Dark 3×05 ‘Life and Death’: Thought by Thought

As they used to say in Lost, “everybody dies.” I never thought they meant that literally.


-Just the fact that we start with a shallow grave…
-Did someone die and I forgot?
-Okay, Regina did. I forgot whatever happened two episodes ago.
-Adult Claudia is slowly becoming Old Claudia and the resemblance is astonishing.
-We all die. Duh.
-I think Katharina deserves more screentime. She is a scene stealer.
-Of course this place is the future. Everything looks like it sucks.
-Ugh, now Charlotte knows Adam?? He is the wooooorst. Manipulative arse.
-Is she still traumatised because she is her own grandma?
-Does the alt world deserve salvation less than ours? I am conflicted.
-Yes, Jonas, feel guilty because you boned a girl who is Martha but is not your Martha.
-Please, take a shower before putting on your clothes again.
-Sooooo awkwaaaard.
-The nuclear plant is a mess and is going to cause who knows what. But I am certain they won’t be able to stop it.
-That would be your grandson, AltKatharina.
-I really hope Katharina’s plan to save Old Ulrich works.
-I feel like Old Ulrich knows they are not going to change anything.
-Shouldn’t Charlotte meet Peter that year? I think he arrived in 1987.
-Oh boy, who the hell are those people with baby Charlotte in the photo?
-Oh, alright, not her. I had no idea Tannhaus had a son.
-But I bet my ass Adam caused the car accident.
-And I will pay anything to bet the two women who entered the shop were Charlotte and Adult Elizabeth.
-Oigh, I just remembered AltHannah blackmailed AltAleksander into ruining AltCharlotte’s life.
-What the fuck. What. The. Fuck. Why are there two Claudias? Who is the Claudia with the nice hair? I am so confused. Is she on drugs?
-Is she AltAdult Claudia?
-Please, don’t tell me this is when Peter dies.
-Well of course they are dead. I mean, they are not dead, but Charlotte is 33 years into the future and Franziska is in the 19th century, so…
-AltAdult Claudia is much more elegant.
-AltAdultClaudia sounds a bit evil.
-This whole darkness and light thing is so confusing. I swear to God I have no idea who is truly good or truly bad. It makes my brain hurt.
-I really wonder if this whole thing with the alternate people entering our reality has happened before.
-Cesium, riiiiight.
-Why does everything need to happen agaaaain?
-So, basically, AltAdult Claudia wants them to do the same? So confused.
-Is the scar on AltMartha’s cheek significant? I forget things…
-Ah, okay, so… Jonas, did you really think you were going to change anything?
-Gullible teens.
-Yes, Jonas, they all lie. Good job at taking three years to discover that.
-Bloody hell, Teen Peter is identical to his adult self. -The casting on this show, come on.
-I really need to know how on Earth Helge managed to get a girlfriend at one point.
-I feel AltPeter knows something…
-Sure, lock the door without checking first if there is someone inside.
-Tie up a little girl. Very brave.
-Do we really need to watch this guy eat?
-Please show, don’t make this guy try to abuse Elizabeth, doooooon’t.
-Aaaaand there we go.
-Thank goodness for Peter and good timing.
-Please don’t tell me this is where Peter dies.
-Peter get up, do something.
-I really hope Elizabeth kills this guy.
-There you go. I expected nothing less of her, to be honest.
-Not surprised she becomes some sort of a guerrilla warlord as an adult.
-Wait, who is the third woman in the embrace? Ahhh Franziska, right.
-AltAdultClaudia is not making things any clearer.
-Not surprised she looks unhinged as an old lady.
-Of course Jonas wants to go back to his world. Too many episodes in the other one.
-Jonas looks thinner by the second.
-Who walks back home through the woods? Seriously. I would never dare, even in broad daylight.
-Oh boy, Katharina just called her mother mum.
-Terrible plan, Katharina.
-This isn’t going great.
-Ohhhhhg, no.
-Is this episode going to kill a whole lot of main characters?
-Poor Old Ulrich, no one will come.
-And Mikkel returns the day Katharina dies. How ironic.
-Yes, Teen Katharina, she has blood because she just murdered you.
-And she just realised so, I think.
-Or not.
-Great parenting skills, that woman.
-Ulrich hasn’t had good luck since season one.
-I feel bad knowing Noah also dies in the future.
-Yes, Jonas, it would be good knowledge for you to look down and read the tree.
-I am sorry, what? Jonas can’t come back?
-What does Eve mean? Is she going to murder Jonas? I swear to god I understand nothing.
-How are they going to kill him?
-I have seen Adult Jonas and stupid Adam, this makes no sense.
-Shit, even AltMartha one year into the future is there, with an ugly scar.
-What the hell.
-This is so tense.
-It is literally impossible for Jonas to die.
-Ugh, why are we repeating the end of season 2 but the other way around? There is no extra Jonas!
-Seriously, how is he dead?
-So, AltMartha from the near future went to get him knowing she would kill him.
-So many questions.


Dark 3x05 life and death 1987 katharina tries to rob her mother in the woods

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