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Film Review: The Imitation Game

1d42c26fe114da7e624307d7a06d0ee8Some movies just seem to be designed to be nominated for everything during an awards season, even if it wasn’t its makers’ intention –usually, the big producers are the ones that make sure the films go that way. Continue reading

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About That Time I Almost Froze To Death at the Baftas

The title of this article couldn’t be more self-explanatory: I decided, out of pure masochism, to go with my friend Leila to the red carpet of the BAFTAs last February. Of course, we attended as fans, which means we stood out there for 15 hours. But it resulted in a nice article and even nicer photos so, as some dude used to say in the 16th century, all’s well that ends well. Here it is.

Warning: it involves a lot of complaining. I’m not good at handling cold weather.

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The Fifth Estate: All The Awards to Benedict Cumberbatch and Daniel Brühl

1375733_671299752889305_2127197156_nI don´t care what you might have heard about The Fifth Estate, about its pace, about the script… I really don’t. You only need to know THIS: Benedict Cumberbatch and Daniel Brühl make every single minute be worth it, and that is good enough for us all.

So go to church or wherever and thank God that someone put them there to present us with two hours of spectacular acting and owning the place. Continue reading

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Creativity Under Construction


So, my brain has decided to switch off and remain inactive for the rest of the day, mostly due to a massive headache produced by spending the whole day in front of a computer. Such a shame, I had lots of thoughts to share about the last Homeland episode, the “event” on Downton Abbey, The Originals and Benedict Cumberbatch. Continue reading

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