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Book Review: The Stone Rose

Doctor Who stories where the Doctor travels to the past have always been my personal favourite. We get to explore a part of history through a different lens and they offer the best of both worlds: a trip of knowledge and a Doctor Who adventure. Continue reading

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Stephen King Films FAQ: All That’s Left To Know About the King of Horror on Film

SK_Ranked_CarrieIt is always FAQ books that help the most when one is trying to discover something new. In the case of Stephen King Films FAQ, by American film critic Scott Von Doviak, the reader can be introduced to a new world. And not only of King’s movies, but also of his books. Continue reading

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Review of Michael Palin Diaries Volume 1: The Python Years 1969-1979

caece117e3706b013cd4e10171bb7898What can be better than reading the memoirs of someone you admire to get a glimpse of what happened during one of the most important eras of their life? Only one thing: reading their diaries. Continue reading

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