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Doctor Who Review: Twice Upon A Time

I always cry when a Doctor leaves, regardless of the episode. It is, after all, the end of an era. Their final speeches are always related to their actual stint playing the iconic role, and it’s their way of saying goodbye. Eccleston saying he was brilliant, Tennant acknowledging he didn’t want to go, Smith asserting he would always remember when he played the Doctor, and now self-proclaimed Who fan Capaldi letting go of the character he’s played for the past three years. Continue reading

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‘Last Christmas’ Review: Dreamy-Weamy

p02fr02fWell done Doctor Who, you tricked us into believing, especially towards the end of ‘Last Christmas’, that this would be Clara’s final adventure with the Doctor and then, bam! everything was just a dream. A Moffat-meets-Nolan story. Continue reading

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