El Ministerio del Tiempo 1×03 Review: The Way Time is Rewritten

A time-travel show doesn’t become a proper time-travel show until it has its mandatory “we meet Hitler and have the dilemma of whether or not we should kill him” storyline. Here, it’s not really that the characters are thrown in that direction straightaway, but rather, they happen upon a conflict that might eventually only get solved if said assassination takes place. Continue reading

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Films To Watch on Valentine’s Day if You Are a Sarcastic, Sceptic Being

I have never cared for Valentine’s Day. Honestly. Whether I am single or not, I have always thought of the day as a consumerist excuse to buy presents just because, with the added pressure of failing if the present is not the best. I really don’t see the point, because couples already have their anniversaries to celebrate -in fact, that is what they should celebrate, not just some random day fairly close to Christmas. Continue reading

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Outlander 4×13 ‘Man of Worth’: Live Recap

For the past 24 hours, I have been apprehensive about writing this recap, because it meant that, once I did it, the Droughtlander would begin. Again. But I can’t postpone the inevitable, so here we go. To make the wait for season 5 shorter, I have Seven Stones to Stand or Fall, and I got The Fiery Cross from the library, although I don’t know if I will read it because a) I enjoy being surprised by the events on the show, and b) it looks looooong. Not that I don’t like long books (I read Ken Follett’s in a weekend), but, you know, I don’t know if I want to invest my time on a book that might make me dislike season 5 later on. I’m torn. Continue reading

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Outlander 4×12 ‘Providence’: Live Recap


This is the episode where Sam Heughan and Caitriona Balfe had a blast, because I am sure they spent the week away on some tropical resort taking advantage of their holiday time.

Continue reading

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Outlander 4×11 ‘If Not For Hope’: Live Recap

I just hope things will get better from now on, because these past  few episodes have been a down-fest. I don’t know, at least I know we are getting John Grey back on this episode. How he always manages to casually be around the Frasers, I don’t know, but I won’t complain if it means he returns. Continue reading

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Film Review: Aquaman

It is difficult to review a superhero film, because the scale is different. How am I going to talk about a comic book movie and put it in the same scale as your typical Oscar-bait tear-jerker? Which is something film critics should stop doing, by the way. But at least I can say this: even the worst Marvel film is better than the best DC one. Continue reading

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Outlander 4×10 ‘The Deep Heart’s Core’: Live Recap

It’s getting to the point where I only expect bad things to happen on this show. Continue reading

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Outlander 4×09 ‘The Birds & The Bees’: Live Recap

I wish Starz would stop SPOILING the episodes. I have known for a week now that Brianna and Jamie are going to meet on this episode. Why couldn’t they let me be surprised? I hate it. Continue reading

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Outlander 4×08 ‘Wilmington’: Live Recap

From this moment on, everything is going to be a countdown to the moment when Jamie and Brianna meet. Continue reading

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Outlander 4×07 ‘Down the Rabbit Hole’: Live Recap

This is it. I haven’t read the books (and I probably won’t, because I know they would make me see the show with skeptic eyes), but I have the feeling things are finally going to start happening this season. Not that it’s been uneventful so far, but you have to admit, by episode 7 in previous seasons, so much more had happened. Continue reading

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