse.
-I kneeeeew it!! I knew she would get pregnant! Hannah, you moron.
-Sure, a gift.
-Wait, now that they are talking about Helge: the Lip Guys killed Helge’s father in the 1980s, didn’t they? I need an episode map.
-The devil. Riiiiiiiiight.
-I had forgotten that Helge’s mum was also the worst.
-Great, the weird triad again. Is this going to be like when we thought in season 1 that Noah was the worst and then in season 2 we felt sorry for him?
-Wait, what? What kind of an answer is that?
-I don’t like the way they are looking at Claudia’s mum.
-Is he going to keep spitting cliches at her?
-Uuhhh her husband is this guy’s father!! Mark my words, mark them!!!
-He is either Hannah and Egon’s son from our reality or Hannah and Ulrich’s from the other.
-I will just guess this is the moment where Tronte will start liking Jana.
-I mean, he married her. But the Nielsens are all unfatithful arses.
-I can guess he feels connected to Claudia, if they grew up together.
-I hate Hannah, but I love her coat.
-Isn’t Hannah almost 50? Because, what a feat!
-Don’t you love it when men ask you if the child is theirs? Not insulting at all.
-Finally, first mention of the youngest kids growing up.
-Guy with white hair must be someone.
-Ugh, it is Lip Guys again.
-Seriously, I have minor anxiety whenever they show up.
-So… do they want the central to be built or not? I am not sure. I am too confused all the time.
-Okay, they do want it to happen.

dark 3x04 the origin the infinite triad signature
-Dude, sign or that pen will end up stuck in your eye.
-The drums are open because of that stupid detective guy who probably melted to death.
-Why are Adam and Eve such liars??
-Hmmm, perhaps stop the apocalypse in the alternate time and stay with this Martha, even if she is more emo than the other?
-How is the raincoat so clean?
-Someone please give Jonas some shampoo.
-This is essentially a show about old people blatantly lying to their younger selves, with adult versions in between who naively think they can still do something to prevent the inevitable.
-Hey, it is that girl with the face scar. We still don’t know who she is.
-AltMartha looks troubleeeeed.
-I don’t think I will like where Agnes is going.
-Tronte grew up in an orphanage? But was Agnes his real mum then?
-Young Claudia, pissing on her tree.
-Right, Lip Guy must definitely be Hannah and Egon’s.
-Hannah, you get nothing good because you are eviiiiil. It is called karma.
-You need no one, yet you let Ulrich rot in that asylum.
-Obendorf. Is that a surname that has come up before? Too many names on this show.
-Soooo, Jonas and AltMartha are the infinite?
-My biggest concern when I was 17 was acne.
-NOAH! Noah? But, our Noah or AltNoah?
-If someone else says that the beginning is the end and the end is the beginning…
-Because you know that it will happen agaaaaain (sorry not sorry).
-You can see on the chalkboard that, after Jonas and AltMartha, Agnes’s name comes next and no one is telling me whyyyyyy.
-If I remember correctly, Noah is Martha’s great great uncle.
-So cryptic.
-Wait, maybe Lip Guy is Tronte’s dad??
-You guys, is Lip Guy Tronte’s dad??
-And I’m getting ahead of myself, but is he maybe JONAS AND ALTMARTHA’S SON??
-I am so confused.
-Maybe he is also Hannah and Egon’s son, hence they circle thingy?
-How is he going to be the son of two different sets of parents???
-My brain is going to explode and nothing makes sense.
-Why can’t the Tiedemanns just divorce?
-Aaaand there it goes. I can see the future.

dark 3x04 the origin katharina's mother hannah abortion
-Holy crap, that’s Katharina’s mum?
-They always meet mums.
-Oh my, that child is pregnant? Is she old enough to get pregnant?
-Aaand that is why she has the necklace when she is older.
-There starts Egon’s drinking problem.
-Isn’t it creepy that Lip Guy helps create the central, then kills Doppler 33 years later?
-Adam, why do you have a photo of the triad. Is he your son? Is he your son??
-Cryptic old people on this show!!!
-If it has taken you 66 years, can’t you save her some time and tell her?

dark 3x04 the origin jonas alternate martha
-Please, AltMartha, let the guy use your shower.
-Jonas, it’s not her. You know it’s not her.
-I would not want to hang out all the time with my kid self and my old self, let me tell you.
-Ugh, stop it with the beginning/end mantra!
-Musical moment ten minutes before the end. I love these.
-For a second I thought that Agnes’s coat/dress/whatever was the raincoat.

dark 3x04 the origin agnes yellow dress
-Mmm aren’t Claudia and Tronte too young for…it?
-Bloody Adam.
-Look how young Jonas, Bartosz and Martha look in that photo.
-One purpose: to bone.
-Soooo… is she pregnant already?
-Again, this is so confusing.
-I hear it is very fashionable these days to have symbols instead of letters as yor given name.
-Interesting: the actors playing old and adult Lip Guys have the same surname. Are they related?

dark 3x04 the origin adam even painting their son


So…let me think. If Lip Guy is Jonas and AltMartha’s child, if he has managed to knock out Agnes Nielsen in both realities (wow), resulting in the birth of Tronte Nielsen, in the alternate reality, through AltMartha, this guy is his own great-grandfather, and in our reality, because Jonas is his dad, Jonas is his own great-great-great grandfather, and Lip Guy is his own great-great-great grandfather as well. I need to get some sleep.

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